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 Clean My Apartment! (Mage Request)

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Desdemona Nix

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PostSubject: Clean My Apartment! (Mage Request)   Wed Jun 20, 2012 4:02 pm

Nix walked towards the residential district of Magnolia. Once again she was out on a request. Like her previous request, it was a mediocre assignment: a client had requested a mage to clean their apartment before they moved out. Nix was unsure of the exact condition the apartment was in, but seeing as a mage was requested to do it, it had to be in bad shape. She wasn't in her usual overly provocative attire, though it was still enough to get her a fair amount of attention: a pair of dark blue track shorts, an extremely form-fitting tank top, and a pair of low top white sneakers. She had pulled her hair back into a single long ponytail that reached to the small of her back. A slight grimace etched into her face as she looked down at the request sheet.

"I honestly don't know why I accept such menial tasks. These are hardly worth a glance from me. However....Master Jiemma would not tolerate laziness or dissension...so I suppose I will agree to this." She sighed, a light blush rising in her cheeks at the mention of Jiemma's name. She immediately shook out of her daze and continued towards the homes, arriving at the client's location soon after. She knocked on the door then folded her arms and waited. A few moments later, the door opened and a young girl greeted her.

"Hello, are you the one who accepted the request?" She asked politely. Nix looked her over briefly then sighed lowly and nodded.

"Yes, I am. Why exactly do you need a mage just to clean an apartment? Magic is not something to be made light of, girl." Nix warned in a chastising tone. The young girl nodded and bowed apologetically.

"Y-yes, of course. Forgive me. My name is Samantha, by the way. And you are?" She introduced herself. Nix narrowed her eyes slightly, her cold gaze piercing through Samantha.

"Call me Nix. Now then, how am I to complete this request? Will you be providing the key and rent for the owner?" Nix asked, her patience beginning to wear thin. Samantha nodded again and held out a small pouch with a key attached to a string.

"M-my apologies, here. This will get you in and the Jewel will cover my last payment. The apartment is just down the street here. You can come back here when it is done....i-is that okay?" She asked timidly. Nix looked at her evenly then took the pouch and key and turned away.

"Very well." Nix responded curtly then headed off down the street towards the apartment. Nix arrived at the apartment to find the landlord already waiting.

"So that girl sent you in her stead to pay me? Well? Do you have the payment?" He asked gruffly. Nix' eyes narrowed down to angry slits as she handed the pouch over. "Great, thanks, little lady. You can go check if there's anything she left behind up there before turning over the key, I'll wait here." He offered. Nix seemed to disregard him and continue into the apartment building, heading to the apartment number engraved on the key. When she got to the apartment and opened the door, her mouth dropped open slightly and her eyes widened. The apartment looked as if it had experienced a tornado, tsunami, and earthquake.....at the same time. There was a large amount of garbage strewn about the floor, the walls were covered in various substances that Nix didn't care to guess about. At several points as she made her way into the apartment, she was certain that something would jump out at her. Nix grumbled lowly then pinched the bridge of her nose.

"That girl....I'll have to have a few words with her when I return. But right now....this request must be done." Nix commented before setting to work clearing the clothing and garbage from the floor. As she packed away the garbage into bags, her touch caused it to flash freeze and begin to crumble. Within minutes the floor had been cleared and the bags were full of the crumbled remains of the garbage. She then focused her attention on the walls, using weakened versions of her Crystal Shards and Arctic Haze to crumble the grime and dirt off of the walls. Once the walls were completely clear, she swept the remains into another bag and set it aside with the others. That was one room down....now two to go. Over the next hour, Nix used her magic to quickly clean up the apartment. After she was finished, she dumped the garbage and made her way back downstairs to the landlord. "There was nothing she wanted, here is the key. I dare say I won't be doing anything like this again." She said as she tossed the key to him and headed back to Samantha's home. She knocked on the door again and folded her arms as she waited for Samantha to answer. When Samantha opened the door, she was greeted by the cold, piercing, and chastising glare of Nix.

"O-oh, Miss Nix...is e-everything alright? Did you finish the..."

"Listen and listen well, girl, if you ever request our guild for something so disgusting and menial again, I will freeze you and put you on display in the guild common room. Is that understood?" She warned, her voice calm but at the same time brimming with anger. Samantha blinked in surprise then quickly nodded and bowed apologetically.

"Y-yes! Of course! I'm sorry! I-I'll give you the payment now, if you like." She offered, looking at Nix warily. Nix' imposing anger passed from her face and was replaced by her usual semi-seductive grin.

"That would be best, girl, I've got other business to attend to." She replied. Samantha nodded in agreement then presented the money pouch to Nix. Nix took the pouch and turned away, heading back towards her guild. Once she felt Nix was out of ear's range, Samantha let out a shaky breath.

"That woman...was quite terrifying...." She whispered to herself then closed the door.


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Clean My Apartment! (Mage Request)
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