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 Clover to Hargeon

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PostSubject: Clover to Hargeon   Wed May 02, 2012 1:46 am

Being in a guild made Augustus happy. He met tons of people, and became friends with most of them. Even though the guild master bothered him a lot always talking to him and acting sweet, the guy was a great fellow. And now, on his third day, the guild master told him to do this mission. It was about clearing a group of bandits in Hargeon. But it was quite weird to put the request in Blue Pegasus, if they have their very own local guild Lamia Sale. Augustus packed everything he can in a small backpack and went out of Blue Pegasus with his partner, Shadow. "So, we just have to clear these bandits. No sweat." Augustus said as he passed through many houses, heading to a forest that connects Clover to Hargeon. "Augustus, don't get too confident." Shadow said, smiling as they made their way to the forest. Augustus was reading the request paper. "Four E-ranked bandits." Augustus said, knowing that he can beat these guys since his dragon slayer magic are not to be messed with. "They don't know they will get a serious beating once we get there." Augustus said, patting Shadow's head.

They kept walking, and it seems like the forest goes forever. It was really a hard route they have to take. "I think we're just going around in circles." Augustus said to Shadow as he looked around. It was hard to decipher the forest's geography, since it was no different than the others. "No. The alignment of the trees are different, but it is confusing." Shadow said as he checked the area. It was true, they were not going in circles, but this forest seems to make you feel confused. The guild master said that it was a straight forward path, but it might make you feel confused. But Augustus knew that he should never think he is lost. He should think positively. "Shadow, don't be afraid. We will get there." Augustus said, smiling as he checked around. Shadow did not really say anything, but grinned instead. But while they were walking, Augustus smelled something weird. "What is it?" Shadow said, worrying a bit. If Augustus smelled something weird, it was going to be real. He has an amazing sense of smell, even better than Shadow's.

As Augustus and Shadow kept walking, they finally made it out of the forest. In front of them was a steep cliff overlooking Hargeon. It looked like a luxurious city with many houses, and far off was a port overlooking a vast sea. Augustus was happy that they finally made it to their destination. "So, what do you plan on doing now?" Shadow asked as he watched the wonderful scene provided by Hargeon. They looked for a way down the cliff, and when they got down, they read the request paper. "So the client is named Jeff Warding." Augustus said as he read more details in the paper. "He is the city's mayor." As they walked, they asked the people where the mayor was located. He was located in a hall by the port, but before they got there, they ate in a restaurant. "I remember when we went by Lamia Scale." Augustus said as he thought of the time they went to Lamia Scale. Everyone was so serious, no one noticed them. Most of them were training, and for those not training, they were doing strict practices. After eating, they made their way to the client's location.

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Clover to Hargeon
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