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 On the Move (Headed for Home)

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PostSubject: On the Move (Headed for Home)   Sat Oct 20, 2012 4:10 pm

It took a while but Jin was finally able to locate Raiza after the incident with the small dragons, the empty warning about there being more to come was ominous but not a current issue. It was more of an issue to test the strength that they had gained after blacking out, and if the threat turned out to be real they would deal with it later, "Raiza, I think it's time we paid a visit back to Magnolia, we have some work to do there." Raiza merely nodded, he seemed to be collecting his own thoughts on what was going on but it wasn't anything strikingly important or he would've voiced it out. Raiza calmly spread his wings and with a single flap of his wings rose up into the air. He made another powerful flap and Jin outstretched his arm skyward in the Exceed's direction. Raiza grasped his companion's hand as he flew straight up and spun him around so he could piggy-back like usual. They didn't have to ascend too high before the direction was chosen and they shot off towards Magnolia.

The sky was nearly cloudless right from the get-go, it cleared up exponentially after the tiny Dragon posers left. The sun now shone bright and warmly for all to see, "Rai, what do you think happened everywhere else? Do you think maybe Magnolia or even Era was attacked by those little guys too?" "It's likely, I don't assume Shirotsume was the sole target, there are many powerful adversaries in other places so Shiro was probably only a side-option to attack, not even a main goal." Jinchu grunted in response, "Dammit, that's what I figured but I wish it wasn't true, hopefully this doesn't escalate before we get some stuff done back at the guild, I can feel the new power and I need to make sure I can use it to the fullest." The wasn't much of a response from Raiza to that comment but after thinking a bit more to himself he made a comment of his own, "I can feel the power too, I need some training of my own." This made Jin smirk, "Looks like the dynamic duo is about to embrace a huge upgrade... Look out world, the team already pegged to win it all has just gotten a whole lot stronger, HAHAHA!" They both made a slight chuckle to that last bit but they each were quite serious about their own goals so they took the fact that they were the top dogs to heart. It was an indomitable will they both had to be the best, there was nothing that could stop them from achieving their goal and the new power solidified that fact.

They were coming up to a town but even Jinchu knew with his lack of direction what town that was. It was unmistakably the location they set off for; Magnolia. Raiza angled down quite sharply, he always desired a more interesting landing than the soft tap on the ground, there needed to be more excitement. The drop progressively got steeper as they went and they didn't even attempt to slow down, in fact the aid of gravity more made them speed up. Anyone in Magnolia would just see a blurring dot in the sky exponentially increasing in size as it plummeted towards just inside the town. Feeling the adrenaline of the speed, Jinchu yelled at the top of his longs, his voice carrying through the entire place, "WOOOOO!! I'M BACK, HAHAHAHAHA!!!" The echo roared all around as they sped past the first taller building, Raiza was finally beginning to pull up otherwise they would indefinitely collide with the ground. Now everyone in Magnolia knew that one of their lovable Dragon Slayers had returned, even if it was in such a loud fashion.

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On the Move (Headed for Home)
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