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 Fa Yu Li (Complete)

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PostSubject: Fa Yu Li (Complete)   Mon Apr 09, 2012 4:04 am

Character Template


Fa Yu Li
Alias: Asura
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Birthdate: 15/05
Sexuality: Straight
Special Characteristics: His body is rough and scarred, and it's not at all rare to see at least a few bruises, all because of his personal training regiment. His clothes are rarely in better condition.

Fa is confident, bold, determined, stubborn, and charismatic. Though a little rough around the edges, he has a heart of gold and a will of iron. He is blunt and repeatedly shows himself to be reckless in his actions and words, yet at the same time possesses a keen insight and great wisdom, especially in the heat of battle. He is a spiritual man, though not quite in the normal sense. While he does meditate and pray, Fa feels most attuned to his spirit through his fists. For him, a punch is a prayer. To fight, to test one mans fist against another, is his ultimate form of worship. His devotion to his martial skill shows through what many would consider a self-destructive training regiment, willing to put himself through long periods of physically demanding sessions to hone both his body and his soul.

Oddly, his dedication to his fist doesn't extend into other aspects of his life. When he isn't training or fighting, Fa is an incredibly lazy oaf. He would much rather find a nice, warm spot to take a five hour nap than do something productive, like cleaning. He'll go through as much trouble to get out of having to sweep the floor as he would to complete one of his insane training sessions.

Pitting himself against a strong enemy is his ultimate joy.

While his training is strenuous and painful, he wears each scar and bruise as if they were medals of honor.

He always looks forward to a day of dozing off in a hotspring somewhere with a bottle of sake.

Dishonorable fighters disgust him to no end. That he actually has to use his fist against them fills him with bitter rage.

Fa hates chores. He'd much rather be doing important things, like training, or taking a five hour nap.

Abusers are just as disgusting, maybe even moreso, than a dishonorable fighter. A man's strength should be tested against anothers, not used to terrorise weaker people.

Motivations: To find his true rival and have the greatest fight he could ever experience.

Fears: To lose the ability to fight terrifies Fa. He has had nightmares where he has lost his limbs or become paralysed, and they leave him in a cold sweat.

General Appearance

Height: 6'3
Weight: 265 lbs
Hair: Dark brown. Shaggy, but kept to a reasonable length.
Eyes: Black
Skin Tone: Naturally light skinned, but darkened from exposure to the sun.
Appearance: Fa is of a very muscular build, and his body is covered in scars, as well as bruises that seem to come and go as often as the days. His face is somewhat darkened by a thin layer of stubble. He prefers to wear the clothes of a martial artist, wearing loose fitting gi and bandage wraps, though he refuses to wear shoes. His clothes are often ragged and even torn, subjected to the same manner of abuse as his body on a daily basis.


Tattoo: It is red, and emblazoned across the left side of his chest and torso.
Rank: D


Primary Magic:
Li Kenpo
Secondary Magic: (Must be filled in later. Magic you bought at the store goes here)
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: Fa's magic centers around the martial arts, the concept fighting with both body and spirit.
Strengths: Fa's already impressive physical abilities are augmented and even extended by his magic, making his blows devastating not only up close, but even at a distance.
Weaknesses: Fa's magic revolves around his body. As he becomes weary and fatigued, be it from prolonged fighting or even something as mundane as not getting enough sleep or being too hungry, his magic grows weaker and weaker.

History: Fa came to Fiore from the distant country of Wǒjiā as a young child. His father, both a wizard and an instructor of hand to hand combat, set up a small school in Fiore, wanting to broaden both his own horizons and that of his young sons. A very spiritual man, he pounded the concept of being in tune with ones spirit into Fa's head from a very early age. Only when one was one with himself, could he be one with God.

Fa grew up helping his father in the school, primarily tending to the dojo equipment. Though to young to attend any of his fathers classes proper, he was still taught privately at a pace more suited for a young boy. Even then, he seemed to grasp his fathers lessons better than his students. Having come from a completely different culture and way of understanding, it was more difficult to teach them his Yunli brand of magic than it was with Fa. When Fa was old enough to become a proper student, he naturally was able to rise quickly to the top of the class, even though some people grumbled that it only out of favoritism.

While a good student, Fa was far from perfect. He was just as loud and rambunctious as any boy his age would be. His father was stern with him when he needed to be, but felt that eventually he would mature past that point. While he would eventually be proven partially right, his son would never be a quiet, reserved man. He preferred to pick fights over studying, and always seemed to either mysteriously disappear or have some grand excuse when there were chores to be done, though these schemes were often quickly caught on to and thwarted with a stern lecture and a sound ass kicking in the dojo.

Growing older, Fa found that as much as he loved his life in the dojo, he was growing increasingly bored with it as well. He'd grown from a student to his fathers assistant, and while there was a certain satisfaction to teaching, he couldn't shake the feeling of restlessness. He simply needed to get out. After keeping these thoughts to himself for months, he finally confessed to his father one night. What could a man do when his son, a man in his own right, told him that he wanted to leave the nest? He could only let him go.

Ironically, when he left the dojo, Fa had less of a feel for what direction his life was going than when he had stayed. For over a year, he simply wandered place to place, working mundane jobs, enjoying fighting competitions when and where he could, and sending regular letters to his father. In an equally ironic, it was his own father who pointed him in a direction. If he felt he didn't know where he was going, why not join a guild? Then, if he still felt lost, at least he was actually going somewhere.

Fa now stands in the ranks of the Sabertooth guild. Completely dedicated to the fight, he seeks for the man whom he can call his ultimate rival, all the while honing his martial skills. And, of course, he still writes home to dear old dad.

Rp Sample:
Fa yawned lazily, rolling from one side to the other. Drool pooled onto his sleeve from his open mouth as he snored, subconsciously scratching his bare stomach. His afternoon nap was interrupted by something hard poking him in the side. At first, he simply tried to bat it away, but the prodding persisted, so at last he was forced to crack open an eye to see a woman with a broom. "Can't you see I'm trying to take a nap here?" he asked in a tired, but clearly annoyed tone.

"Yes, I do. And can't you see I'm trying to wake your lazy butt up?" she asked, prodding him again. "Stop being such a pig and actually do some work for once." she demanded, stomping her foot.

Fa quirked a brow. "What are you talking about? I do plenty of work. I've kicked twice as much wholesale ass as you have this month, missy." he pointed out in a slightly taunting voice, before rolling over to get back to sleep.

"Yeah, but that's about all you do!" she shot back. She kicked him hard in the butt, and was rewarded with a yelp. "Typical man! You just go around punching things, and never actually do anything productive! This guild doesn't clean itself, you know!" she lectured.

Fa rolled his eyes. "Please. I don't need this." he grumbled, moving to the other side of the room before flopping back down to try and go back to sleep. He could hear her approaching, she didn't even try to hide the slight stomping of her feet, but he didn't even raise his head. "If you poke me with that thing again, I'm going to take it from you and spank you with it." he warned her as he nestled into his arm. There was a long pause, then a huff, and he heard her storm off. "Yeah, that's what I figured."

Face Claim: The male fighter avatar from DFO.

Last edited by Fa on Sun Jul 01, 2012 12:02 am; edited 4 times in total
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PostSubject: Re: Fa Yu Li (Complete)   Mon Apr 09, 2012 12:04 pm

Approved 1/ 2 you may already move on to your Magic creation

which can be found here: ftrp.forums-rpg.com/f2-magic-creation

The spell templates etc. are here: http://ftrp.forums-rpg.com/t30-spell-template

And heres a guide for magic creation ^^: http://ftrp.forums-rpg.com/t123-wip-how-to-register-your-magic

now you just need 1 more mod approval and you are official a sabertooth member ^^

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PostSubject: Re: Fa Yu Li (Complete)   Mon Apr 09, 2012 12:17 pm

Approved 2/2

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PostSubject: Re: Fa Yu Li (Complete)   Sun Aug 12, 2012 1:19 pm

Gonna move this back to the approved section?
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PostSubject: Re: Fa Yu Li (Complete)   

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Fa Yu Li (Complete)
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