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 Find My Son!

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PostSubject: Find My Son!   Fri Jun 15, 2012 2:41 pm

A cloaked figure crawled along the ground. As if ignoring the light rain that drizzled over it, the figure kept a ridiculously slow pace. Every so often an idle glance would come from the windows nearby, yet not a single person dared approach the mysterious figure. All of a sudden the figures hand slipped forward on the wet stone street. It plunged face first into the ground and simply laid there for a few minutes before rolling over and revealing its feminine face to the sky. Her stomach let out a low growl as her eyes scanned the clouds. She had finally arrived in a town only to discover that she hadn’t brought near enough jewels for hotel. So now here she was lying in the middle of the street. At the very least the sky looked pretty, in a gray and hazy sort of way… “Ah!” she exclaimed as she shot into sitting position “I definitely almost died!” She looked to her left at a bystander. “You saw right?”

The man put his head down, ignoring the strange girl as he walked away. Her stomach growled once more and she was forced to step into a nearby shop and buy some sushi. Within was a rather strong looking man who looked down on the small mess of a girl and sighed. “What would you like?” Aila peered up at the man and then down at the various items for sale. A simple tuna roll caught her eye and she smiled as she pointed it out. The man eyed her suspiciously, could she really pay? “That’ll be 100 jewels”. Aila simply smiled back as her hand reached into her pocket. She paused and her smile disappeared. It wasn’t there! “Ah!” she exclaimed as her clothes began to glow, they suddenly shifted and the cloak disappeared leaving her in a simple purple sun dress. “I forgot that the weather got worse closer to town” She pulled a small pouch from the pocket of the new outfit and paid the man for her food.

As she walked out her clothes shifted back. Her eyes practically sparkled at the sight of the food. Eating sushi while on the dock, in the rain! It was like a romance novel or something. She took a bite of one of the ice covered treats and peered out at the sea. She heard the faint noise of footsteps, but was too engrossed in the taste of her food to take a look. The sound got closer and closer until…Wham! Aila was nearly pushed into the ocean. Luckily she managed to regain her footing. Unfortunately her food wasn’t so lucky. So she was forced to watch as her fresh tuna returned to the water.

The last of the money her brother had given her plunged into the sea and was lost for good. Today was simply not her day. She turned to see the figure of a small boy running away, his clothes seemed to be tattered and he looked kind of dirty despite the rainfall. She could have yelled at the boy but that wouldn’t bring her food back. With a sigh she turned and trudged on. Her brother had told her that many people needed help and most would pay for it. Perhaps she could take a request from a nearby board and get some food money.

As she approached the nearby mercenary board she witnessed the figure of a young looking woman beneath an umbrella. There seemed to be tears in her eyes as she looked at one of the many requests. On the request paper was the picture of a happy looking boy along with what one would assume to be his mother and father. Aila did a double take; the mother in the picture seemed to be the one standing beneath the umbrella. “Do you need some help?” Aila said reading the request sheet from beside her. It seemed as though her son had run away.

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Posts : 408
Jewel : 1081133
Join date : 2012-05-29

Character sheet
Character Name: Aila
Magic of character: Requip:The Reaper
Mana Bar:
300/300  (300/300)

PostSubject: Re: Find My Son!   Fri Jun 15, 2012 3:45 pm

Aila followed the woman back to her house near the docks. It was smaller than Aila’s home on the outskirts of Hargeon but it had a warm feeling to it. The outside was a simple white color, the shutters were drawn, and the area seemed peaceful. One could vaguely smell the scent of fresh bread emanating from the building. Aila immediately wondered if this is what her family home would’ve been like if her parents had chosen another profession. She was shaken from these thoughts when a cup of tea was placed on the table before her.

Huh? Wait where did her entrance go? H-had she really accepted the tea and entered while lost in thought? Perhaps she was more amazing then she had thought. The woman sat down across from her and sipped from the cup with shaking hands. Aila attempted to give a warm smile, “Why don’t you tell me about it, maybe I can find him”

The woman set her cup down and took a deep breath. “O-of course. My name is Samantha Lively, and my son Jack” She paused for a moment to collect herself “H-he has been growing increasingly distant, he keeps saying he wants to live on his own, but he’s only 10 he doesn’t know what that means.” Aila nodded, beginning to understand the request. “He had been getting worse and worse as time went by, I thought it was just a phase.” She continued, “A couple days ago he stopped saying it and started acting like his old self again, so I was relieved.” Her eyes drifted downwards, “but then, just yesterday, he ran away while I was out shopping.” The mother went on to describe the boy in better detail.

Aila peered up at the sky as she exited the house. Out to find a missing boy huh? Her younger brothers had often run away and gotten lost. It had usually been her job to hunt them down, because her older brother was usually stuck working. Before she knew it, she was walking down the road that led home. She stopped, “No… it’s far too early to get home sick…” So she turned down a nearby side road and began to question the shopkeepers, showing each of them the photo of Jack. A few of them recalled seeing a boy of about his size but none knew of his current whereabouts. Suddenly Aila recalled the boy that had run into her.

He was around the right size… Which way had he run again? She walked idly towards the spot she had been standing in at the time. Some white specks of rice were still there to remind her of the crash. She turned and began following the road that the boy had taken. Was it fate that he had bumped into her of all people? The road seemed to end at a nearby forest. There resting against a nearby tree was the sushi destroyer himself, Jack Lively. Upon seeing the picture in her hand the boy darted off. Aila was quick to give chase, and just as quick to trip on a nearby rock. With a crimson blush on her face Aila got back up and dashed off in pursuit. The boy definitely knew the forest far better than she did. He casually sidestepped various trees and slid down various side paths. Luckily for Aila, she was raised in the area and knew several of the hiding places. The boy revealed his trump card and began flinging acorns at her from a handy little slingshot, but Aila, being a mage, made short work of them with her cloak, gained some ground because of it.

Aila suddenly stopped. She recognized this area, her youngest brother had taken her this way during one of his escape attempts. She had stumbled down a hill and accidentally cut him off. Her eyes shot to the path Jack had taken and after a quick look around she found the small opening in the trees.

Jack smirked, he had won. No matter what he wasn’t returning home! He was off to learn to fight, maybe even to obtain magic and join a guild! He ducked behind a tree and slouched down to catch his breath. To think that such a klutz would be chasing him. Mom had made things far too easy for him. He took a quick peek back and began to walk down the path once more.

“Boo!” Aila exclaimed as she leapt from a tree and wrapped her arms around the boy. Both of them tumbled to the ground and the boy continued to struggle. Aila’s cloak began to glow and took the shape of a rather large hand. The hand grabbed the boy and began to tug him along as Aila made her way out of the forest.
Once she was out the cloak went slack and she grabbed his hand with her own. “It’s not good to make your family worry you know?”

“Who cares! All my family does is suffocate me! They’re always watching me, hugging me in front of my friends, calling me stupid nicknames it’s embarrassing.”

Aila thought back, part of her wanted to relate to the boy, but years of wishing they would come back had painted all of her moments with her parents in far happier colors.

“Even so… you don’t want to regret it later. I wish my parents were still around to suffocate me…”

Jack went quiet for a moment.

“My brother tried to do the whole overprotective thing” Aila smiled as the memory came to mind “but he was far too busy to keep it up, so I’d like to try and recall what you’re going through”

His face flushed slightly “Y-you’re weird, who would want their parents breathing down their necks all of the time”

Aila peered up into the sky, and muttered “Weird huh?”

After that Jack was quiet for the rest of the trip home. Upon their return he gave his mother a half-hearted hug and returned to his room with a flushed face. Samantha had tears of joy in her eyes, she had truly missed her little boy.

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Find My Son!
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