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 Take A Picture!

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PostSubject: Take A Picture!   Mon Jun 25, 2012 5:44 pm

Aila could still feel the tiny tendril-like legs of giant spiders on her skin. After a short lunch and a VERY long bath she had managed to shake the image from her mind, and clean the spider guts from all of her equipment. 'Never again' she thought as she gave one last shudder at the thought. She finished off a rice ball while watching the people pass by. It actually felt odd to think that such disgusting bugs lived so close to these normal, happy people. She looked down at her coin puch, at the very least the job had paid rather well.

Her eyes spotted the request board once more. "Something easy this time" she said in a whisper to herself. The only paper left on the board was a simple mission involving taking pictures of some dancer. What struck the girl as odd was its appearance. It looked like the paper had been torn off the board and tacked back on several times. There were rather noticeable tears in the top and it was slightly crumpled. Was it misrepresented or something? The mission didn’t appear to be especially difficult. It was marked that even a person without magic was able to apply. It also didn’t list that any combat abilities were even recommended, let alone required. After staring at it for a few moments, looking for some kind of fine print, Aila carefully took the paper and walked off towards the town square.

Aila smiled at her accomplishment. In a few short days she had gained a pretty good sense of this town. This time she had even managed to reach the square without getting lost OR asking for directions. She could barely do that back in her hometown. This was her lucky day it seemed.

“No no no! You idiots!” a rather angry voice shouted, the voice was accompanied by the sound of metal hitting the ground. The young mage paused and looked at the paper.

“I’m in the right location… right?”

An older woman with beautiful blue skin approached her with an angry look in her eyes. “Who are you!?”

Aila took a step back in surprise, where had she come from? “U-um”

“Spit it out.” Aila took a deep breath.

“Aila” she managed to stutter out “I’m Aila” The woman’s eyes looked her over. “I’m here about the request”

The woman clicked her tongue and handed her a rather old looking camera. “Well Amia, I hope you can take a picture” She walked up to a fountain and leaned against it, striking a rather provocative pose. The woman was actually beautiful when she wasn’t yelling. Aila noted while snapping a few pictures.

“No! Way too safe!” Shiva interrupted without breaking character “The light post, hang from it”

“Eh? But that’ll just make the picture upside down, it won’t change the picture itself”

Shiva sighed, “Listen amateur you’ll get a better angle and avoid my light by moving into the shade”

Aila gave in and climbed the light post before snapping a few pics. “Good now the building, I want to show people that my beauty can be seen from the gods above!” Shiva’s mood appeared to be improving.

Aila felt her clothing let off its familiar glow as she kicked off of the light post and landed on a building. She went from building to building getting pictures from farther and farther away. Finally Shiva told her that the sun had gotten too low and that was it for today. She handed over Aila’s pay along with her card.

“If being poor gets to tough, I might offer you a job” she said while turning away. Aila simply sighed as she made her way back to her hotel room.


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Take A Picture!
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