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 Sapphire Blues

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PostSubject: Sapphire Blues   Sat Jun 23, 2012 8:58 am

Today is the day to do another quest. Augustus was excited for what lied ahead. He was starting to do request at a higher rate than how his guild mates did which made his Guild Master proud of him. He was usually regarded as one of the rising mages of Blue Pegasus because of his popularity going around Clover, not just because he was doing quests, but because of his magic, Shadow dragon Slayer. Dragon Slayers wre pretty rare these days, especially those who are of a shadow element. Shadow dragons were feared creatures from legends and those dragons that are said to be aggressive and extremely powerful, but to what Augustus observed, Shadow dragons also have soft spots to people they love and care for. "To a jewel shop, huh?" Augustus said as he stared at his partner, Shadow. Shadow nodded as he read the request details which did say a jewel shop which was owned by Susie Sapphire who was looking for Sapphires. "I'm so excited!" Augustus said as he walked through the sidewalk and stared at the shops he saw around. The smell of jewels was becoming stronger which made Augustus feel more excited. They were close to the shop, close to the start of the mission. And now, they are face to face with the entrance.

Augustus entered the store and saw a young woman who was fixing some of her jewels. "Are you Mrs. Sapphire?" Augustus asked, staring at some of the jewel exhibits, amazed. "Oh, yes I am." The lady said as she walked out of the counter. She smiled as she got ready to explain the details. "so..." Augustus got more excited after he heard that, ready for an explanation about another good quest. "I want you to look for jewels for me. There are many of them inside a cave nearby." Ms. Sapphire said as she handed Augustus a map. "Here, this will help you." Augustus stared at the map and saw the location of the cave. The cave doesn't seem to be that large so finding sapphires might be rather easy. "Thanks! I'll go ahead now." Augustus said as he eagerly ran to the location of the cave. But as he ran, he tripped on a vine and rolled down a steep hill. Shadow tried to catch him, but Augustus' rolling was too fast to be caught. Augustus landed on the bottom, twigs sticking out of his clothes. "Ouch..." Augustus said as he got up, wiping out the dirt in his clothes. "Aug, watch where you're going!" Shadow said with a rather angry tone. "Sorry!" Augustus said a she continued to walk.

After a few trips and turns, Augustus made it to the entrance of the cave. Shadow was kinda annoyed about Augustus' performance in their trip to the cave because he kept being clumsy, something that he wasn't like usually. "I'm just not used to forests." Augustus said as he remembered the time he was trained inside caves and cliffs and never in a forest. He does not know that much about forests since his past travels with Shadow was only in trains and small paths. "Now, let's enter." Augustus said as he walked into the cave, anticipating what might happen next. He knew that this was going to be a good quest, though he also wanted it to only be simple so he can go home without feeling that much tiredness.

Augustus walked deeper. The cave was getting darker the farther he went. There was one thing that Augustus did wrong: he did not bring a torch. He had no sense of direction now since there was nothing else he saw but darkness. He was rather used to this since he was exposed to shadows, but there was nothing he can see but gems that don't seem to be the ones Ms. Sapphire was looking for. After walking deeper, Augustus started to see some source of light. He was happy to see one since his eyes was getting dimmed by the darkness. He walked nearer to the source and went into one more room into the cave. Inside the room was nothing else but a bear. Awake and vicious. Augustus saw some sapphires near the bear, but the only way he can get them is by beating the bear down.

The bear let out a loud growl as it charged to Augustus. In the last second, Augustus jumped over the bear, grabbing some stones he assumed was sapphire. Augustus headed to the entrance, but the bear intercepted. There was only one think that Augustus can do: fight. Augustus waited the bear to charge at him, and dodged again, almost getting hit by the bear's powerful arm. "Shadow dragon's swift strike!" Augustus said as he lunged at the bear, hitting it's nose. He knew that hitting bears in the nose will not just irritate them, but will also keep them out. "Shadow Dragon's Wings!" Augustus said as he hit the bear on the body, making it fall back. As the bear was trying to get back up from the pain, Augustus ran and grabbed anything he can see. He ran as fast as he can afterwards, checking if the bear was still chasing him. Luckily, he got out of the cave with Shadow. "That was close." Augustus said as he gasped for air.

He headed back to the store afterwards, happy he got out alive. He entered the store, holding the jewels inside a bag. "Ms. Sapphire!" Augustus shouted as he ran to the counter, showing the jewels. Ms. Sapphire happily opened it, but to Augustus' surprise, Ms. Sapphire did not look happy. "You got the wrong jewels!" She said as she examined them more. "None of these are sapphires. But since you did hard work, I'll reward you." Ms. Sapphire said as she gave the jewels to Augustus. Augustus went out with Shadow afterwards, heading back after a kinda successful job. He was happy to do another job, coming back with another bag of jewels.


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Sapphire Blues
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