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 Down the Rabbit Hole (B-Rank)

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PostSubject: Down the Rabbit Hole (B-Rank)   Mon Oct 01, 2012 3:08 pm

Request name: Down the Rabbit Hole
Guild: Raven Tail
Request rank: B
Client name: Ms. Jones
Objective: To go rescue Ms. Jones daughter that was trapped in a cave by some creature.
Location: Oak
Posts: 10+
Word Count: 2500
Mages Required: 1-2
Reward: 7500
Request description: Get the request and head to Oak Town. There meet Ms. Jones. She will explain that her daughter was taken in the dead of night by some creatures into the forest. She was able to track them to a cave but didn't go inside. Go to the cave find her daughter and defeat the creatures. Once they are all handled you will return back with the girl and claim your reward.
Request details: When you get to Oak town head to Ms. Jones home. She will be frazzled, and stress over the loose of her daughter. You will need to calm her down before she will take you to the cave. The cave is in the woods outside of town.

Once in the cave your vision will be cut off for a short time, until you get to a part where there glow worms along the cave's wall and ceiling. They will allow you to see dimly. Once you enter the area where the glow worms are is when you will see the first creature. It turns out this cave is home to a nest of goblins. You will have to dispose of the goblin before he calls others to help him.

Once the first is defeated head farther down the cave system until you get to a large room. There are 3 more goblins inside and a young girl trapped in a cage in the center. There are three fire pits across the room that will allow the person to see. Take out the goblins and free the girl. Once you return her back to her mother you will be rewarded.

Enemy Name: Goblins
Rank: C
General Appearance: About half the size of normal humans. Have a pale green skin, beedy eyes, and pointed ears.
Magic: N/A
Razor Claws- able to slice through barriers C rank or below and can leave nasty wouds.
Poison Claws- coats their claws with a poison that will slow movement down 1/3 for 2 post if hit.
Fangs- they have razor sharp fangs able to puncture skin easy.
Speed burst- they can cover 20 feet within seconds but can only be used twice.
Weapon: Claws
Motivations/Fears: To eat

Spells Learnt
E:4 D:4 C:3 B:0 A:0 S:0

Missions Done
E:2 D:4 C:0 B:1 A:0 S:0 10yr:0
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Down the Rabbit Hole (B-Rank)
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