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 Era to Warth

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PostSubject: Era to Warth   Sun Sep 30, 2012 9:15 pm

Malacanth walked through the alleys of Era, trying to hide from the rune knights that have been after him ever since the idiot from his own guild got them almost arrested. Why did he have to show off the tattoo in front of everyone was what he had to wonder. The guy must know Erebos isn't welcomed in any town, let alone the town that the Magic Council calls home. Luckily Mirei and him could escape from the grasps of the magic council's goons but he wasn't sure about the guy he dubbed dumb ass. He hoped Mirei got out of the city alright, he may not act like it but she grew on Malacanth during the short time she worked with him. Anyway, nows not the time to worry about a fellow guildmate. He needed to get out of Era. Luckily since the town couldn't exactly restrict traffic because of the countless people coming in and out he was able to escape fairly easy. As he left Era he thought of his parents. They were probably worried about him and hearing your son has been sighted with members of a dark guild probably broke there hearts. He knew though he chose the right path by joining Erebos. He had become a powerful mage in a short time. Probably the youngest S rank mage in Fiore. He decided to run for a bit, so the rune knights wouldn't be able to catch up with him hopefully. He never knew how fast his clothes could make him but he was running by everyone on the path. He was fast before he got enchanted clothes so this thing seriously sped him up. He stopped about halfway at a diner on the side of the road. He sat down at the counter, knowing that the people at the counter would be served first because of proximity to the counter. As assumed a waitress got to him immediately, asking him what he wants. " A burger, everything on it." The waitress looked at him as if he was a rude child which he probably is. He got the burger five minutes later. He ate it pretty quickly for a number of reasons. He needed the energy but stopping here could give the rune knights time to catch up. Of course the rune knights might have given up too. He got up when he finished, which the waitress thought meant he was ready to pay. Malacanth had a different idea though. He ran out the door and easily got away from any pursuers that could have tried to chase him. He never found out if anyone did chase him but of course, he didn't care. He had made it to the woods by sunset and knew he would be at Erebos in minutes. He slowed down to a walk, knowing Erebos would be near. He saw the guild building after about five minutes. He was glad to be home and hopefully Mirei would be here and not in some jail.
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Era to Warth
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