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 Drake (done)

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PostSubject: Drake (done)   Mon Oct 08, 2012 11:40 am

Character Template



Name: Drake Azura
Alias: Sub-Zero, Bulls eye
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Birthdate: 6/6/820
Sexuality: Straight
Special Characteristics: N/A
Cold- Drake was bullied as a child and has a darker view on humans. He normally keeps his emotions to himself and rarely will give anyone the time of the day. He does not enjoy to ever have personal talks with others, they make him feel uncomfortable.
Anger- Drake is quick to anger and doesn't mind showing off his magic to prove a point. He has openly killed a few men who piss him off. Drake also holds a grudge forever. Once you piss him off he is the type to hunt you down when your old and weak just to be the one to end your life.
Shy- Since he does not enjoy others company he has become very shy around people, mainly young women. He finds himself stuttering whenever he talks to a woman.
Cruel- Drake has no problem shooting his prey right through the eyes but he also enjoys to prolong their death, especially if they seem to peak his interest. He is a fan of almost completely freezing his enemies before finishing them off just to see them realize that their death is near.

Winter: His magic stems from ice and snow so the season that matches them the closest obviously has some tie to him. He even went to Mount. Hakobe to train for years so he could learn his true magic. During the winter time Drake is known to become more active and can be seen out and about a lot more.
Scarfs and sweaters- He is quite a collector of scarfs and sweaters that he loves to sort through. Even during the middle of the summer he is normally seen wearing scarfs and sweaters since his magic naturally makes him cooler than normal people.
Cats- Drake had a white fluffy cat when he was a child When the cat disappeared it crushed him. Whenever he returned back from Mount Hakobe the first thing he did was stop by a pet store and get a white kitten that resembled his cat.
Chess- Drake likes the strategical aspect of chess and often enjoys to play against others if given the opportunity. Drake has been known to take several minuets to even make the simplest moves due to him analyzing every possibility. He thinks that this keeps ones mind sharp and in tack, things that are critical in battle.
Fire- Being ice based magic fire magic annoys him. He hates the heat that fire produces and the smell of burnt things. He thoroughly enjoys devastating fire based mages in battle to show that ice can be deadlier if used properly.
Bullies- Being bullied most of his childhood he has a deep hatred for those that bully weaker people. He will kill people with no hesitation if he sees them bullying other people. Drake has no mercy for bullies, and will not tolerate them even in his own guild.
Idiots- Those that present themselves as dumb or act that way get on Drakes nerve. He will not openly kill them as quick as he would a bully but if they did not get the hint after so long he may choose to end their lives.
Rats- If finds rats disease ridden, vermin whos lives are not important at all. He has no problem ending their lowly lives at any chance he can get. He makes sure that the cats he gets quickly learn how to hunt and kill mice. This is beneficial to the guild since the number of mice in it are quite low.
Jewels- His main purpose in joining a guild is access to jobs to make a lot of jewels. He enjoys to hoard his money and spend it on super expensive things every once and awhile.
Killing- He loves the rush of feeling the power over someone's life. Watching their bodies go limp from his bullets being lodged in their skulls.
Recognition- Since he was looked down upon a lot as a child he enjoys others praising him and noticing his power. He wants everybody to respect his power but also fear it.
Fears: What does your character fear in life and why)
Wolves- His mother was torn apart by wolves in front of him as a child. Since then he is stricken frozen where he stands at the site of them. It takes him a few moments to recollect himself before he will even defend himself from a wolf or wolf like creature.
Ghost- Drake is quiet paranoid when it comes to spirits or the spirit world. Ghost stories will cause him to not sleep for days or weeks on end, draining him mentally and physically. Even some of the less scary stories can still trigger the fear in him.
Sick people- Being a germaphobe people that are sick cause Drake to run for the hills. He will begin to take multiple types of medicine if he even feels a tickle in his throat. He loathes being sick and bed ridden. He will wash his hands often a lot longer than the normal person. He will not use public restrooms for this reason nor will he go to a hospital or doctors office.
General Appearance

Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Weight: 150
Hair: A sky blue color
Eyes: A dim blue
Skin Tone: Pale
Appearance: Drake is an average height boy. He normally is wearing a black jacket and black pants, both normally better quality looking cloths. He is always seen with a scarf on and sometimes even earmuffs, that double as headphones. His hair is a pale sky blue color to match his eyes. He often will wear clothes that are more suited in a wintery environment. If not wearing his normal jacket he will wear a hoodie or a snow jacket. He never wears shorts or sandles but always pants and boots or tennis shoes. He hates the sun and will wear sunglasses or have his hood up on sunny days. He normally carries himself in a slouched sulking manner, never seeming too upbeat or positive.


Guild: Tartors
Tattoo: A dark ruby red color on his tong.
Rank: D


Primary Magic: Ice Guns
Secondary Magic: (Must be filled in later. Magic you bought at the store goes here)
Caster or Holder: Holder
Description: Drake's magic is a hybrid of Ice-Make magic and bullet magic. By creating two guns made of ice he is able to fire bullets that have magical properties similar to ice and snow magic. The magic is a heavy mid range style magic and its accuracy at mid range to close range make it extremely dangerous. The guns allow him to channel his magical power, without them he has few spells he can use. He creates bullets using his own magic so he potentially has an unlimited amount of bullets.
Strengths: The magic takes the best out of both worlds. It has higher speed based attacks due to the gun aspect while the ice allows it do have an elemental effect. The magic is able to numb or completely freeze Drake's enemies depending on what sort of shot he uses. The guns can be recreated at times if they are destroyed.
Weaknesses:The magic has little to no defensive abilities. Being based in ice element fire magic can weaken it if not completely stop his attacks. The guns can be shattered making Drake have to spend more magic to create new ones. Ice gun magic also lacks in the melee fighting department making close combat quit problematic for Drake.


Times before the guild
Life in Tartors
Rp Sample:

Face Claim: Uranus--Psyren

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PostSubject: Re: Drake (done)   Wed Oct 10, 2012 10:46 pm

You have some spelling/grammar errors, but I'm not one to pick apart apps for those bits and have you fix 'em - not my style~ Someone else may come along and tell you to fix it, but I personally don't see such things as an issue~ (Just pointing this out)

I like how your character likes cats, killing rats, and fears wolves - it all ties together~

So your magic bullets - they're ice or energy? Energy with an icy kick to 'em?
Is it like you're shooting ice pellets, and each pellet takes some of your MP away? (Or, say you use a spell that shoots a certain number of bullet things instead of each shot taking a certain amount of MP)

Something like the above? (Trying to have this click in my head, heh~)

Also... You say your magic is holder, so I don't think you'll be able to have spells that don't require your guns - UNLESS you make it caster where the guns enhance your magic, I don't think it'll slide~ (With me, at least~ If you disagree, ask Fire/Ardere about it~)

Explain/elaborate on the above (in a post beneath this so I can understand, please!), then I may have you add it to your app~ Smile


Spells Learnt
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Missions Done
E:2 D:4 C:1 B:0 A:0 S:0 10yr:0

Eve Furey
Card Magic 2, 3,
4, 5, 6; Vortex Scythe, baby~ ;D

"Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen" ~Leonardo da Vinci~
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Akua Pura

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PostSubject: Re: Drake (done)   Wed Oct 31, 2012 1:28 pm


You have one weeks to reply to this saying whether your working on your character, scrapping your character, or whatever, before this gets Archived


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PostSubject: Re: Drake (done)   

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Drake (done)
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