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 Walking the road to Magnolia

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PostSubject: Walking the road to Magnolia   Thu Apr 12, 2012 9:36 am

Ah, to be on the road, in the fresh open air. It really was great. The only problem with it is he couldn’t afford the train. So here was, walking along a path that is said to take him all the way to Magnolia, and in a straight line as well. That makes everything easier. Tibodico continued walking. Right now would be the perfect time to say what he was seeing, however, sight was something he lacked. One of the many reasons why walking was not the desired way to travel. Fortunately for Tibo, he had Metsu guiding him. Each time he would stray off the path, or a hill would appear, she would tug him back in the right direction, or simply tell him the problem. honestly without her everything would be a huge pain and he would never can anywhere. Today he was wearing his typical outfit, his thick black trousers, his dragon scale belt, the vest that he never seems to be without and, the most salient part of his clothing, the blind fold made purely from iron scales. To any other person it would be very uncomfortable, but for Tib, its as if it wasn’t there. Tibo walked happily as Metsu was describing the scenery to him. The dirt road, with the neatly cut grass running along side it, Trees lined up, acting as a wall on the right side of the path, and to the left, the vehicle lane. A wagon was passing through, the two horses pulled the weight of the single driver, who tilted his wide hat to Tib and the cat. It was only Matsu, however, who acknowledged it. He was a local farmer from around the area, and Tibodico has run a few errands for him before to gain some extra Jewels. A good man he is.

Anyway, Tib was still confused, he had no idea why he was on his way to fairy tail anyway. Oi, Metsu. Why are we going there anyway, i still don’t get it. The cat sighed, and with his beautiful intelligent voice it spoke, You never listen to me, do you?, we are going to fairy tail in order to meet up with another Dragon Slayer, like yourself. Tibodico continued walking, His right hand reaching out to rub against the leaves of the trees as he walked. Well, i know that, but, Why? So what if we are both dragon slayers, i just wanna go back and do a request. The cat dug nails into his head for just a second, before pulling them out, causing him to stop walking and grab his skull. O-Ow Tibodico, don’t you want to ask him about his dragon, don’t you want to find Iro? Tib began to walk again, wondering how much further he had to go. Right, why didn’t you say that from the beginning? And that hurt. Metsu sighed yet again. That is the third time i’ve had to tell you now. And just so you know, we are here, the gate is just a little further. Finally, it was about time, Tibo was starting to get bored. They continued on, Metsu now describing the new view of the Town to him. Completely forgetting the past argument.

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Walking the road to Magnolia
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