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 Bloddy William Kidd (complete)

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Bloddy William Kidd

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PostSubject: Bloddy William Kidd (complete)   Sun Nov 04, 2012 7:58 am

Character Template


Name: Bloddy William Kidd
Alias: The Blood-Stained Mechanic
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Birthdate: 19th September
Sexuality: Straight
Special Characteristics:

William grew up in a military family. Both his mother – a chemist and biologist – and his father – a tactician and mechanic – were very strict as a result. However their child did not develop as they hoped.
William isn’t exactly disciplined in day-to-day life, though some order is necessity for him (e.g. having things at certain locations, but they don’t have to be put away neatly); so he has order in what appears to be chaos to others. He is a friendly caring person, always cheerful and positive. Speaking his mind and questioning what he finds interesting/suspicious are two of his main traits. Not shy of showing how he feels, many find him to be overly emotional. The cheerful and positive part of his person is also the cause of his immense energy; always active and jittery, impatient and hyperactive. This may seem annoying to most people, but after a while you get used to his behavior. Polite isn’t the best word to describe him, friendly and caring as he may be, William always treats people equally. No man has more rights than another and respect is earned not given or bought. Otherwise he is very good with younger children, a father figure (not an ordinary father figure, but a good one none the less). He has an adventurous spirit and is always ready for a challenge. Being very free-spirited he usually does what he wants, as long as it doesn’t cause anyone to lose their life or suffer. Most of the time he is hyperactive, but when his energy is gone or when he is completely relaxed he becomes lazy and utterly unwilling to move or do anything for the matter. Intellect wise he is quite formidable, having vast knowledge in the fields of chemistry, biology, math, physics and mechanics.

To always look out for others and to not leave any comrade behind are William’s laws of life. No man or woman should be left to the cruel hands of fate and a comrade is a comrade, nothing less and possibly more; one must accept others for who they are, only then will you truly be friends. Those uninvolved in a conflict or problem should be kept out of it and those who are dragged in must be helped.

Friendly and nice as he may be, William changes in battle. His laws of life may still apply but everything he does becomes cold and calculative (a trait he adopted from his father). He will not hesitate to kill or torture if he must, but prefers not to do either. This is why he operates more as a mercenary, not joining wither dark nor legal guild. Taking the command in every battle and planning strategies to win in any situation are his trademarks.

William is an absolute machine freak. He loves machines and what they can be made to do. He loves how much can be done with technology even without magic. Day and night he can be found working in his small workshop… planning, sketching, building…

The sky:
An absolutely wonderful sight. At daytime it is a clear relaxing blue and at night it glistens with thousands of small pretty lights with the moon as a majestic center. Once he starts staring at it his mind is gone far, far away into the land o dreams.

Strategic games:
His father was a very skilled tactician and this skill was handed down to William. Because he is so good at it, he loves to show it off sometimes.

Fast food:
Quickly made and quickly eaten! It’s the perfect type of meal for someone who doesn’t like to waste time. Besides… it’s delicious.

No man likes shopping. It’s annoying, time-consuming and tiring… unless its for something he likes. But generally he hates to shop.

Sleep deprivation:
William needs his 8.2 hours of sleep a day. He hates it if he doesn’t get enough sleep, because then he is grumpy, uncomfortable and without energy.

He hates evil and everything that incorporates it. People who kill and torture for fun, people so greedy that nothing can satisfy them, people who do what they want at the cost of others… completely despicable people… human trash.

William’s greatest motivation is to build the perfect machine. He has no idea what it should do, what it’s supposed to be made of or even how it looks like; he just knows that he want to build the perfect machine. If it were to become something evil he would destroy it, if it were to become something good he would keep it; that’s what William decided.
His second motivation is to annihilate the world’s evil. He is willing to wage war on any front and vanquish the armies of darkness and despair. To protect the innocent and keep the peace, even if it means to use force, is his ideal.

William fears an absolutistic or chaotic world, a dystopia. A world where all man is enslaved and/or suffering, a world where there is no joy, hope or anything else positive… a world as such would be a nightmare and he sees that humans have the potential to make it come true… and this scares him greatly.
Also there is his ridiculous fear of (raw) vegetables (lachanophobia) that developed in his early childhood.

General Appearance

Height: 1.82 m
Weight: 68 kg
Hair: brown, messy
Eyes: brown
Skin Tone: tanned
He has brown messy hair and is rather tall. He is slim, not overly muscular and quite fit. A smile is always to be seen on his face when he isn’t wearing his mask. The usual attire consist of a black short-sleeved shirt with orange lines along the sides and going around the shoulders; Black, polymer, cargo-style trousers; black polymer boots; black leather gloves with orange cuffs; a belt across his chest with a giant wrench strapped to it; occasionally an orange chainsaw.


Guild: N/a
Tattoo: left side of his neck, orange
Rank: D


Primary Magic: Forge Magic
Secondary Magic: N/a
Caster or Holder: Caster
Forge Magic is magic that allows the creation of objects using the user’s magic. There are two types: temporary and "permanent" creations. Temporary creations can only last for a few minutes and take time to construct, but in exchange require nearly no magic at all; these are not suited for combat and will never be used then (so just day-to-day use). Permanent creations stay in the world until they are destroyed or they run out of energy; these are the constructs used in battle. Exceptions are normal pieces simple constructs (such as ordinary blades, toys, jewelry, pots etc.) they require a very minimal amount of magic as well.
Why “Forge” Magic? Because most permanent creations are machines (guns, artillery units, planes etc.), things created in a weapons forge. The mana consumption of a construct depends on the size and complexity as well as the recourses used. All creations operate under the user’s command, but autonomously/by themselves (though some constructs require manual use e.g. close-range weapons, armors, certain guns etc.). It also allows the reinforcement of the constructs, though other spells are needed. The constructs are made to remain in existance for long periods of time, but have a rather long cooldown.

This magic was designed for all out war and combat on any frontier. This makes it quite formidable since all constructs are made to deal massive damage and to be able to take on great damage as well. William’s grand knowledge of mechanics is the best support for this magic. The fact that the constructs stay in existence until destruction and operate separately gives this magic a tactical advantage. The creations can be summoned within an area of 20 km.
Long Duration.

Most constructs made to do great damage are usually pretty immobile, making them easy targets. All constructs cannot do anything beyond what they are mechanically able to do, unless they improved through another spell. Since most constructs are “independent” from the user, once the constructs are destroyed the user is left defenseless (an exception being manual operated objects).
Long Cooldown.


Year 2460
Human greed for power and money have finally brought an end to the world’s recourses. Because humans were unwilling to switch to renewable energy because of financial setbacks, first the oil, then the natural gas and lastly all the coal has been used up. No one knows who threw the first rock, but everyone knows what that rock was… one small nuclear warhead.

Year 2475
The war for what scraps were left of recourses have finally ceased. The earth’s surface is now uninhabitable due to radiation and biological warfare. Anything that isn’t rock, granite, marble or normal earth is instantaneously dissolved. Only a handful of humans are alive… underground, in a lair running off geo-thermal energy. There was enough supplies for 50 years to sustain the few 132 people that were there. Most were scientists ranging from genetics all the way to particle physics. The rest were soldiers and simple engineers, civilian survivors of the horrid war.

Year 2492
22 years have passed since the inhabitants of the lair began their new lives. Time has melted together without the sun or the moon. The only thing keeping time was and electronic calendar counting down the days until all supplies have been used up. On September 19th Bloddy William Kidd was born into the post-apocalyptic world.

Year 2508
William is now 16 years old and a genius prodigy. His parents tried to raise him as a normal military child; well disciplined and obedient, but sadly he remained free spirited. The ruling system in the compound was strict and the disobedient were killed as a necessity. William himself had killed quite a few and developed an interest in engineering… This is what lead to his nickname “The Blood-Stained Mechanic”. Scientists have been contemplating a way to escape this world and they came to only one conclusion: travel to a parallel universe in hopes to find a better world.
Progress was made fast, but not full on success. Travelling to another universe operated on the principal of teleportation… which was far from complete; all test subjects ended up incomplete, scattered or fused with objects and in some cases other people.

Year 2509
A plague has started to spread in the compound and only few were still alive. A prototype has been made to allow travel to another dimension. Desperate the few survivors entered the craft including William and hoped for the best…

It was pitch black in the capsule of the dimensional craft prototype. William was seated in the command capsule of the craft and entered the sequence that would take them far away. A loud rumble was to be heard and the craft shook uncontrollably… then he blacked out. When he once again awoke, he felt nauseous and sick. Finding his orientation again he remembered what happened and hastily opened the capsule’s hatch… a splendorous sight of green trees and grass, of sunlight and a blue sky greeted him. “We did it… WE ACTUALLY DID IT!!!” shouted William in excitement. He made it… he made it to a world better than his own. Wondering where the others were he opened the hatch that lead to the pain body of the craft… what he saw then was anything but a good sight. Body parts and organs were lying everywhere, incomplete corpses lay in one corner and others were fused to the walls of the craft. Feeling sick again William ran out of the craft and puked, tears streaming down his face… moaning in sorrow.
Why was he the only survivor? Why did the others have to die? What were the errors of his calculations? These thoughts shot through his mind one after another as he blamed himself more and more.

5 months had passed and William tried his best not to remember his arrival. In this time he had learned a lot about this world. Unlike his own, humans were kind and generous, though some exceptions existed. Technology wasn’t as developed as the one he is used to, but in exchange something wondrous existed in its place: MAGIC. Soon the young lad had forgotten (or rather suppressed) his past and tried to live a new life in this new world… the world that so many people sacrificed their lives for to reach. He was resolved not to give ANY technology to the people here, seeing as how it destroyed his own world. In many ways this place was the same as his original home: they had a currency for trade, a governmental construct and an economy.

More months passed and William had discovered quite a bit about his new home. The geography was different, but there were still separate states (or kingdoms) and individual regions with their own traditions. Right now he was in the land of Fiore and found shelter in the town of Magnolia. Surprisingly the people here spoke the same language as he did; a convenient coincidence. The currency was called “Jewel” and he had taken an interest in magic. After rigorous studying of the magic arts, William created his own magic where he could apply his knowledge of technology and science: Forge Magic. He quickly learned to use it and before he knew it, he was an official mage. His own principals of life and death did not overlap well with the legal guild, but he wasn’t evil either; so he decided to stay guildless and work as more of a mercenary. If anything he detested evil; evil is what destroyed his world… the evil of greed.
Now he is a happy character in this grand new world, living his life to the fullest and leaving the past behind.

Rp Sample:
“Uhg… Where am I? What happened?… Oh right… the craft” William moaned as he felt nauseous and sick “THE CRAFT!!!” He looked for the button to release the hatch and slammed his fist against it; the hatch flew off and he was blinded by warm rays of sunlight. A smile appeared on his face and he exclaimed with joy “WE DID I! WE DID IT! WE’RE HERE!” Remembering the others he quickly turned around and ran towards the main body of the craft. The hatch that leads to the inside opened and with enthusiasm he barged in “Hey guys! We made i-” breaking off mid sentence he saw the scene of malice before him. Organs and body-parts scattered everywhere, incomplete bodies lying in a corner and others fused with the inner walls of the craft… each face had a grimace filled with agony and pain on them. Another wave of sickness overcame William and he ran back out, away from the craft… the horrendous scene. He vomited and wept at the same time as he blamed himself for being the sole survivor of the trip. Hours passed and he continued on and soon the moon was high in the sky. The young man fell into a deep, nightmare plagued slumber and did not awake until the next morning.

A year had passed since his arrival and he was now an official mage. He had left what happened in his past behind and made it his resolve to protect this new world. It was another sunny day in Magnolia and he had just settled in his new apartment. The city was fairly new to him so he decided to tour around the city. As he strolled through the streets of this city he smiled constantly “What a great place for a new start. So many things to discover, so many things to share… I think I’ll visit the local guild; they seem like a friendly bunch.” And thus he headed towards the Fairy Tail Guild. He had already visited the place before and he has been told to join many times, but he stayed guildless… still it was nice to visit once in a while. He was greeted with loud cheers in the guild hall as he was a regular visitor now and a paying customer of course. The rest of the day he just laughed around and played with the children that were there, amusing himself. When night fell he made his way back to his home, changed and lied down in his bed. On thought went through his mind before he fell asleep “I never want to leave this place…”

Face Claim: N/a

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PostSubject: Re: Bloddy William Kidd (complete)   Mon Nov 05, 2012 10:41 am

I will attend to this application first.

Let me begin by saying the magic you've selected is magnificent and very innovative. It's smooth and allows versatility. I congratulate you on this. The presentation was pretty good too, explained a great deal which is expected when original magic is made.

However, this magic (based on the description) has a certain type of creation and design that "may" conflict with our current system of approving magic. At times these small changes can be rather great to a creator, so I'd advise you to contact me that way I can unravel my suspicions to you. Other than that.

Approval 1/2


Words break not a man's bones nor injure his body. They destroy him from his very soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Bloddy William Kidd (complete)   Mon Nov 05, 2012 11:02 pm

as Ray said very creative magic

Spells Learnt
E:3 D:3 C:0 B:1 A:1 S:1

Missions Done
E:0 D:4 C:1 B:0 A:0 S:0 10yr:0

Weapons E: 0 D: 2 C: 1 B: 1 A: 1 S: 1
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Bloddy William Kidd

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PostSubject: Re: Bloddy William Kidd (complete)   Tue Nov 06, 2012 9:32 am

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PostSubject: Re: Bloddy William Kidd (complete)   

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Bloddy William Kidd (complete)
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