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 Cure My Son!

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Ardere Kasai

Posts : 710
Jewel : 1087435
Join date : 2012-05-17
Location : Magnolia, Fiore

Character sheet
Character Name: Ardere Kasai
Magic of character: Poison Dragon Slayer
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120/120  (120/120)

PostSubject: Cure My Son!   Fri Jun 15, 2012 8:14 pm

Ardere was walking down the streets of Magnolia to a house downtown. He had recently accepted a request to travel to this house and examine a small boy. The boy had recently been bitten by some sort of magical spider. No one could think of a cure, not even magical healers. He was to examine the boy, and then find a cure. Knowing Ardere he wouldn't need a cure, he was a poison dragon slayer. Poison was his specialty. If this poison wasn't too strong he could hopefully eat it, this wasn't going to be easy apparently. If this poison was so strong he would have a problem eating it. He walked up to the small house in downtown Magnolia and knocked on the door three times.

A middle-aged woman answered the door. I'm Ardere the Fairy Tail mage you requested for. The women nodded and showed him in. Yes this way. He's been sick for days, no doctor or magical healer can find a cure. Is there anything you can do? He nodded and walked into the room with the boy. He was laying in his bed with an ice pack on his head. He looked extremely pale and sick. He walked up to the boy and felt his head, he was blazing. What can you do? Ardere stood up straight and looked at the woman. I'm a poison dragon slayer you see. I have the ability to eat poison. I'm gonna take all the poison out of his body but you have to leave the room. I promise I'll save him She nodded and walked out of the room. He was gonna do everything in his power to help this boy. He opened his mouth and began to suck poison from the bite.

Massive amounts of poison began seeping from the bite and coming into his mouth. This was extremely hard poison to eat, his skin was getting a little bit itchy and his face was becoming scaly. He could feel the magically energy surge through him, it was incredible. He had never felt such power surge through his veins before. He had eaten a lot of different types of poison but never like this before, this one was definitely unique. He finally ate all of the poison and collapsed to his knees. He began coughing a lot. That poison was extremely strong and almost too much for him to handle. He stood up and wobbled a bit as the woman ran in. Is he okay? James! She ran to him and hugged him. The boy already began to look better and hugged his mother. Thank you so much! Here is your reward! She handed him a bag of jewels and he nodded. He walked out of the house soaring with magical energy. He ran a bit and then roared into the air. A massive blast of poison roared from his mouth. He felt really great. This was amazing! He ran home to the guild full of energy.

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Cure My Son!
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