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 Falling up [ completo ]

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PostSubject: Falling up [ completo ]   Sat Jun 16, 2012 9:23 pm

''ah nuts'' blank wined in some pain while holding his ribs and walking down main street. Now and again a inconsistent mumbling of words under his breath escaped, clearly some unattractive language and while aimed at cows. It was only moments ago he finished a contract and suffered a slight injury which in his consistent complaining is blowing it way out of portion, his injuries are greatly exaggerated while only suffering mild bruising. ''What a tough battler'' Blank lastly said and strolled on thinking now more of the issue.

His journey wouldn't go uninterrupted though when a brief moment later a womans wails seemingly at a tree. ''best just to ignore the crazy'' Blank thought and tried to keep his head down and walk or limp past unnoticed, still gripping his sore side. Not many other people were paying much attention to the hysterical woman either.Only from a distance where they may be safe to witness the scene and nothing else or people walking by would spare casual glances as they avoided the ranting woman who themselves were either managing their own problems are simply didn't care. A handful of children though were accompany the woman, some showing their concern also. If Blank wasn't feeling so mangled he would possibly inquire this situation further.

The woman was in Blanks path, hopefully he thought he could just pass on through and be on his merry limping way. Curiosity however did gravitateto his attention to glance over, adjusting his goggles he tried to read the scene. Risking a glance though revolved to be a terminal mistake, his eyes caught onto the hysterical woman, and hers back at him and she rushed over ''HELP, HELP, YOU GOT TO HELP ME..'' the woman cried in dismay while in Blanks path. He tried refusing, evading her, brushing her away and when non of the above worked his attempts shrank to a lame 'shuu'. The womans consistent plee wore him down and reluctantly '' Control yourself! What are you so worked up about?!' Blank asked.

''My Mr Piddles'' the woman shrilled. Blanks response was a speech less bafflement accompanied by a raised eyebrow by the severity of this response. ''eh?'' Blank ventured but the woman reached out and pulled at him urgently over to the tree and pointed into its branches. ''...ok, yes a tree'' Blank's tone somewhat changed to a level one would use around children or people who may be a bit touched in the head. He was thinking if this woman was all there in the head until he saw the leaves bustle and a orange cat popped its head out ''meow''. ''ohh your cat'' after realization hit and then he spared a questionable look to the hysterical woman ''you called your cat mr piddles? whats wrong with you. just a odd name to call something'' he finished while the woman was a bit taken back by this but recovered ''cant you do something?'' she pleaded. Blank frowned by the womans response and then began thinking ''Paul would be a nice name to call it, anythings beter than Mr piddles really..'' but before he could finish the woman interrupted in a irritated scream ''NOT THE CATS NAME, THE TREE! HES STUCK IN THE TREE''.

Blanks response was a ''alright alright hold your shrilly nick nacks on'' his attention turned to the tree, he looked at it questionably for a moment, his head following it all up the height of it 'im not risking my life for a cat! the hell with that.' He thought to himself and turned to the woman to say ''im, sorry but your cat is done for. best to just accept these things and go home'' Blank was about to walk off now when the woman cried out in tears, asking him not to go and importantly offered him a profitable reward. ''ugh, fine! If he means that much to you'' he said bitterly, turned, faced the tree summing it up and charged. He produced a running charge and before colliding with the tree he jumped, lifting both feet in the air and planted them into the wood. The tree shook violently from the sudden force and the cat... ''MEOOOOOOWWW'' scared for its life evacuated the tree jumping for its life, landing on the ground and rocketing down the street. Blank picked himself up, brushed himself off while the tree still swayed dangerously. ''A job's well done id venture'' Blank said with a smile, just barely visible behind his mouth cloth. The woman was shocked for a moment but surfaced soon after to give Blank a string of abuse, a lecture of irresponsibility and the personal mental and physical harm her cat may have suffered she then waited for Blank's response of appology. Blank zoned out for a portion of the ranting and inquired stright about the reward, the woman furious though she paid and stormed off after her cat.

'A bloody pillar of the community me'' Blanks said to himself aloud while flipping the bag of jewels in the air
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Falling up [ completo ]
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