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 Rock ur Socks [Completo]

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PostSubject: Rock ur Socks [Completo]   Sun Jun 24, 2012 8:55 pm

After finishing up an official guild contract and then completing a unofficial small job and possibly committing an offence of damage to public property, all that in that morning, scoring a double whammy. Blank decided to give himself a bit of a treat, with a satisfied job well done and no witnesses getting his name, he will treat himself to a good chicken salad sand which lunch, hold the salad.

Blank is a character of simple pleasures, his appetite can be fairly simple though recently he has been trying to expand on this, there are only so many combinations one person can make with beans and toast on the road that his appetite had become rather dull so he learned to cook. He is a amateur chef, or believes to be a chef though most of the the time he can be a fire, safety hazard in the kitchen while his results can be a potential food poisoning or an abomination.

However today he was treating himself, after going to a sandwich bar and getting a white bread chicken tikka with a cold cola, a personal favourite while the cola almost being an addiction, love the sugar rush. He had his lunch on a bench outside the guild, it was a clear day as the sun was radiating down. It was a clear difference from the contrast of the Sabertooth main hall, a gloomy interior. Blank's lunch was devoured, and in an awkward busy motion. He eat his food as if it was going to pick up and make itself away, he eat it fast that it would seem his mouth cloth never had left over his mouth. Blank sprawled like a boss on the bench outside, sitting out and absorbing the invigorating sun rays beaming down at him through the heavens. He was proud of the neat pile of jewels he collected that morning, a decent start of the day with somewhat annoying situations and Blanks eyes narrow when thinking back on the moment were he nearly got run over by a herd of Cows. An embarrassing story as ever if that manage to get out and pass around the guild. With a sigh Blank would just wave them as a past experience and stick out his feet, enjoying his well earned sandwich and the fortunate good weather that was now radiating down on him.

It was a moment of bliss and if it was karma that disturbed it for Blanks careless actions prior his last misson or could it be the many other unexemplary moments in blanks life to chose from well he now got a heavy pile of weight landing on his lap expectantly that got him to loose his breath. Blank leaned forward trying to take his breath back while the load of mail on his lap was the thing from weighing him in his seat if he was to fall of it. A moment recovery to get back his poise his attention was tracked on a postal worker infront of him with a unhappy air of him and the cold pissed off expression crafted on his face was a bit of a giveaway to his sour demeanor. In a unfriendly tone the postal worker ''mail'' and stormed off.

''What the hell?!'' was Blank reply to typically no one to the scene that just happened. Blank would layer summarize that if he had to tow that great heap of mail around all day he would be pretty pissed too and left it at that. He struggled to throw the mail of him, pushing it off his lap and sending it to the ground. On the heap of the mail his eye would cross a contract request through further curiosity he would then read its description,'' race , yadda yadda yadda 2500 JEWEL? Well im in'' Blank thought and accepted his third contract. He was going to set off at once to the contract's client's designated address when his consciousness nudged at him about the big mess of mail that lay on his feet a moment of pause concurred before he kicked the mail under the bench he was sitting at and peering both left and right to make sure that he wasn't being watched ''sorted''.

Reading the contracts address properly and numerously asking for directions blank was standing outside two storied brick house. ''eh, seen better'' and with that he walked up to the door and used the door's knocker to beckon its occupant. A middle age woman appeared on the opposite side of the door opening it to its present arrival. With some uncertainty on what to say Blank produced the contract ''umm, i got a contract from a Mr. Halford'' with a slight awkward feeling. ''Come on in, hes just in his study'' the woman greeted Blank in through the door and a relive swept over him, one for arriving at the right house. A man sat at a oak wood desk while the room encircled him in a vast assortment of books stacked upon shelves, it was an impressive sight. ''Please have a seat'' said the the man, gesturing to a empty chair on the opposite side of the desk. Looking at the man Blank could guess that he was in good health and why he wasnt able to race was unsure and so he thought 'there is nothing wrong with this guy, hes a Faker!' he wouldn't say this out load as to jeopardize his contract and possible payment. 'I have a situation the man begun..'' he hung his head slightly and wheeled out from his desk in a wheel chair and in his mind Blank thought ''ohhhh...'

''On this Thursday the traditional yearly Dash race of our gentleman club commences and I am unable to participate'' the man announced while Blank merely nodded ''and i will have you to participate in my place, do you accept?'' Blank felt it was agreeable, all he would be doing is putting one foot in front of the other a action he has mastered for years ''yea, why not'' Blank accepting the contract. For the rest of the discussion Mr. Halford went over the rules and in two days he would meet Blank at the race course.

The past few days Blank trained, somewhat and prepared for the race. With some dissatisfaction he was to wear the official racing vest for the event, a lumious orange vest which he put over his clothing and a pair orange shorts. He didn't have the appropriate running shoes at the other racers and so he just ran in his feet, he was a rather oddity amoung the racers. Before the race Mr.halford stopped to wish Blank good luck, along with the middle aged woman who opened the door to him, Blank could guess that she was the attendant possibly?

Getting into race position their was a decent turn out of racers and onlookers, he could see his competition doing some exercises before the race while others talked among one another. It wasn't long when the announcement was sounded and he took his place. The racers bent towards the ground and Blank soon followed, not to stand out. A countdown from three and the race commenced. Not a bad start but not the best, Blank was behind a half dozen people as he struggled to keep up, through the race he would manage to climb up through the ranks to third place and for a moments second place. A runner stumbled and dropped which cause a significant number of the competition behind Blank to stumble over him, a bit of luck there. It was a mad dash for Blank and the four runners keeping up and with the finishing line coming near Blank had to push everything to reach his goal. Blank manage to get a place upon the winning podium though not first, second or third though there was a fourth if you can believe it and blank stood upon it holding a roughly the size of a coffee mug. Mr Halford congratulated Blank for his efforts, though he didn't come first place he just needed to participate and with the contract complete and a trophy if somewhat meager it was a success.

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Rock ur Socks [Completo]
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