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 Trouble in the market [Completo ]

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PostSubject: Trouble in the market [Completo ]   Mon Jun 25, 2012 11:13 pm


Hosenka town


12:17 pm

Enforcement units and medical units respond to a scene of complete mayhem within the town of Hosenka, anarchy has took to the streets while fear and violence spread like a the second coming of the black plague. The market place is at a complete stop, apart from the savage brutality, chaos and thuggery that run amuck within the boundaries the enforcement units had established. Entry within and out of the riot zone has been severely limited to those with authority to do so while rescue attempts are ongoing to pull out the unfortunate straddlers that have been left behind. Strike teams of various enforcement officers and requested freelance mages have been on duty to contain the zone to the market place while again raiding the zone to control the area from the angry mob. Public damage and looting within the zone has greatly escalated within unimaginable expense. Enforcement units are attempting discourage and arresting looters though their resources and man power are spread thin and their main issue is containing the zone, fending off the rioters and rescuing the civilians. Fire fighting units are also on scene as fires have broke out in shops, buildings, public/private property and multiple fire attack on the enforcement officers also.

There have been dozens of casualtys of all sides of the fighting, enforcers and rioters the like. Enforcers are trying to sterilize the situation with minimum casualtys and damage. Anti social gangs have also been reportedly been involved stirring and encouraging the rioting within the market area, various attempts to retake the marketplace have left the enforcement officers to tactical withdraw as the opposition was too great. Enforcement officers are avoiding lethal means to avoid great death polls and took on the non-lethal course instead, rather not as effective the enforcement officers it surely is effecting their progress. Bombarded with bottles, bricks and even furniture the Enforcers are holding the line against aggressive assault and it is unclear when the rioting will cease, without check the fires may spread and cause irrepetible damage.


Short distance from Sabertooth guild

-Time -

2.43 pm

''What the hell is going on there'' Blank thought as he watched a stream of people, enforcement officer, medical personnel and fire fighters traveling all in a certain direction passed Blank. He noticed a rather busy stir around town and from the local mouths he heard there was a bit of trouble around the market place. Blank just put these rumors as a salesman's knocked off novelty and a possible fight ensued when someone wanted a refund, he had witnessed these events himself at the market place with crafty salesmen. Though watever the issue was it didnt have anything to do with Blank and the marketplace was a good deal distance, a 20 minute walk. Blank looked in the general distance of the market place and could see dark smoke escalating from the direction ''a fire, well i guess that would make sense for the fire brigade..'' Blank thought to himself and then gauged whether or not it would be worth it to investigate, for the entertainment value. ''No i have come too far'' thought Blank and turned back, continuing his way to the sabertooth guild.

It wasn't that long when he eventually reached the guild and only stopping to fix his fizzy soda addiction, downing the contents of the can in one he could feel the buzz in his body of a sudden sugar rush. The smoke in the direction of the market place seemed to have grown rather than subsided, if you can actually tell ''The fire brigade getting a bit soft'' blank thought while swirling the contents of the soda can in his hand 'slacking at the job' Blank thought or they could have been takening their time putting out the fire, especially if a firemans salary was paid hourly. Dumping the now empty can in a trash bin he could feel the sugar course through his blood even though the sugary drinks was bad for his teeth it left him invigorated and high on a sugar rush.

On a new high Blank entered the Sabertooth guild with high spirits though the first thing that he noticed was a rather absent hall were once its seats and benches would be filled with enthusiastic mages or the mage james whose wife had just recently divorced him, ''poor man'' blank agreed while shaking his head to this thought. With a sugar rush going through his veins Blank thought this to be a good opportunity to get started on a new request. Unlike the barren seats and benches of the hall the request board had a particular buzz around it. Progressing to the guilds request board Blank could begin to overhear a team of mages coordinating their mission, Blank looked upon the face of one of the members that was speaking who in reply nodded with in a greeting gesture blank repaid the the same gesture, fixing his goggles he nodded back. Blank could feel an irregular tensity around the request board and when proficient space was available to squeeze through he soon discovered why. An abundance of request was issued for the market area, an overwhelming amount request for various duties to support the response units of the town.

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Posts : 121
Jewel : 1144852
Join date : 2012-05-25

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PostSubject: Re: Trouble in the market [Completo ]   Tue Jun 26, 2012 7:21 am

Blank plucked a request from the board and sluggishly stepped away while he was engrossed with its contents. Blank breathed heavily out, looked up and began to read the information again just to make sure he was getting it right.


This was the first thought that bubbled up from his brain when he read the word 'Riot'. it was apparent by the severity of he situation that a number of guild members were also involved in this task in a various of way either support or direct action, Blank would too aid the cause. Leaving the Guild hall Blank with some haste followed the dark fuming smoke bellowing from the market area. It would be unfortunate if he arrived late and miss out of this Jewell opportunity.

Arriving at the scene Blank had to show his identity at numerous enforcement checkpoints while revealing his Sabertooth tattoo to prove who he was, a bit annoying since his ink was on the back of his neck. It was a moment when Blank rather regretted having it tattoo placed in an awkward spot. Passing various checkpoints he came towards a Sgt who didn't waste anytime with greetings as he relayed orders to multiple officers in his vicinity. Arriving up to the officers he gave Blank an up and down look ''what the hell are you suppose to be then'' with his sugar rush well worn off and the number of check points he gone through with a couple of frisk serches Blank wasn't in the best of moods, he gave the Sgt a aggravated look and handed over the contract request. ''right' the Sgt said while looking blank up and down one more time whether or not sure to take Blank for a mage. The sgt escorted Blank over to a local map of the market place ontop of a worktop table and gave blank the crash course basics, the barricades which held the perimeter, the riot, gangs and trapped civilians. There was other operations underway to tackle looters, the rioters and fire outbreaks though Blank got tasked with a fairy easy request of rescuing civilians. The briefing barely lasted 5 minutes, two minutes actually and then the Sgt was requested elsewhere to sort out affares. The entrance to the markets gate lay just ahead of this small operation camp the enforcers set up, additional enforcement units enforced this area to be a makeshift pace, a rally point for this end and Blank can guess there was also similar ones further out on the other exits of the market.

Without much of a farewell or a good luck Blank guessed he was set to progress into the Riot zone. Smoke obscured the vision somewhat and litter and debris littered to the ground beneath Blanks feet, even what had been called a safe zone he it was still a tip. Blank passed some troopers in riot armour with their back towards him wielding shields and batons ready to fend of attackers, eventually a thrown projectile would recujet of their shields or smash of it and break into dozens of pieces like glass bottles and the like. Further up the row of enforcers in riot gear a group of angry people were fighting with them, kicking and beating at them with all they can do to cause damage and the enforcers retaliated back with all their training and equipment they were supplied. The majority of people in the Riot zone ran chaotically through the smoke which obscured soo much, either looting or putting their attention on the enforcers. Blank was at the moment left pretty much alone, he doubted he could be able to do much to influence this riot, it seemed way out of his league.

Blank walked up to an apartment building the door stood ajar, broke of its hinches and the inside looked plundered. Blank took a few steps inside, he can see that an attempted barricade was crafted to impede possible invaders though when this had falllen and failed blank was unsure. The hallways was dark and eerie the lights broke or simple switched off it was as if a scene from a horror movie when all your instincts told you to get the hell out and yet the stupid movie character wanders on in. Blank took a few steps out towards the entry of the door ''anyone need assistance?'' he shouted in through the hall while in a stance to fight or flight when he got a satisfactory non response he seemed satisfied with that and turned to exit the building ' no point in checking an errie- ambush waiting to happen- situation ' Blank mused and was about to turn his back and be out of the dubious apartment building when a scream ran out through the hall and then it was quickly cut off. 'damn' Blank thought, obligation to the request contract he turned and ventured through the hall and over the fallen and failed barricade.

briefly landing on his feet again Blank was soon in company with two men at the far end of the hall, both wielding various and heavy looking instruments. The men quickly began to converge on Blank. ''The hell with this'' the mission and all too, blank thought for a moment. It was too time consuming to try to escape back over the barrier and when the men were just on him he turned and sunk through the wall adjacent to him (earth sink technique). Blank immerged into an apartment, a living room he can guess and for the moment he had a moment to himself while the thugs outside stood dumbfounded upon his sudden dissapperence. It was too much to hope the thugs belived him to be a ghost by warping through walls and run off scared. Relaxed a bit more while the thugs were off him Blank found a small table with a class tray of sweets on it 'oh' he took a seat down on a couch placed a sweet up to his mouth, slipped down his mouth cloth and chewed thoughtfully for a moment. Outside the thugs were searching the area for the intruder that magically slipped away. 'i should really get going now' Blank said to himself while still chewing on the sweet and as he was about to rise his eyes caught the corner of the newspaper, his bum fell back down to the couch and he opened the page to the funny cartoon section ''ha ha' a laugh escaped while reading today's joke in the paper.

The door to the apartment erupted inwards and blanks head lifted up from the paper to see the thugs come through. They discovered Blank sitting on the couch reading the paper but before one advanced a glob of muck came of the wall and swallowed him ( devouring pit technique) the man was stuck struggling, trying to escape but with no avail. The other saw his partner being absorbed in a clump of earth and wasted no time to set himself onto Blank. The man jumped over an opposite couch from Blank, rushing him straight on. blank could have settled for using his other abilities but took an opportunity. Blank lifted the class tray and kicked the coffee table towards the thug advancing on him which thumped against the mans shins, upsetting his balance and then Blank smashed the class across the mans head causing him to immediately go down and suffer an immediate barrage of kicks from Blank until he was incapacitated to get up again.

Blanks breathing picked up after expending himself a bit much when kicking the crumbs out of the fallen thug. A notion to check his pockets entered Blanks head but he immediately discarded it when he guessed the thug didnt have much by the way of his poor appearance. Blank scaled two flights of stairs until he heard a ''hey'' then sprinted up the remaining sets to try and escape his new presuers, more thugs he guessed Blank continued going up until the stairs died and he sprinted down the hall to a door that was wide open. entering the room he closed and barred the door behind, he ventured through to the living room to spot a girl bound on the floor looking up at him appealingly. With a cautious glance to his left and right Blank sweeped across the room to untie the woman. The womans face was suddenly alert and her gaze was passed Blank, believing something to be behind him he attempted to look over his shoulder when a fist caught him on the side of the face and lifted him of the ground. Blank was air born for a moment until he crashed hard into the ground and slid to the wall, Blank tried to focus on what had just happened when his eyes caught the size of a behemoth character, an collousus sized figure stood over the girl who Blank just untied and slapped her as she got onto her feet, the slap had enough force to stagger the woman back to window. Blank got onto his feet and try to intercept the target, to get his attention of the girl. As he rushed towards the giant and just a meter away to lunge at him a hammer came around and swiped Blank away. It was a horizontal strike with the hammer that connected into Blanks side. The strike caused Blank to propel into the woman and with enough forced Blank along with the girl exited the building airborne and soon plummeting to the ground. It would have been an predictable splash only if Blank hadn't have casted his earth sink ability which absorbed the near terminal fall. A moment later Blank along with the girl would surface from a concrete pavement and limp to the market exit. The riot seemed hard pressed though still continued while Blank and the trapped victim dodged mobs and pressed through erected barriers. It was a close moment when Blank nearly got flogged by an enforcer who mistook him for a rioter, though the two soon got medical help and the victim thanked Blank for rescuing her life and with that said she kissed him on the cheek before the medical units took her away and later to be reunited with her mother and father once more.

-Mission Complete-
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Trouble in the market [Completo ]
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