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 Field data [completo]

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PostSubject: Field data [completo]    Mon Jun 25, 2012 6:27 pm

On the streets of Hosenka Town Blank was walking its cobbles in the early hours of the morning, the moment were it wasn't quite day or night just an oddity between the two. Newspaper routes and milkmen owned the early hours along with various other early morning or late night working Joes. Upon his bed covers at his current accommodation he turned and turned not once earning a bit of sleep. With no reason to stay in bed, specially with no sleep Blank decided to take a walk to ease his unsure anxiety. Possibly he could find a dinner or a cafe this early in the morning to grab some breakfast and a shop of sorts to squelch his soda fix, Blank would possibly admit to having a soda addiction, fizzy drinks for the sugar rush.

Blank was passing the Sabertooth guild, looking up at the logo of the guild cause Blank to inadvertently rub the back of his neck were his tattoo of the guild was located. The doors were open, it was a bit of a surprised to find it open this early or possibly it didn't close at all. Blank was attending to walk into the guild, curious to see if anyone was around still or this early in the morning, he doubted it. His hand reached for the handle of the door when a large thump sounded beside him, it caused him to jump back in surprise and was ready to retaliate for this sudden invasion. Blank eyes immediately caught the sight of a man, slow recollection came after a pause when he identified who this man was. the post man. ''You again?!'' Blank said surprised and rather agitated though the postman still held a sour, disgruntled expression before walking off again. Totally dumbfounded about this and the postman aggressive behavior against him blank stood perplexed with what had just gone down ''What is your problem guy?'' Blank shouted back at the receding postman but got no response.

Blank looked down at another bundle of mail that nearly crushed him and looked through it, the last job he got was having a sneak peek through the mail before anyone else and it turned out to be a high paying contract too. consequently he found another contract. Reading its contents it seemed straight forward enough with a decent bit of jewels rewarded and so the ventured to meet this new client.
After various miss directions, a point which Blank was still rather unfamiliar with the town he eventually rapped on a door which he believed belonged to doctor Weller. After a sever scolding about the early hours of the day to be calling and having a door slammed in the face Blank would also receive information that Dr weller lived just adjacent to this psycho home. Hopping the fence rather than going all the way around Blank was now standing outside the actual home belonging to the client. He hesitated on knocking when he did recall it being fairly early ''rather not be shouted at again and would rather not come back later to throw stones through another persons windows'' Blank thought while looking bitterly at the clients neighbors house, the occupant who had told him off.

Blank turned about and began walking down the lane, believing it would be more suitable to come back at a more suitable hour when people would be actually awake at the time when normal humans start the day at. He made it half way down the lane when the door opened and a voice ''Excusse me the equipment is here
and we are not about to leave''. Blank turned, perplexed by this new occurrence ''ugh, ok''.

''is all this necessary?'' Blank complained while encumbered by a heavy load of gear. ''Necessary? it is crucial'' the woman announced while strutting ahead of Blank not even turning to answer his question. ''eh, how did you know i was the one who accepted you're contract'' Blanked asked curiously while waddling along after the scientist. ''Well it was obvious, as i don't get much visitors and you don't wear the uniform of the postman or milkman i would guess you were here to take on the contract. And also i couldn't help overhearing the ruckus you cause my neighbor which i generally got the details.'' Blank accepted that explanation and trudged on behind Doctor Weller. ''are we nearly there yet?'' was the random complaints of Blank and then was hush after Dr Weller ordered it.

Struggling with the load of equipment Blank noticed something in the clients hand, a bright neon blue screen as the doctor fiddled with it and when Blank asked about that again he was told to be quiet. Coming up to the coach yard the doctor rented out a carriage, to Blank's relief. Blank was sitting up front of the carriage with the driver, a bit dejected he would have liked to rest in the comfort of the inside carriage. However Blank talked small talk with the driver while the driver spoke back with humorous embarrassing passenger experiences he had. Now and again Blank would swivel his head into the interior of the carriage to check up on his client, she held or suspended in the air under her hands was a table or a screen which she touched or used to type on as one would do on a type writer, the whole thing was rather strange to Blank and he believed it may have some magical implications.

The carriage would come to a stop under a hour's time journey in the carriage. Blank assembled the scientist equipment from the back of the carriage and trailed after Doctor Weller to a location of her preference. ''Just set up the equipment their and try not to break anything'' the doctor said while Blank had some sinister thoughts of breaking the equipment over the pompous doctors head but he regained himself. Blank had to patiently assisted while the scientist collected what was random to Blank's thoughts as dirt and stones, it was overall boring in his experience.

After an length of time Blank took a seat on a outcropping of rocks and then his seat started to rumble, this got the surprised reaction from Blank while also getting the attention of the doctor who simply responded in a cool voice ''oh, you found it''

''Found what?!'' Blank shouted in a hysterical tone and hastily jumped of his new found seat. 'blanks seat' unfolded itself to be a proximity 4-5 foot size golem creature made out of earth, it had a humanoid appearance of a body, head, legs and arms though lacked any particular features but was just lumps of earth clung together. Before it finally formed the golem rushed Blank, catching him under aware and carried him back a distance before he fell to the ground, the golem stood over him and was readying its next attack when it raised it leg to stump on Blank. Blank crumpled up on the ground on his back after being hit by a wall of rock tried to focus his bearing at his earthen assailant. before the Creatures rock boots could fall unto Blank, his target dissolved into the ground ( Earth Sink Technique ).

Blank eventually came out of the earth a distance away from the golem and retaliated with an assault himself (skipping stones technique ) firstly a rock the size of a beach ball launched from the earth under the golem of where it was standing looking down onto the ground in which Blank melted into and attack caught the creature on the chin, staggering it backwards. before the staggering creature came to a stop another lump of earth erupted from the ground and caught the staggering creature in the side which caused it to unsteadily fall.

After a moment with no motion form the pile of rocks that made up the creature and convinced his 'seat' wasn't going to get back up again and attack him Blank motioned forward and lightly jabbed a foot into the pile of rocks ''i think it is safe now'' Blank hesitantly said. Doctor weller acknowledged ''splendid'' motioned over took a sample of the creature and satisfied turned towards the carriage ''I think were done here now.

-Mission complete-

'Oh dont forget the equipment' the doctor turned back to say to Blank and then mumbled under her breath ''good help is just so hard to find...'' Blank turned back to the equipment, frowned and began lugging the items back to the carriage.
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Field data [completo]
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