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 Art Connoisseur (Mage Request)

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Desdemona Nix

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PostSubject: Art Connoisseur (Mage Request)   Sun Jun 24, 2012 1:43 am

Nix sat at an outdoor cafe, her legs crossed and the request sheet laying on the table in front of her. She hadn't even bothered resting after her last request, instead visiting the board and taking another request right away. Now this time, she had to meet with an art dealer about finding the perfect piece for his art exhibition. As it stands, this was probably not worth her skills, but she took the request anyway. Nix began to impatiently drum her fingers on the edge of the table. She was waiting for the client to arrive, and so far he was twenty minutes late. Nix let out a low growl as the temperature around her dropped slightly.

"Damn him....how can he be late for his own meeting? I should freeze him where he..."
"Pardon me, miss, but would you happen to be here in response to my request?" A voice asked from behind her. Nix glanced in the direction of the voice then turned her head completely to look at him. A man stood looking at her, wearing a tailored suit. He looked to be quite wealthy. There was no doubt about it, this was the client. She briefly sized him up then stood up and turned towards him completely.

"That is correct. My name is Nix, I'm from the Sabertooth mage guild. Can we get on with this so I can go about my business?" Nix asked, the annoyance very apparent in her voice. The man nodded with a amiable smile then bowed.

"Indeed. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Maseo Forrani, art connoisseur. I will be hosting an art exhibition here in town as I have done every year. Unfortunately, as of late, the art has been....disappointing. Therefore I've decided to enlist the help of a mage to bring the spark back into my show. I assume that you will be able to help me?" He asked. Nix gave him a look of mild irritation, silently peering at him. She then sighed lowly and nodded.

"I am already here, so I may as well accept. What kind of art are you looking for, exactly?" She asked curiously. Maseo folded his arms and looked up thoughtfully.

"I had not entirely thought of that....but perhaps it would be best if you were to, how you say, surprise me? Yes, I think that would be a grand idea." He said while looking back at her. Nix stared at him absently then turned away. She glanced around at their surroundings then gestured for him to follow her. She led him to a small clearing then gestured for him to stand a few feet back. Nix pressed her hands together, gathering her magic then slamming her hands to the ground. A magic seal appeared beneath her hands then a second seal appears a few feet in front of her. The spires reminiscent of her Ice Spires spell rose up from the ground and formed a circle within the magic seal. Nix stood up and began gathering her magic again. Icy mist and crystals of ice formed a vortex around her. She pointed her hands towards the spires, forcing her vortex to dispel out towards the spires. Barbs of ice ripped through the ground towards the spires until they struck the spires, the barbs forming a spiked formation of ice within the circle of columns. Nix then held up her hand towards the formation. A magic seal appeared in front of her hand then icy mist began to form into several shards of ice in front of hand. The seal gave off a flash then Nix began to rapidly launch the shards at the formation, chipping away at it seemingly at random. She held up her free hand and pointed it at the formation as well, causing the seal in front of her left hand to increase in size. More shards of ice formed in front of her second hand and she began to launch more shards, still chipping away at the ice. After about ten minutes, she stops launching the shards at the ice and once again slams her hands to the ground, causing the ice spires to slam into the ice formation within. Maseo shielded his eyes from the force of the impact. Nix, on the other hand, merely folded her arms.

"Well, it's done. Is this something you would enjoy putting on display in your show?" She asked. Maseo slowly lowered his hand and looked. Almost at once, his eyes widened and his mouth dropped open slightly. Using her magic, Nix had created an ice sculpture of Jiemma, herself, and several other Sabertooth members in various poses. Maseo slowly walked towards the sculpture.

"So...magnificent....the detail....the passion...amazing! This is exactly what I've been looking for! I cannot thank you enough, Senora Nix! Now then, I trust you will be wanting your payment, yes?" He asked enthusiastically. Nix cringed slightly at his excitement.

"Yes, that...is correct. I would like payment now, I have much more important things to deal with." Nix replied. Maseo nodded fervently then produced a small money pouch, holding it out her.

"As promised, your reward is here. Now then, will you be attending the exhibition? I would think you would want to see others admire your work, yes?" He asked. Nix cringed again and shook her head, taking the pouch from him.

"Hmm...no thank you, I'm not one for the kind of attention you're going on about. This is where we part ways. Good luck with your exhibition." She said then turned and walked away.


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Art Connoisseur (Mage Request)
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