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 Dracath the Fallen One (Open)

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Ardere Kasai

Posts : 710
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Character Name: Ardere Kasai
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PostSubject: Dracath the Fallen One (Open)   Thu Oct 04, 2012 6:02 pm

Warth woodlands was untouched by the dragons previous attack, but not today. Today Dracath the Fallen One would come and true darkness would reign. From the now pure black skies descended Dracath, he was one hundred feet tall and jet black. He looked to be made of black steel and had massive wings, he also had many spikes. He then roared a lazer across the forest bursting it into flames. The nearby villagers began to panic and run but Dracath expected a threat to arise. His master told him to demolish the woodlands and it's guild Erebos. He said their would be threats so he was expected to fight. Dracath laughed maniacally and roared across the woodlands, his roar knocked over trees and scared many. It could be heard even to Mt. Hakobe. This dragon seemed more devilish than the others, he just wanted others to suffer. He was truly evil, he laughed maniacally continuously.

Dracath stopped laughing and landed on the ground, he looked around for strong mages but was dissapointed. Who will come to fight me? HUH! Who wants to be my next meal? He laughed once again and could smell power, some mages were coming to face him. He got excited at the thought of a real fight today.

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Posts : 114
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PostSubject: Re: Dracath the Fallen One (Open)   Thu Oct 04, 2012 11:47 pm

Malacanth had been preparing for this fight for a long time. This dragon thought he could threaten Erebos's home. The biggest mistake of its life. He knew Eve would be here soon but for now he would need to fight it himself. Hopefully the new unison raid will kill it. He would swallow his pride to protect his home if needed. The dragon seemed to be enjoying himself at the moment but Malacanth knew that smug dragon will be dead soon so he didn't feel the need to start yelling yet. Malacanth simply walked into a clear area so he could be seen. He requiped his X-blade and pointed it at the sky. He already had his armor on so he wouldn't need to use magic for that. He said to himself " show time." With those two words a beam of light the size of a train came out, racing at the dragon. He screamed out for the dragons attention " time to die you lowly animal." Maybe not the best insult but dragons wouldn't like being called an animal he thought.


Spells Learnt
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Dracath the Fallen One (Open)
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