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 Galles Versesai (WIP)

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PostSubject: Galles Versesai (WIP)   Wed Oct 31, 2012 12:16 am

Character Template



Name: Galles Versesai
Alias: -
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Birthdate: October, 10, X809
Sexuality: Straight
Special Characteristics:
Personality: Galles is one of those types that usually finds themselves at odds with their own vision of themselves versus the reality they find themselves in. While inherently a reasonably polite, calm man he is also a realist in a lot of senses of the word. He tends to believe that one's influence is limited to what one -can- do and actually tends to dislike or hate people who willingly throw themselves in front of danger for others when outclassed by the situation. But he himself struggles with an odd sense of heroism, particularly with those he's befriended and if faced with a particularly difficult choice, he tends to take the one easier to live with if he survives.

Laziness is a sort of thing with him. He hates working too hard for no reason, so usually some motivation has to be provided for him to actively participate. Thankfully however he has a somewhat basic mindset of motivation. Money, rum or adventure, or a challenge of his skills. A strange contradiction of his laziness is, indeed, his love for conquering challenges or obstacles. It's more readily suitable to say he just doesn't like doing pointless work then that he's really 'lazy'.

He does have a prideful streak at times, though especially when someone challenges his sword and oddly, whenever he refers to himself, he likes to be called a master or a prodigy, but when challenged to a magical duel he will usually completely disregard any magic but the handiest tier. He's also not much of a comedian, preferring sarcasm and wit to any actual talent with jokes, though he does tend to enjoy it when people make him laugh.

He has a slight obsession for Rum, and he has been known to have a smoke or a vice or two now and then. His attitude towards women is hard to describe, in that he is equal parts flirt and aloof. He doesn't think much of his own appearance even though he takes pains to keep himself from looking too grungy, but it's mostly because he has a strange thing about keeping himself from feeling like he's worked too hard.

The most telling feature of him is his marked attitude towards freedom. While some might consider it sociopathic in a small way,
Galles thinks that as long as he's free, he'll do anything to keep it that way. He has mild claustrophobia and hates cramped areas, underground tunnels or passages or anywhere he can't feel a breeze. He also has an aversion to being tied up or chained for this reason. While he will do anything to -keep- this freedom, anything not directly threatening it tends to be brushed off and ignored. Essentially, as long as you don't restrain him, he won't grow violent unless you make the possibility occur to him.
Likes: (What does your character like and why)
Dislikes: (What does your character dislike and why)
Motivations: (What motivates your character in life and why)
Fears: What does your character fear in life and why)

General Appearance

Height: 5'8
Weight: 159lbs
Hair: Galles prefers to keep his dark brown hair in a loose ponytail. When it's down it's a long, straight mane of sorts that tends to stick very close to his face.
Eyes: Clear blue eyes that are just slightly narrow and seemingly tilted downward toward his nose, with the left eye having a single black spec connecting the pupil to the iris.
Skin Tone: Galles' skin is a rough tan of sorts that is usually it's most dense below his elbow but above the wrist and below his knees, usually stopping at mid shin.
Appearance: Not a particularly large person by any stretch of the imagination. While he's not the leanest man around, his build isn't bulky either. At best he could hope to be described as average. His only real muscles seem to be located in his torso and even they aren't impressive by any stretch. His face is usually dead set in a rather calm expression, though his eyes tend to be hinting at his enjoyment of the day. A typical wardrobe for Galles is anything light and flexible. In fact, he usually disdains from any clothing too heavy. Typically he can be found in a loose, open neck shirt of varying colors, though most commonly orange or blue with a pair of shin length pants and he is often seen with string or cloth belts to hold them up or hold his weapons in place. Short coats and vests are also favored. Footwear tends to be boots, usually leather and brown but as he tends to live on the fortunes he finds, his clothing is usually whatever cheaply works for him. As a note, Galles loves wide brim hats but he has a nasty habit of losing or destroying any he finds.


Guild: Raven Tail
Tattoo: Basic black, found at the back of his neck.
Rank: D


Magic: Purple Flare
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: A variation of Fire Magic that allows the caster to create a specific purple fire, one that cannot be extinguished by wind or water. This Magic can have the affects of a solid attack, rather than gas like normal fire. The caster can conjure this type of fire through various parts of their body, such as their arms. This fire can be used in many ways such as binding, as it was able to trap dozens of Phantom Lord guild members; offensively, Purple Flare can be used in a similar manner as bullets or beams.
Strengths: It's ability to not be extinguished by water and wind is helpfully, in conjunction with it's flexibility to not only be offensive, but also defensive.
Weaknesses: While wind and water can't put the fire out, attacks can still be smothered, with a lack of oxygen extinguishing or weakening it.



Growing up in a rather obscure area in a rather obscure forest, especially in the failing Makko Town, Galles had a harsh reality from day one even if his family didn't really believe that. Makko survived mostly on crops of Hops and Sugarcane that his family helped to plant and maintain, which led to Galles at a young age being very familiar with heat and hard work but no reward waiting for him but another meal and another day, which might have suited his family just fine but he wanted more and that urge put him at odds with his down to earth family more then once.

Mages frequently raided Makko, but just as many stayed to hide out in the low key town or resupply before traveling onward and each time Galles got a glimpse into the kind of life he wanted. To the villagers, they were at best rogues with no honor and at worst barbarians, but to Galles they were simply the natural order. They had the strength to take what they needed and wanted to survive and thrive in the world. It was a strength Galles respected and more then once he tried to join a guild but nothing ever seemed to come of it. The best he'd ever gotten was one particularly rowdy guild tossing a cheap magic toy at him and telling him to just set off on his own, if he was so ready to be a mage.

Wrong thing to say to a young man looking for adventure, really. It took a few years to earn the money for supplies and during that time, Galles took to actually training for it. His skills with magic weren't exactly prodigious, but in a backwater village like Makko they were the best around and he even learned how to fight with unarmed. To an extent, anyway.

Taking the world

It didn't take long for him to finally wear himself sick of the forest and with the barest of essentials, he pushed off from that tiny area and headed out to the world. He had no dream and no goals for his setting off and indeed, most might argue he would have been happier staying in the forest, but, in his mind, he wanted the adventure and meaning only possible by being a mage.

He found it, in spades. His life laid on the line several times for causes or random bouts of stupidity, Galles ended up all alone,
Rp Sample: (A piece of how you RP. About 200-250 words)
Face Claim: N/A. OC.
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Galles Versesai (WIP)
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