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PostSubject: "Katyusha"   Tue Oct 02, 2012 10:14 pm

Character Template





”One day, I will sit upon the seat of heaven and become their equal.”
Katyusha at age six, then known as Yamato, shortly before being forced to change his name to Meixiang.

Name: Hua, Meixiang “Katyusha”
Alias: (A nickname if your character has one)
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Birthdate: 7th of November
Sexuality: Flexible
Special Characteristics: Having had his testicles forcibly removed before puberty, feminine characteristics have vastly overtaken his nearly non-existent masculine traits. To this end, his voice has a pitch more reminiscent with a woman than a man. The only indication of his gender being tightly secured away from prying eyes; as a result, he can quite easily pass off as a woman.

Personality: Who Katyusha is has varied with time and experience, but his innermost personality has remained the same throughout his short lifetime. First and foremost, his avarice has dominated much of his actions since his personal oath as a child, leading him to take any action and to know any sort of people who are beneficial to his goal. From actively taking steps to ensure his lifestyle is kept at its current state or to improve it, to doing absolutely nothing, to taking great pains to ensure a steady relationship with the right people, all of it has been for a better future he constantly dreams of.

Though his ultimate goal is a future of self-determination, of being someone who can live life as if they owned it, Katyusha doesn’t appear to be the most motivated person for such a lofty ambition. Usually found lazing around on furniture indoors, at most strolling through the streets to cause conflict between already taken men and women, Katyusha is more than satisfied with waiting for the right time, the right moment, the correct opportunity, and the perfect situation to act in a beneficial matter for himself. In the meantime, Katyusha is content with being called lazy, and unmotivated; he lets himself be seen as someone who values material comforts above all else, personal enjoyment above even the most important task handed to him. A fact about him that is technically true, but Katyusha also realizes the value of the bigger picture. Should it require such an action, he can easily part with all benefits of the world for the greater reward of dominance.

With his goals lofty, and near impossible to fulfill with so many people in the world to step over with much more power than he, a fact he understands, Katyusha is content with his station as long as he is improving his lifestyle somehow. But, while he relaxes under the sun, in the company of an attractively wealthy person he has come into contact with, he is always looking for opportunities for a better future. Even with those who he considers his savior, it is his pleasure to be in their company for as long as he is content with his station. For instance, he still considers Maelstrom a good place to be, for now at least. As long as they maintain a relatively high end lifestyle, and continually pursue a goal of domination, he is content to be their pretty little lap dog.

Such a grandiose dream of a future requires a large degree of willpower, contrary to what most would expect from him. Time and time again has life turned against him, time and time again has he fallen so low that he should’ve remained castrated and soulless, metaphorically of course. Yet, time and time again, he has risen up beyond any feelings of doubt and suffering. Picking up any necessary pieces, moving on to his next scheme. Time and time again has he found himself soiled in mind, spirit, and body, only to rise up once more and continue living life as he wants it; in all honesty, it’s all for three things he has wanted the most since childhood.

He wants independence, a chance to live as he chooses. He wants freedom, the opportunity to at least choose what fate has always decreed. But most of all, he wants happiness, to experience it the way he should have had he never been sent away to be a slave. As a result, he has decided the only way to make this possible is to gain more power through wealth and relationships with others. For better or worse, he is absolutely determined, to use the remainder of his life, in order to fulfill a goal he may never complete.


Cooking – One of the only skills he learned as a young child. While he specializes in seafood, fresh ones especially, he has come to know a variety of dishes from his exposure to several different cultures over his short lifetime. The aroma of still warm food can surround the air in a kitchen he finds himself in, overwhelming his senses and returning him to a time long gone. Besides that, a good cook can find lucrative opportunities all over the world, and especially with the rulers of society. The taste, the aroma, and especially the presentation; this like of his is both a matter of personal nostalgia, and to further extend his small sphere of influence.

Heights – A silly preference of his, Katyusha realizes, but his all the same. It can be seen in his living decorations, anything that can be hung up with be put in the highest place possible, as long as it stays within the parameters of acceptable décor. And his obsession with heights doesn’t end there. Towers, centuries old trees, mountain peaks, they all give him the same feeling. They make him feel like he’s fulfilling the oath he made to himself, to reach past the stars.

Winter – The cold air does little for any person’s skin, but the air just smells incredible during the coldest times of the year. The feel of desolation, of smothering freezing air rushing into his lungs satisfies him in ways no touch of any human ever can. Even the freezing temperatures, though terrible for skin and hair alike, give him something only that time of the year can. A time to lounge around, rest, and wait for the opportunity to act; his preference for winter is the only reason he somewhat misses his old masters. A secret reason, winter is when his only relationship has ever blossomed further than he believed. It is an amazing time of the year, nonetheless.


Boiled eggs – They used to be one of his favorite recipes, he uses to make them all the time when he had the chance. But after being forced to eat nothing but the dry, dehydrating yolk for nothing but a weak, he has grown to detest them. It isn’t even their fault, yet he finds them distasteful now. But when a single recipe is all anyone eats for an entire week before being transformed from he who is entirely male to something in between, all Katyusha can think about is the pain. The sharpness of the blade, the darkness of the room, the taste of yolk still in his stomach, he still cringes upon seeing boiled eggs.

Favors – Katyusha has asked for many favors in order to survive, a fact he is not proud of. From little ones, such as granting him more power and authority over the other servants, to larger ones, such as making a certain someone disappear, he has requested them from his old masters. In return, Katyusha would find it necessary to come to their work chambers long after the sun had fallen, and fulfill certain desires as they command. Whether or not they were married, whether or not they were interested in men mattered not; Katyusha was beautiful, he looked close enough to a woman. And that was that. Though he still asks for favors, he understands the implications of doing so.

Monogamy – To be fully honest, Katyusha feels monogamy to be nothing more than a lie, a tool to force people to stay with each other when in actually, they want more than just one person their entire lifetime. As a lie, Katyusha has experienced apparently monogamous men requesting certain favors from him before, even though he knew for a fact their significant others would not appreciate it. As a tool, he has seen more than his fair share of poor sickly men and women forced into marriage for the rest of their lives while the one they were to be monogamous with runs off with street-walkers every day of the week. It’s such an injustice to be honest.


Greener grass – The grass is always greener somewhere in the world, and Katyusha is always trying to find greener grass. No matter his situation, he knows it can be better. No matter how good he has it, or bad, Katyusha will find a way to make it better eventually. Though his ends are justified, one most anyone in the world can agree with, the means and to the degree with which he conducts it are questionable. As a rule, he will do only as much as necessary, and nothing more; but, as a rule of thumb, he may do more than necessary if he finds no possible repercussions for such an action.

Autonomy – Katyusha hasn’t been a true man ever since he was just a growing child, let alone a man of his own. He has always been someone else’s pet, a mere degenerate to work and to toy with when they needed it. Now, it’s different. He is a free man, he can do whatever he wishes; his goal has changed from merely regaining autonomy to ensuring its continued existence, and further the extent of its reach. To reach his ends, Katyusha has been slowly growing in power, magically and through building relationships, to ensure he stays his own man. Extending his reach is something he knows he must wait on, for now at least.

A subconscious aspect of his desires is wish to be seen as a man by himself one more. Though he flaunts his feminine curves around shamelessly, Katyusha does wonder what it’d be like to be a full man once more; more importantly, to see himself as a male, and not just someone trapped in between.

Standing – There is a special order in this world, from those in poverty, all the way to those in the ruling class. Happiness can’t be bought with money, nor can it be bought with poverty; therefore, Katyusha strives to keep his own status away from the poor section of society as best as he can. His plan is simple, strive to join the ruling class, and he will never know poverty ever again. Joining them, conquering them, it makes no difference as long as his status is high enough.


Canines – Katyusha has never hurt them, nor have they ever hurt him; but, he has seen what they do. For his removed genitalia, they were preserved in a jar and kept in a special room, as all other servants had theirs. For those punished to be turned into an inbetweener, theirs would be removed entirely and thrown to the dogs in public, whereupon they would maul it apart and gorge on it. It was an unbearable sight for Katyusha, especially after the sounds of wailing. Though dogs stil treat him amicably, Katyusha still avoids them like a toxic gas.

Age – The truth of this world is that you will get sick, you will get old, and you will die. Nothing will ever matter. Katyusha’s health will one day deteriorate beyond his mortal capacity, his beauty will one day fade with age and no longer will people willingly fall for his grace. And when he dies, all he has gathered, all he has worked for, will vanish into thin air. An unsettling thought, one he tries not to think of, even though it does pop back into his mind every now and then.

Exhibitionism – Katyusha has nothing against nudity, public and private. His problem stems from his clothes being removed in public, especially the fabric covering his pelvis. In private, Katyusha knows to choose only those who may appreciate such an appendage; in public, he knows that such an unveiling would render him an outcast, cost him his only sense of superiority sense of being loved by the population. He is a beautiful woman, and that must remain the truth.

General Appearance

Height: 5'6”
Weight: 105 – 121 Lbs. (rarely)
Hair: It is a shade borne similar to the darkest corners of night, pitch-black in appearance, and polished to the finest grain when it is felt. Keeping his hair longer than the average woman even dares to attempt, it falls all the way down to just above his knees while his side bangs manage to grow just long enough reach where his breasts would be if he were the correct gender. Besides that, Katyusha’s hair seems to reject all sources of light, it seems to fully accept the mixture from night; to complete his illusion of the beautiful woman men want, he has made sure his hair is always straight, flawless, and possessing a deep scent of lavender preferably.

Eyes: Katyusha’s eyes have seen much, hid much, ran from much. Light brown, most likely an ochre color, eyes are overtaken by his long feminine eyelashes and his thin eyebrows paradoxically. Though his eyes have seen much, he still holds the same ambitious flare he has always held, even from before his fate changing event after relieving himself of quarry duty. Though possibly considered stubborn eyes by some, he still holds the same enchanting effect of a vixen when he stares at someone, whether intended or not.

Skin Tone: Light with a golden undertone, or olive with a deeper gold undertone with enough sun, Katyusha’s skin has been damaged by fretful runs from his would-be captors, from an entire year of combat. This is evident in a scar to the right of the small of his back, a scar he can’t rid himself of no matter how much he pampers his skin to appear smooth and feminine once more. Even so, Katyusha was mostly successful, having restored his skin to its previous baby-smooth, princess-like appearance.

Appearance: It is true, Katyusha does not look like he should be able to lift anything with his frail looking arms. It is true, his frail appearance makes him look more feminine, more accepted by society as such. But it is false if people believe that makes him weak. He is weak in appearance, but he is not weak in practice. Katyusha’s arms and legs are used to lifting his bodyweight easily and efficiently through obstacles, through bodies, even up and over lands deemed unreachable by some given enough time and enough will from Katyusha. He is far from having the body of an athletic man, or even a woman who has devoted her life to her personal physical fitness; however, his svelte appearance aids in the illusion of the most beautiful woman in all of Fiore, if somewhat agile and deceptively stronger than one would expect.

His proportionate face, his dainty chin, the petite ears, the delicate eyes, and his fleeting chins are mesmerizing, as if he were sent to tempt men and women alike. Though his arms, legs, and torso are willowy, they more than support his frame through their support, both in action and in passiveness. When his legs drift through the wind, his hands keep his chest pumped, his curves bent for the imagination’s pleasure. The key word is feminine. Everything about him is geared towards a female body, from his vocals to his musculature; even his bone structure is subject to the same rules. Some consider it a curse; he considers it a boon, as evidenced by the feel of unsubtle strangers all over him while he pretends not to notice.

For clothing, Katyusha tends for an eclectic mix based on his experiences. Moving from nation to nation, culture to culture, he has been exposed to most types of clothing in the world; although, he does prefer the traditional female outfits of his home, and the fur-laden clothing of the steppes. He likes how the fabric feels against his skin, smooth against smooth for the outfits of his homeland, or coat against his smooth. Even then, patterns, vibrant colors, and visual weight are a must! They have to capture someone’s attention; that is the only reason clothes, besides the necessary undergarments, are worn. It is not for morality, it is for attention’s sake, and nothing more.


Guild: Maelstrom
Tattoo: Etched onto the small of his back | An ivory color contrary to what his current guild's colors are
Rank: D rank | Basic


Primary Magic: White Tiger's Kinetic Magic | Magic circle
Secondary Magic: (Must be filled in later. Magic you bought at the store goes here)
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: Part brute force, part subtlety, but both used in perfect harmony with Katyusha's kinetic magic. What looks like a kick or a strike that should hurt terrible doesn’t, what looks like a blow to someone’s head actually feels very comfortable, massage-like some would say. But behind said person, there is nothing but pain and discomfort. Using the kinetics as a source of strength, Katyusha’s magic generates magical power wherever he wishes it on his body, and strikes anything he sees fit. The next step in the process transfers his magical power into the area, forcing it backwards; at this point, little to no damage will be done to the struck target due to the structuring of his magic. If there is anything behind the struck area, if the target moves back quickly enough to hit someone, anyone, the magical power will increase in strength and transfer, causing harm equivalent to the strength of his spell multiplied by however many obstacles it had to pass in order to reach its destination at the end. The more people/objects in between, the larger the impact at the end.

Strengths: The more people there are, the more devastating Katyusha’s magic is to those in the rear line. For this reason, cowards and those who rely on henchman have reason to fear him. Even when outnumbered, Katyusha can whittle them down from the back lines while using other means to deal with those in the front lines. Besides that, for those first facing him, the deception of his weak attacks can cause those who fail to look back to see the damage done to the person behind them. In essence, Katyusha’s magic allows him to dominate encounters where he is outnumbered should he be skilled enough. Even then, by himself, Katyusha can get creative and use his own body or any object he can find as an obstacle to use his magic to effectively injure those he needs to.

Weaknesses: While it has potential, there are occasions when Katyusha finds himself unable to use his magic. For the wise ones who notice Katyusha must strike something in between in order for his magic to take effect, they can either dodge, or ensure the path between them stays clean and solitary. Therefore, Katyusha is woefully inept at single combat without any creativity on his part, and his effectiveness continually falls as any fight continues when outnumbered. Along with that, this is a mainly melee to short ranged style of magic. Though agile and fit enough to lift himself over objects, Katyusha may find larger, or longer ranged opponents especially difficult considering his magic’s needs.




Rp Sample:


Face Claim: Fuuchouin Kazui | Getbackers
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