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PostSubject: wip   Sat Sep 29, 2012 4:47 pm

Name: Great Calamity - The Final Purging
Rank: S
Magic Cost: 50
Requirements: What needs to be done in order to begin? A special word? A High-five? How close do you need to be in order to execute?
Class: Offensive
Range: The center pillar will decend up to 500 feet from one of the two mages that casted the spell.
Elements: Lighting and Steel
Effect: Great Calamity is a devastating display of the power that can be brought to bear when lighting and steel is combined. By having each mage say a specific phrase to get their magical powers into harmony each mage casts the spell, sending a pillar of magical energy into the sky, each pillar slowly curves towards each other as they collide high in the sky in a giant magical explosion. After the explosion if the skies are clear clouds begin to appear over the land. On the second post the clouds turn into storm clouds with lighting rippling through them as a light rain begins to fall down. On the final post the fruits of the magic spell’s labor can be seen as six massive pillars crafted of steel rain down from the black abyss.

The six pillars are each one hundred and fifty feet tall and are spaced in such a way that they encompass a little more than a square mile of land, each one forcing fifty feet of its sharpened base into the earth in order to secure it properly. This makes each pillar stand at roughly 100 feet tall when they are placed into the ground, with steel chains connecting each of the pillars at every 5 feet intervals with a maximum of 8 chains connecting each pillar. On the chains are magical symbols as the spell creates something akin to an arena. While at the top of each pillar is a massive chain that reaches into the sky directly above the center of the area. On the next post a massive pillar of steel, so hot it burns pure white, begins to descend from the skies directly over the enclosed area, standing at roughly 150 feet tall and 50 feet wide it begins to descend on the battle field with lighting randomly zapping out of it. Each of the grounded pillars are attached to it begins to have electricity running though out it, shocking and paralyzing thing that touches the steel or chains for one post.

When the pillar’s sharpened base crashes down into the earth it unleashes a catastrophic explosion of lighting that destroys anything with in the area closed off. The force of the enhanced lighting is great enough to turn trees to ashes in an instant and vaporize any liquids within the area, leaving a barren waste land where the only thing left standing is are mages with the maelstrom tattoo and anything powerful enough to resist the blast. As soon as the pillar descended the lighting storm stopped as if all of the electricity flowing through it was used from the attack, the spell is considered already cast the moment the mages send the initial pillars of magical energy into the sky. The steel pillars are left standing for the remainder of the topic however they are unable to be used for the attack again.
Duration: 3 post waiting period after the spell activates, then 1 post of pillars on the ground, then 1 post of destruction. Pillars remain intact for the rest of the topic.

History: Great Calamity is a combined spell that was engineered and perfected by the Maelstrom mages Angelica and Victoria. It was created as the ultimate attack to destroy the enemies of their guild, to be used as a defense against the raising dragon threat that had assaulted their base. It was designed as an offensive spell to be used while on the defensive. Forcing the enemy to fight them in a specified area only to destroy all of their enemies in a glorious explosion of light that burned the hope of victory away from their opponents.
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