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 Talon (Wyvern)

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PostSubject: Talon (Wyvern)   Sun Feb 26, 2012 11:20 pm

Talon (Wyvern)

Cost: 100,000 Jewel
Quantity: 1

Name: Talon
Animal: Wyvern
Rank: Egg (D-Rank), Mini (C-Rank), Normal (B-Rank), Large (A-Rank) Giant (S-Rank)
Gender: Either
Height and Weight:
Egg: 10 lbs 1 foot tall
Mini: 80 lbs 3 feet tall
Normal: 190 lbs 6 feet tall
Large: 275 lbs 8 feet tall
Giant: 500 lbs 12 feet tall
Egg: Large egg, usually requires both hands to carry. Slight green spots to it.

Mini: Looks like a green lizard. Has not developed wings as of yet.

Normal: Nearly the size of an average man. Bright green, and has powerful wings.

Large: It is as tall as any human now, and very muscular at that. Its underbelly has turned a dark red, possibly It has developed spikes on its back, long and red.

Huge: Truly a monster, this Wyvern towers over any human. The spikes on its back are red now, and its underbelly has turned to a yellowish color. Its teeth gleam as they now stand out beyond its lips.

Flight: Can fly through the air, thought they can not carry people, as they have no hands, and the spikes on their back are sharp.
Claw: Non magic ability. Uses its claws on its feet to attempt to slash the foe. Can tear skin if it is not blocked. Becomes stronger, based on its weight.
C rank: Can draw blood, but little more at this point
B rank: Can shred skin, leaving deep cuts that bleed for a while. Cannot cut bone.
A rank: Can cut all the way through a limb if it is not blocked in any way. D rank magic stops it cutting the bone, C leaves a small cut, B+ blocks it.
S rank: C ranks stops it cutting all they way through the body, B stops it from cutting bone, A stops its from doing damage.

No idea for a magic ability. :/ Help?

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Talon (Wyvern)
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