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 Sparring Partner [D-rank Request] [WIP]

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PostSubject: Sparring Partner [D-rank Request] [WIP]   Sat Sep 29, 2012 9:51 pm

It was an expectantly calm day out in Magnolia, a gentle breeze blowing throughout the entire vicinity. The sun sat upon the horizon line, shining down upon the world as it bathed the entire down and those that inhabited it with soothing rays. Birds flew high up in the sky, singing gleefully. The inhabitants of the town were going through their usual daily routines; some were running their shops, others were simply conversing among friends, while others were taking on requests made by the common folk, such requests allowing these individuals to make ends meet and survive without so much as a worry. One such individual had recently arrived in Magnolia Town, he was of course a mage, though not one belonging to a guild. No, this person was more of a nomad, one who at the end of the day had no home to call their own.

This specific individual stood at a cozy 5'8½";his skin was a slightly tanned and of a caucasian descent. He had short black that was unruly yet ruly at the same time; with the hair on the top of his head curing slightly upwards towards the left, the hair on the sides of his head pointing outward towards their respective sides, while a small portion of his bang was placed to the furthest reaches of his right temple, likewise the rest of his bangs were scooped to the left side covering over his left temple. His pupils were a solidified black in pigmentation drowned within the expansive whites of his ocular organs. A small double stitched scar lay just below his left eye. A rather commonplace smile plastered upon his visage. His muscular structure being well-defined a large X-shaped scar covering most of his torso, this scar appeared to be quite deep. On top his head was his trademark straw hat a red band adorning the circular brim. Along with this he is wearing an open, long-sleeved red cardigan with four golden buttons (which shows the X-shaped scar covering most of his chest), with a blood red sash tied around his waist. The excess cloth of the sash, hanging off to his left where it was tied. This excess of cloth reaching down to a singular inch pant the ends of his short. The lower half of his outfit is a pair of knee-length black trousers, which actually reach a few inches beyond his knees, due to the white fur that resulted from the shorts being frayed. A pair of sandals strapped upon his feet.

This mans name is Jay, Jay Blackwell, and his reason for being in Magnolia Town was rather simplistic in its nature. The male being a mage had of course come to Magnolia to take care of a request. The request in question had been placed by a man named Zeke. At this moment, the male was making his way towards the hospital located in Magnolia. He'd actually been in town for a two days now. He had meant to handle the request right from the get go. Alas, his love of partying and the fact he had to go to a guild, known as Fairy Tail had gotten the best of him. The second that he had walked into the aforementioned guild and felt the whimsical party-like atmosphere it offer he gave into temptation. This temptation had lead to a rather festive party, as well as the discovery of an amazing new "mystery thing". This so called "mystery thing" came in the form of the cat-like entities referred to as Exceed. The male had easily been excited by them, even after the explanation given to him not only by Dragon Slayers to whom the Exceeds were partners, but the Exceeds themselves, this cheerful male still called them "mystery things".

The male would chuckle happily as he looked around the streets of Magnolia, he didn't know exactly where the hospital was located, but knew a good way to help figure this out. The would quickly locate the tallest building in the immediate area and took off running towards it. The male grinned cheerful as he leapt up into the air, while in the air he would make use of his bodies rubber-like capability to stretch to take of the edge of the roof of the target building. As he did this, a rather simplistic magic circle would become visible for the briefest of moments. This magic circle was nothing more than four circles in a variety of sizes, combined with thirty-six stars that looks like mini suns, while the rest of the circle was a vast multitude of intersecting lines that had no general focus leaving them in a state of disarray. He would then allow his body to swing towards the building, planting his feet he against the side of the build. Once his feet were planted upon the side of the structure, he would begin to retract his arm while clutching the roofs edge, resulting in his body being steadily pulled up the wall as he scaled it in a hopping motion. Upon his arm returning to its normal length, he would swing himself up onto the roof top. His feet would tap softly against the pale brown tiles of the roof. "Hospitals have the red thingy, right?" He asked himself as he looked around the vast vicinity of Magnolia Town. He eventually located what he figured must be the hospital, "Yoshi! Found it." The male exclaimed excited as he thoughtlessly jumped from the roof top. Most people would have thought such action to those of a mad man. The male body plummeted down towards the gray stone cobbled streets of Magnolia, when his feet met the ground, everyone who witnessed this action had expected him to collapse and die right away. Alas, the male stood there completely unaffected by the twenty-five foot drop he had just undergone.

The male would not waste anymore time he was excited to meet this Zeke fella. The male would run down the street having to move around small clusters of people. He would do this in a number of ways, though he mostly shifted in between them or simply propelled himself over the clusters of civilians. The male known as Jay had actually been on the complete opposite side of town from his destination, so he still had a sizable distance to traverse before meeting with the client. Though do to the males own stupidity he was now going in the wrong direction. This would be something he only took notice of, when he found himself standing out front of the town guild. The male would blink a few times, wondering why he wasn't standing in front of the hospital. The male would look around a confused look upon his face he would then small his right fist into the open palm of his left hand. This simple action, apparently being meant to convey he'd figured something out. A few seconds later he began to climb to the top of the Fairy Tail guild building. A few minutes later the male would have reached the building summit.

The males right hand, clutching the pointed tip of the dome shaped top. The male would look out upon the town as he happily exclaimed, "So high!" A simple reference to how high up in the air he now was. The male would then wrap his right arm around the dome that topped off the guild building, his arm would wrap around it multiple times, making it very firm. The male would begin to spin around the dome, this rotation being caused by his arms rapid retraction while still wrapped around the dome. As he did this, a rather simplistic magic circle would become visible for the briefest of moments. This magic circle was nothing more than four circles in a variety of sizes, combined with thirty-six stars that looks like mini suns, while the rest of the circle was a vast multitude of intersecting lines that had no general focus leaving them in a state of disarray. The instant the magic circle vanished, the male would suddenly be launched through the air in the immediate direction of the hospital. He would have been sent flying at most a hundred feet into the air high up above the town. The spell he'd just made use of was named "Rubber Spring," which is what the male had spoken loudly as he'd been spinning around the dome mere seconds ago. The male soon saw the hospital and figured he'd make his skyward arrival known to his client. As such, he would recklessly shout, "ZEKE I'M COMING FOR YOU!!!!" The male seemingly sparring no expense at shouting with his all. The males voice would echo down towards the hospital.

Several feet below down on the ground a male stood in front of the hospital. He was an athletically built young man with short brown hair, dressed in common workout clothes. The male hearing his voice being called, figured it must be the mage who'd taken up the request he had posted not long ago. He had a slightly confused look upon his face as he could hear the person but not see them anywhere in the vicinity. It would be at this point he noticed the shouting was coming from above him, he looked up into the sky and sure enough something or was it someone, was sailing through the sky towards the hospital. "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!" The male exclaimed in a rather comical scene of shock at the sight before his eyes. There was a person flying towards him, why was their a person in the sky to begin with. These were the thoughts that would be running through his mind as he watched the being finally make "foot fall" upon the grassy grounds surrounding the hospital.

The male named Zeke stood speechless, watching as the male rolled across the ground several times before stopping. Though the newcomer had stopped by means of his head being embedded within one of the outer walls of the hospital. Zeke would run towards the male, slightly concerned about his well-being, upon reaching him he would see the male trying valiantly to pull himself free from the building. What shocked the young client the most, was that the males neck, well, it was stretching as if made of rubber. Soon enough the strange male before him had dislodged his head from the side of the building. The aforementioned male would then stand up giving a very distinctive laugh of, "Shishishi", as he quickly dusted himself off. "Gotta find Zeke." The male would say excitedly as he began looking around. The brown haired male known as Zeke would point to himself, a dumbfounded look upon his face as he blinked a few times. Noticing the newcomer hadn't taken notice of him he walked towards the male. "I'm Zeke. Guessing you're the mage who took up my request." He said calmly, as he held out his right hand offering a simple hand shake. The young mage looked at him blinking cluelessly. "What?" He asked before his idiotic mind registered the new-found information that this man was his client. "Shishishi. So, you're Zeke, huh?" The male said as he shook his clients hand while grinning excitedly.
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Sparring Partner [D-rank Request] [WIP]
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