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 Shirotsume Town to Clover Town

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PostSubject: Shirotsume Town to Clover Town   Sun Jun 17, 2012 12:04 pm

Kiba was ready to begin his journey. He made sure everything was ready and headed out. The master also had another guy come with Kiba. His cyan hair flowed through the breeze. Kiba avoided making eye contact. Wattz, Kiba's cat, was laying on his shoulders. He stared at the man and yelled "Hey! We are both excited about this aren't you? Oh what's your name? I'm Wattz and this is Kiba!". Kiba glared back at Wattz and said "That's enough. We are getting close". Kiba's hair started to release small amounts of electricity down his body that gave him a strange glow. Kiba knew that he still wasn't very close but you could never be too careful. It was best just to be silent and friendly even if he didn't like the legal guilds. "Call me Voltz" Kiba wanted to use his alias so no other guild members would know his real name. He looked at the cyan colored hair man and inspected him. He looked different from most people but Kiba could really judge. Kiba quickly flicked Wattz off of his back and took off his shirt. "that's better!" Kiba's mind wandered and at the chance of a teammate. He hasn't had one for awhile with the exception of Wattz. Wattz was flying over Kiba's head and was swinging his staff to entertain himself. He screamed to the cyan colored hair man "I'm not sure if you can tell but we really like you. Kiba usually doesn't talk to strangers. You seem different from most people though."

Kiba started to notice that the town they came from was now gone in the distance and clover town was getting closer. Kiba grabbed his shirt and ripped one of the sleeves off to make a bandanna. He tied the bandanna around his mouth so his mouth was covered with a red cloth. "Make sure that you cover your mark of the guild." His makeshift bandanna would help keep his identity and cover the mark on his tongue. Stealth was never Kiba's best attribute. However Kiba could adapt quickly to the situation that he was handed. Clover town would soon learn of his power.

He was ready for the upcoming challenge. The lightning increased speed down Kiba's back. Kiba was getting really excited but did not show it. Wattz was still flying above. His staff was put back behind his wings. He landed on Kiba's head. He yawned from the long travel. He yawned and looked at the upcoming town. "Wake me up when we get there okay? Kiba make sure you keep your head still for me okay?" Wattz fell asleep on top of Kiba's head. Kiba looked back at the cyan colored haired man. "If this goes well. I hope that we could go on more adventures together. Wattz seems to like you." The town was only a short ways away. Kiba was ready for action. "Wattz wake up. We are here." Wattz's eyes lit up with excitement. Kiba headed to the guild and looked at the man. "Let's get to work"

Word count: 518 / 500



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Akua Pura

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PostSubject: Re: Shirotsume Town to Clover Town   Sun Jun 17, 2012 1:50 pm

Akua was annoyed. They were loads of people in the Raven Tail guild and yet, as Akua prepared to go off on a mission with one, it had to be him. Akua had nothing against the man other than the fact that his magic just had to be the Dragon Slayer Lightning Magic. Akua despised the Lightning element, and it's God. They had hated each other as soon as they had met one another and their meeting almost destroyed the mortal realm. It was just a little misunderstanding on the God's part, Akua hadn't meant to insult him, even though he greatly despised him. Either way, for the mission at least, Akua would have to deal with it and work with his new partner.

He walked to the exit of Raven Tail and Shirotsume and saw his partner. He had searched up on him beforehand. he used the name Voltz but Akua wasn't fooled. Voltz was two things, a name that was to similar to lightning to hold any merit and too simple to be taken seriously. Even so, when he approached the boy, it was the boy's cat that spoke first. It said that his name was Wattz and that the boy was Kiba. Akua smiled, he knew the boy's name was merely and alias and now the boy's cat had just told Akua the truth. Kiba said that Akua was just to call him Voltz, the alias he had used. Akua spoke to the man, saying, "I will use the name Voltz when we are in the town but, when we leave, you shall be Kiba once more. You will call me Lympha. I will not accept anything else." Akua then pulled up his hood as he saw Clover town in sight.

The cat started flying in the air and, as it flew, it shouted down to Lympha, saying that the two of them really like Akua and so the Water God Slayer looked at his partner, now topless which seemed strange. Lympha's hooded cloak managed to cover all of his cyan coloured hair without a problem. His cloaks was wrapped fully around his body so that no one could see his clothing because, if his clothing was detected, he would fail the mission because his clothes were rather unique. Then Voltz told Akua to hide his guild mark but Akua's was always hidden under his clothing so there were no worries of that.

Since they were nearing the town, Akua stopped and stepped to the side. He was behind Voltz so the boy wasn't going to notice. Akua walked over to the base of a tree and found a small river. It was perfect. Then he dropped to his knees, took a handful of water from the lake, and prayed, "O great Aquanis, mistress of the deep. Give me the power to smite those who oppose me in your name and grant me the strength to work with my partner, caring not for his element but for his personality. With these intentions, I pray to you now." Once his prayer was finished, Akua drank the handful of water and walked back. Feeling a new power course through him, he walked back to Voltz and was next to him when he said to get to work. Lympha smiled and started his quest. he was to find the magic of a member of the guild. Shouldn't be too hard, right?

Word Count: 571


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Shirotsume Town to Clover Town
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