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 Theo Slayer

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PostSubject: Theo Slayer   Wed May 16, 2012 9:11 am

Character Template


Name: Theo Slayer
Alias:  Kagutsuchi 
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Birthdate: October 31
Sexuality: Gay 
Special Characteristics: Theo has a thin diagonal scar about his right eye.

Theo has a earring that he has on his left ear that has a double edge sword pendent attached to it.
Like his Look, Theo is a very cool, collected, laid back kinda guy. He likes to sit instead of running about, he think running around doing crazy things waist energy you might need later. He never likes to talk much, always silent unless he is talked too or wants to talk. Though quiet, Theo is not afraid to say whats on his mind or do what he thinks is right. Theo at times will bad mouth people, something he is noted to get from his foster father kagutsuchi. He hates arrogant people, he thinks arrogance will get the person badly hurt or even worse killed.

He may bad mouth people even his friends, he is fiercely loyal and protecting his friend no matter what. Theo thinks whoever abandon their comrades are something worst then scum itself. He hates anyone who compares them selves to a god, as he was trained by one and met the other gods and he thinks  they have no right to call them selves one. Theo loves flames as they remind him of his time training with Kagutsuchi. Theo also one day wants to see his foster father some day again as he misses him deeply, even though Kagutsuchi was a bit mean at sometimes.

For an odd reason Theo Hates to use his magic powers as he thinks mages solely rely on mind and should work on body to. He may be lazy, but Theo likes a good old fashion fight, wanting to fight strong people any and everywhere he goes but will control himself not to do so. Theo loves kagutsuchi as a father figure, as the god raised him from a small baby until what he is today, a strong boy with the title of kagutsuchi. Theo loves his guild though he never shows it, doing all he can to protect it and increase his guilds power. He also has a small problem of being stubborn, not listen to anyone at times not thinking that they matter and just his thoughts alone do.
Fire- they remind him of his foster father Kagutsuchi 

Eating flames- he loves the hot taste of fire that fills him up

Resting- Theo thinks resting will keep needed energy.

Candy- Theo has an unruly sweet tooth making him a candy addict.

fighting- fighting gives Theo a surge of excitement at times making him do things he usual wouldn't do.

Kagutsuchi- he was the person who raised him from a little baby and taught him how to write and things and considers kagutsuchi as his father.
Arrogance-he thinks arrogance is gets people hurt and sometimes gets them killed.

People comparing themselves to gods- he thinks people don't have the power and attitude to calm themselves a god.

Coldness- he hates the cold as he was always around hotness and hot things.

Sour candy- he doesn't like sour candy as it hurts his sensitive tongue.

Being disturbed- Theo hates being disturbed as it messes up his "work" or time to enjoy with himself

Dark guilds- Theo thinks dark guilds give legal guilds bad names and wishes to stop them

Motivations: Like many people wants to become powerful and be recognized. He wants people to respect him and recognize his power as a fearsome one but him a nice and gentle being. He wants to be shown to be a fierce leader who will protect his friends and allies till he loses his last Breath. He wants to show his spirit as a Mage will rise and grow to become stronger and better anyone has ever seen.
 Being powerless- being powerless he thinks means he won't be recognized as a person to be respected or powerful to protect his friends. 

Lamia scale being the weakest guild- Theo thinks if Lamia scale falls to the weakest the guild will be made fun, something Theo thinks is stupid, and then the guild will be considered a joke and other guilds will try to come and take over. Taking over his guild is something Theo will not allow, no matter how strong you are.

General Appearance

Height: 5'9
Weight: 120
Hair: White and spiked 
Eyes: red
Skin Tone: Light Tan
look at picture above

Guild: Lamia Scale
Tattoo: right shoulder color is black 
Rank: D


Primary Magic: Flame God Slayer
Secondary Magic: N/A
Caster or Holder: Caster 
Description:  Flame God Slayer Magic incorporates the element of fire into Theo's body. This allows the theo to produce black flames from any part of his body. Theo is also able to consume flames of any sort to replenish his strength. The flames are very hot along with a blunt attack force,giving a forced attack like a punch along side a burn. The flames are described to be "flare halberds that destroying everything", implying their unusually high amount of destructive ability. The heat of this flames are unimaginably hot unlike usual fires and able to melt iron and other metals with ease. Besides offensive use the flames can also be used as a defense to guard from attacks or grapple on to things.
Strengths:  Flames are very destructive and if used right can over power it's natural weakness. Thanks to the magic theo can eat any flames to replenish strength even dragon slayer flames with ease. Flames have very high heat burning things easily that touch it, if that's what theo wants. Theo has a resistance from being burned by fire and can heat up an area to keep himself warm in cold places.
Weaknesses: Dragon slayers can still eat these flames but have to nullify there own magic for a short period. Water is also a weakness to this magic but if theo uses his powers right he can overcome this weakness. Theo cant eat the flames he produces so he must get them from another source like another fire user or such.


Theo was born into a rich family, who really only cared about themselves. Theo's mother and father never wanted him, they said it all the time, they made a poor choice and had a baby. His parents while Theo was a child never kept him , shipping him off to his grandparents house 24/7. The grandparents thought their children were wrong that they can't just ship their child to them, that they just can't not care for the child they had brought into the world. After countless arguments they had with Theo's grandparents, Theo's mother and father decided to kill their baby boy.

The parents of Theo paid a man to set their house on  fire that Friday night they went out to eat. So that night when Theo's mother and father let the man they paid  into the house we're the man started the fire in the kitchen. Baby theo cried as he just woke up and wanted a milk bottle, but no one was home. As the baby was upstairs, only the smoke was reaching quickly as the fire was down stairs, he cried harder and harder. As the baby cried, it cod be herd through the whole town leading people to the burning house.

The people tried to douse the flames, but they couldn't put them out before the flames stated going up the stairs towards baby Theo. Everyone started to lose hope as the flames were to great and to hot to enter to save the child, but a hooded shabby looking man from the crowd walked towards the blazing house and eventually entered the blazing home. The shabby mans eyes to his nose only his mouth could be seen, people tried to stop him from going inside but the shabby mean entered anyway. As the man entered the burning home, the blazing flames  for some reason moved away from the man, it was crazy but the flame just moved away from him as he followed the sound of the baby's voice. The man continued his way through the house he eventually found the baby in a room upstairs, he whispered to baby Theo to shush him up and baby Theo did.

The man, before the house cam tumbling down, took baby Theo and left the house vowing to take care of baby Theo. After the house tumbled down from the flames Theo's parents came home, while not showing it, were glad at the thought of their unwanted baby was dead and they could live life not as parents  . Unlucky for them their baby boy was still alive and well. The man took baby Theo out to a small house located outside of era, we're he once lived, and put the baby asleep till he could figure out what to do. The man next day was visited by very strange friends by the name of Raijin and Fujin who turned out to be the gods of lightning and wind and the man who saved Theo was kagutsuchi, god of fire.

Kagutsuchi after a visit from Raijin and Fujin, decided to take care of Theo teaching him everything he needs to know and when he is old enough the lost magic called "god slayer magic". When Theo turned five, kagutsuchi started to teach him the magic of god slayer and talked to him about other types of his slayer magic and a magic that was considered strong but was weak compared to god slayer magic. Dragon slayer magic.  Years after his training started, it had ended well not really but he had to teach himself as kagutsuchi had left him a scroll of flame god spells and left. Kagutsuchi's disappearance saddened  Theo, he had thought of the flame god as his mentor and father and wished he could find him but after awhile Theo just left his small empty home.

After leaving his home of 14 years Theo traveled around Riore. He came In contact with a lot of things weird animals, items, and people known as mages that belonged to something called a guild. Theo decided while traveling to a town that if they had a guild there he would join it, it was a promise to himself he was gonna keep.   The next town Theo would  reach was Hargeon home to the Lamia guild, Theo found this guild and asked to join. He was shown to a private room with the guild master and was asked to demonstrate his power, after showing them Theo was an official Lamia guild member.

Rp Sample: Lucifer sat up in his bed and looked outside of his window into the morning sky,"Another day"Lucifer said as he was interrupted "Ha lets go take some kids toys I saw some good looking ones I don't want the kids to have"Envy said inside of Lucifer "Envy clam down I'm bust trying to get ready so i can train!"Lucifer said inside of his head yelling at envy."Come on your no fun!"Envy said in a displeased manor "Well sorry i wanna go trim,now shush while i taking a shower"Lucifer said before he jumped in the showers and soon got out putting on his cloths "Ah time to go for a stroll as one of the seven sins"Lucifer said as he put of his ninja shoes and left his room heading outside into the hidden leave village.When lucifer looked around he saw how the village was the sky shining and the heat coiling off the sun was burning lucifer to a bacon crisp texture "Its so hot"Lucifer said as he stopped by famous ramen shop in konogakure "One large bowl of beef ramen with pickled bamboo sticks"Lucifer said as the man went into the back to fix his food."Lets take the money from here,it seems it wold have a decent amount of money!"envy said inside of lucifers head "Envy shut up and let me eat before you talk"Lucifer yelled at envy he hated when envy had a mind of its own but at the same time he loved his split personality called envy."Here you go son"The old man said with a smile as he put lucifers ramen on the counter and took orders from another customer,"Done"Lucifer said as he put down his empty ramen bowl and left "Your such a pig,you almost remind me of gluttony!"Envy retorted "Oh shut the hell up envy now lets go train"Lucifer said as he walked out of the gates that contained his village of konohagakure.lucifer was walking towards the training grounds located outside of konohagakure befor he felt someone watching and following him,"You gonna do something about this Lucifer or will i take over"Envy ask lucifer "No i got this you idiot"Lucifer answered as a kunai was thrown at him and it had a exploding tag attached to it "Oh looks like its on"Lucifer said as the tag lit up and exploding.The explosion looked like it had caught lucifer in its large blast,the person who had threw the kunai came from the tree and landed on the outskirts of were the exsplosion had happened,the smoke still covered it but soon the smoke went away revealing a large crater with three rings but no body."Were did he go!?!?!"the mysterious man said as he looked around for lucifer,"Guy is a amature"Lucifer said as he watched the man from the tree behind the man and took out his sword "Here i come"Lucifer said as he disappeared from the tree branch and appeared back in front of the man who looked shock to see lucifer "Nice to see ya again"Lucifer said as the man out of nowwhere punched him directly in the face sending him across the training ground floor."Your strong Mr."Lucifer said as he got up from the ground and ran at a extramly fast seed towards the man,the strange man took out his own sword and they started to clash swords giving out red hit sparks "Your a good kenjutsu user kid,were you learn it from"the man asked as he did hand seals and a large water dragon came from the training ground lake,"Thanks i taught myself"Lucifer said as he did handseals and ten water sharks came from the lake and clashed with the water dragon countering the jutsu and making water spray everywhere.Water had gotten into lucifers eyes and he had to get it out but when he did the man had went behind him kicking lucifer in the back sending him across the training grounds field again,"I should never let me guard down!"lucifer said as he got up and spit blood from his mouth,"Looks like i will have to use my eternal flames it seems"Lucifer said as he did hand-seal and spit out several black flames in mid air and then took the shapes of butterflies flying towards the enemy."What are these suppose to do tickle me or something!"The man said as the butterflies surrounded him but instead of staying the way they clung to the man and then burst into giant flames of amaterasu "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"the man yelled as he ran around screaming as he was covered by the flames."my amaterasu butterflies burn not tickle"Lucifer said as he appeared in front of the man and cut him in half with his sword making blood fly everywhere.
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PostSubject: Re: Theo Slayer   Thu May 17, 2012 9:25 am

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PostSubject: Re: Theo Slayer   Mon May 21, 2012 1:55 am

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PostSubject: Re: Theo Slayer   

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Theo Slayer
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