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 Mission: Swim with the Fishes

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PostSubject: Mission: Swim with the Fishes   Thu Jun 21, 2012 3:20 pm

The day was foggy as Byakuya sat in the boat, heading out to the sunken ship. For the third time that day, he seriously wondered how he'd ended up doing this.

He had found the mission attached to the notice board earlier that morning. It seemed simple enough. " I used to be a great fisherman ya know? I won many tournaments with my lucky fishing pole but one day my boat sank wish my lucky fishing pole in it! I need you to go find it for me. I can tell you the exact coordinates I lost it. I can't afford to get diving gear that can fit me because I make my living with that pole. I just can't seem to catch any fish without that pole! Please get it back for me. I have a diving gear set just the perfect size for a young mage boy or girl. I'll take you out as close as I can in my boat without getting within shark territory." What could possibly go wrong, right? Except there was one tiny little problem. Almost exactly half of Byakuya's body was made out of automail. If the suits sprung a leak, he was going to rust like crazy. Still, what were the chances that he'd end up getting a hole in his suit, right?

After that, he'd headed to the location where he was supposed to meet with the guy. Captain Hook, eh? Sounded like a name fresh out of a children's novel. In fact, Byakuya was sure that he'd heard the name in at least one book when he was a little kid. What was it... Sunderella? The day the sun met the moon? Peter Paninni? The little wizard who's hands and head and arse fell off? Actually... he was sure he wasn't supposed to read the last one. Seemed oddly prophetic of his accident. He couldn't help but snigger as he came towards the captain. He was an old man, rotund and heavily bearded. His nose was bright red, he didn't seem to be a safe person to trust steering a boat. If they crashed against a rock or something, there was no chance they were going to make it back from this thing. Either way, he was going to do this mission anyway so there was no point in complaining about things he couldn't control.
"Are you Captain Hook?" Byakuya asked, walking up to the old man.
"Aye, that be me. You the wizard I hired?" To answer his question, Byakuya raised his hand up and opened it fully, showing off the Lamia Scale mark, engraved into the palm.
"I guess that answers my question. Thank you for this. I really appreciate it." Byakuya grinned and gave him a thumbs up. Captain Hook turned around and grabbed what seemed to be a pile of clothes, and pushed them into Byakuya's arms.
"Go put these on in the nearby changing rooms. It's just down the pier." he pointed to what seemed to be a black and white shed. Byakuya nodded and went off to change into the wet-suit. It took a little while, especially with the automail's bulky joints making it really awkward to squeeze into the costume. He could tell that it was going to be unpleasant to wear underwater, but he didn't mind. It didn't have to be comfortable, it just needed to work. Now completely dressed in the wet suit, he put his surplus clothes inside a locker that was designed for that purpose. He was glad there was a beach nearby or there wouldn't be anything this convenient.

Getting back to the boat, he pulled the hood up and sat in the boat, ready to be taken to the site of the sunken ships. He was trying his best not to think about the fact that he'd be up against sharks, the predators of the sea, without a weapon that could kill them. It was going to be a difficult fight, to say the least. He started dwelling on his potential tactics, trying to come up with one that wouldn't end up with him becoming walking food for the beasts. However, this didn't seem to be an option as they arrived above the sight much quicker than Byakuya had anticipated. He looked at the man and started strapping on his equipment. He put on his flippers, his eye-mask and his breathing apparatus, including the tanks of oxygen that it would require. He then turned to the side of the boat and dived, plunging into the waters.

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Posts : 48
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Join date : 2012-06-20
Age : 22
Location : England

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PostSubject: Re: Mission: Swim with the Fishes   Thu Jun 21, 2012 3:41 pm

The water was frighteningly cold as he plunged into it, the light seeming gloomy and disturbing under the water, as if it was the grave of the world. He disliked being down here, but he figured that if he could just do it quickly, there would be absolutely no problem. Thankfully, he could see the boat's wreckage, all he had to do was get close to it and he'd be able to get the rod quickly if he could just get down there. Swimming like he'd been taught by his master, he got down there quickly and easily. It seemed to be rather simple. That was when he saw the shadows. There were five of them coming towards him and they looked massive. He tried to ignore them and instead look for the rod. He continued to search through the debris, and found a few old cans of food that had been filled with water and was stuck at the bottom. He also saw a broken oar, and a lot of rope. Finally, underneath a broken bench, he found it. It seemed old and battered, and he didn't understand how anyone could think this piece of junk was lucky. However, this was the only one that could possibly be it. That was when he felt warm breath against his back and turned around to see a gigantic gaping mouth about to swallow him. Pushing himself backwards, he got out of the reach of the mouth.

Moving around to the side, he slammed his automail fist into the animal's gill. He had heard that these things breathed like this, and no animal would be able to act without breathing for a long period of time. Thus, disable their gills and disable the bastards. It seemed to work as it recoiled. He wasn't done yet though, as he slammed his fist into the beast's eye and caused it to lash out in pain. It charged at the next thing it saw, which thankfully was another shark. This little squabble caused enough distraction for him to get the rod and start ascending. He continued to get up, and was almost at the boat when a shark bit through his leg's protection. It's teeth shattered on the metal.
"Oh, want more of a taste beastie?" he asked, slamming his foot into the bottom of the creature's throat and slammed it against its tonsil, causing it to back off and turn to it's fellow sharks before puking its guts up. Seemed to work well enough as he crested the sea and grabbed onto the side of the boat.
"Got your rod, mate." He said, pulling the apparatus out of his mouth and holding his hand up for the man to grab and pull him up. He was pulled up quickly and sat in the boat, revealing his automail leg under the suit.
"You got yours bit off by a shark too?" The man asked, to which Byakuya laughed
"Almost... Almost."

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Mission: Swim with the Fishes
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