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 Find the Secret [B-Rank]

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Character Name: Eve Furey
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PostSubject: Find the Secret [B-Rank]   Wed Jun 27, 2012 4:22 pm

Request name: Find the Secret
Guild: All Legal Guilds
Request rank: B
Client name: Sasori
Objective: Sneak into Mr. Horoshi's manor and find the key to his success.
Location: Clover Town
Posts: 10+
Word Count: 2800+
Mages Required: 2+ C-Rank or higher mages
Reward: 7200
Request description: My business has been in decline ever since this other one started up. The enemy business has been booming - I want you to sneak into Mr. Horoshi's manor and find out why.
Request details: Meet Sasori at Clover Station. He'll tell you to sneak into the manor, find Horoshi's office, and find some incriminating evidence in his desk that could lead to Horoshi's company's downfall. (Is he selling drugs to get money, black market deals, mercenary deals, anything illegal). After you begin your search for the office, you're ambushed by three guard-fighters. (Seen below). One of your team members will continue to search for the office while the other(s) attempts to distract and hold off the guards. Once the office is found, all of the fighters (your team included) will enter the room - it's a large room. The fight will continue, and the fighters will try and stop you from getting to the desk. At some point, the scales are tipped and you'll get the upper hand. You defeat the fighters and raid the desk (which is now partially broken) and find no incriminating evidence. When you're about to leave, a secret door opens from one of you stepping on two specific floor tiles at once (the room has a tiled floor, FYI). Your team enters the room to find it full of fake money (at first one of your members thought it was real, though). You close the secret room door and leave the manor (and its now destroyed halls and office) and meet Sasori. You tell him the information on the fake money and he gives you your reward.

Name: Sasori
Age: 37
General Appearance:
Motivations: Doing well
Fears: Losing
Other: Always smoking when you see him.

Enemy Name: Fire Mage
Rank: C
General Appearance: Has spiky red hair - thin build - wearing black pants and white muscle shirt.
Magic: Caster

-Fireball - shoots a fireball from his hand (can be used by both hands for rapid fire)
-Fire Wall - creates a massive wall of fire to either block attacks or stop someone from advancing
-Fire Bullets - spits out tiny fire bullets rapidly (like bullet seed in pokemon but with fire) - range = 20 feet

Motivations/Fears: Likes money - fears drowning

Enemy Name: Samuri
Rank: E
General Appearance: Broad-shouldered and shirtless, this man has no shoes on, only black pants. Long brunette hair pulled into a high ponytail
Weapon: Twin katanas
Equipment: None
Motivations/Fears: Likes causing pain - fears going blind

Enemy Name: Lightning Mage
Rank: C
General Appearance: Silver hair - unusually tall - menacing appearance.
Magic: Caster

-Lightning Bolt - shoots lightning out of his hands
-Lightning cage - creates a cage of lightning that traps someone (lasts 2 posts)
-Electric Bomb - huge mass of electricity forms in his hands and he shoots it out at an opponent. Capable of destroying walls. (About 5ft in diameter)

Motivations/Fears: Likes making children cry - fears snakes

Spells Learnt
E:4 D:5 C:4 B:2 A:1 S:1

Missions Done
E:2 D:4 C:1 B:0 A:0 S:0 10yr:0

Eve Furey
Card Magic 2, 3,
4, 5, 6; Vortex Scythe, baby~ ;D

"Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen" ~Leonardo da Vinci~
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Find the Secret [B-Rank]
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