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 The road back home

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PostSubject: The road back home   Sun May 20, 2012 8:20 am

Augustus was now ready to go home. He felt happy finishing his quest. He wanted to go home and let his guild master know about this. He was happy to know that he finished his first quest. This was a C rank quest, and he's just a D rank. It was quite hard to believe that. But he just did it. He was already rewarded, so he can fund a train ride. Augustus instantly thought against that. If he was in the train, he will look really pathetic. So he decided to take the same route he took to get to Hargeon. Augustus and Shadow talked about their quest as they entered the forest. They were both happy because they were able to finish this quest. They did a really good job to scare the crap out of those bandits. But even though they were able to defeat them in a quick rate, Augustus still felt his magic power strained. That was the only thing that he felt. No pain, no fatigue. But he just took a break now, so he was ready to leave. The forest was lit by the morning sun. The breeze was quite cold, since the town was near the ocean. The breeze can be felt until the forest. "Shadow, let's keep doing quests when we get back. They're really fun." Augustus said smiling. Shadow stared at him with a smile on his face as well. This was like gaining money the easy way. Getting 4000 J from a group of bandits who were actually easy to beat. Augustus and Shadow just kept walking. The forest became darker the deeper they went. It was starting to get colder. The darkness never made Augustus scared. He was already used to this. Augustus remembered the time when Noctisus taught him dragon slayer magic in a really dark cave. At first, the dragon looked extremely scary. But as time passed by, the dragon was not scary at all. The dragon's personality was a lot different than its look. It was actually a docile and caring dragon. But when facing evil, the dragon was incredibly ruthless. After thinking about the dragon, Augustus was already near Clover. Walking briskly really did have an effect in your pace. "We're almost there." Augustus said as the darkness started to depart and light appeared. But after walking another few meters, they were still in the forest, the darkness reappearing. "My mistake." Augustus said in frustration as he continued to walk. The road seemed to be long, so Augustus taught of walking faster. He was now jogging. He started to jog to get home faster. This might also serve as his early morning exercise, which he never forgets to do. Now, Augustus knew they were near the exit. The place they're jogging now was the same as the place they went in at the time they departed from Clover. The darkness started to disappear. The light became brighter. "Now we're almost there." Augustus said as he started to run, Shadow following him behind. And alas, they got out of the forest and was in Clover.


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The road back home
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