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 Secret Crush (Mage Request)

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Desdemona Nix

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PostSubject: Secret Crush (Mage Request)   Wed Jun 13, 2012 2:30 am

Nix was once again out on a mission. This one, however, seemed less exciting as the one she had previously taken. She grunted in distaste then looked down at the request sheet. A young girl had requested that a mage discover her magic-using admirer that had been leaving her gifts faithfully every day. A light smirk spread across Nix' face at the thought. She had had her fair share of secret admirers, so the thought of it was quite amusing to her. She made her way to the quaint home that belonged to the client and knocked on the door. A few moments later, a young girl opened the door and gave Nix a polite bow.

"Thank you for accepting my request. Please, come in." The young girl greeted then stepped aside. Nix gave her an amused grin then stepped inside. The inside of the home was quite humble and simple, but looked comfortable. The young girl proceeded into the living room then turned towards Nix. "May I offer you anything to drink, miss....forgive me, I didn't introduce myself. My name is Nina, Nina Heart. May I ask what your name is, mam?" She asked politely. Nix grinned slightly then sat in a nearby chair and crossed her legs.

"You can just call me Nix. Now then, about this request you submitted? What exactly do you need done?" She asked. Nina blushed slightly when Nix mentioned the request then sat down in a chair across from her.

"Y-yes, well....I've been getting a lot of gifts lately. I don't have a problem with them, I actually find them quite romantic, but well...." She paused then her blush deepened. "I would like to be able to actually speak to and thank the person responsible for it. I've come close to catching them once or twice, but they're always gone before I can even get a word out. I think it may be magic...that's why I asked for your help." Nina explained. Nix leaned back in her chair and eyed Nina casually while drumming her fingers on the arm of her chair. After a few moments, she chuckled lightly then stood up.

"Alright, girly, I'll help you with your request. When is the next time one of these gifts is supposed to arrive?" She asked and loosely folded her arms just beneath her breasts.

"They usually arrive around this time, but....I don't think they would show up if they knew someone were here, so...maybe you could wait nearby until they deliver it, Miss Nix?" Nina suggested. Nix smirked and unfolded her arms then walked towards the door.

"I can do that, and I told you girly, just call me Nix." Nix added then left the home. She walked to a nearby cafe and sat at one of the tables. She crossed her legs and adopted her familiar posture of boredom. She sat patiently for a few minutes, watching people pass by Nina's home. Just as her impatience was starting to set in, a young man carrying a bouquet of roses made his way towards Nina's door. He cautiously looked around then set the roses down at Nina's doorstep. "My my, you're quite the little charmer, aren't you boy? Wouldn't it be easier to give those to her in person rather than playing this little game of back and forth?" Nix called out to him, startling him so much that he bolted upright and whirled around to face her. Nix was already walking towards him. A magic seal appeared beneath the young man and he began to fade from view. Nix held up three fingers and a small magic seal appeared over the three fingers. Three small shards of ice formed above her fingers then she pointed the fingers at the young man, causing the shards to fly at his feet. The shards struck his feet and quickly spread into a thick layer of ice, freezing his feet in place. The young man's magic dispelled as he tried to chip away at the ice. "Now now, boy, let's not have any of that. I just want to talk to you, so be still and cooperate. Of course..." She paused as an evil grin spread across her face. The young man shook his head quickly and bowed before holding his hands up defensively.

"No no, I'm sorry! I'll cooperate! Just don't hurt me, okay?" He pleaded. Nix snapped her fingers, causing the ice to instantly crumble away. She then folded her arms and stepped closer to the young man.

"Good, that's a good boy. Now then, what's your name?" She asked curiously.

"M-Minato....Minato Sanaeda." He answered timidly.

"Well Minato, why have you just been giving Nina gifts and leaving without speaking to her? Wouldn't you prefer to actually see her happiness with the gifts?" Nix questioned. Minato scratched his head and looked away, a deep blush rising in his cheeks.

"W-well you see....I didn't think she would like me, and well....I'm kind of scared to get rejected..." He answered nervously. Nix looked at him in light amusement then chuckled.

"Oh my, is that what's stopping you? You truly are naive, boy. I'll give you a bit of advice, rejection is part of life, boy. You can't go around hiding from it just because you're scared. We women enjoy being doted upon, and she told me that she does enjoy your gifts and would like to thank you for them personally. So then, boy, are you going to give her that opportunity?" Nix asked. Minato continued to look away, though he was still blushing.

"I guess I could....are you sure she'll like me?" He asked quietly.

"Umm...excuse me." A delicate voice interrupted from nearby. Both Nix and Minato looked towards the source of the voice and saw that the person who had spoke was Nina herself. Nina stepped closer to the two of them, a timid smile on her face. "Are you the one who's been leaving me so many presents?" She asked. Minato nodded slightly, avoiding eye contact with her.

"I...yeah..." He confirmed. Nina suddenly hugged Minato and gave him a small peck on the cheek.

"Thank you! Your gifts were all very lovely. But umm....why didn't you give them to me directly?" She asked as she stepped away from him. Minato looked at her briefly then looked away again.

"I was afraid that you wouldn't like me, so...I just gave you the gifts in secret." He explained. Nina giggled slightly then shook her head.

"Don't be silly, I think what you've been doing is very sweet. In fact, I was actually wondering if...maybe you would like to come in for a cup of tea?" She asked with a sweet smile. Minato finally looked at her and smiled.

"I think I would like that very much." He agreed. Nix smirked slightly then took a step back.

"Well then, now that that's been settled, there's only the small matter of payment?" She asked while turning her attention to Nina.

"Oh, yes of course! My absentminded of me! Here you are, as promised." Nina replied then held out a small money pouch to her while bowing. "Thank you again for your help, I'm eternally grateful to you." She added. Nix only shook her head and grinned then turned away.

"Think nothing of it, just remember what I said, boy, and the two of you will be fine." Nix replied as she walked away.


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Secret Crush (Mage Request)
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