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 The Roof is on fire! [ Completo ]

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PostSubject: The Roof is on fire! [ Completo ]   Thu Jun 28, 2012 10:33 am

Blank took a couple of days recovery after a pummeling and going high flying out of an apartment block window, first class delivery to the unfriendly concrete floor below. If it wasn't for his abilities Blank and his passenger among 'AirBlank' when forced out of a window with all the force of a hammer and a colossus man wielding it would have been a mess of assorted organs and paste on the concrete floor below. And all for his troubles blank received a bag of Jewells and a considerate thank you and plus scored a kiss from his recuee. Unfortunately a considerate amount of jewells were relinquished to pay for the hospital bills when he suffered a crack rib but then getting smacked around with a hammer like a ping pong ball what less can you expect. And if there was any chance of anything starting with the girl he had saved well that can be all forgotten about, a day after the request and consequently saving the girl that day too a letter came in the mail, though not from the same post man who apparently had a grudge against sabertooth or just Blank in particular. The post man was a rather unfriendly sort which didn't try to hurt him by throwing bundles of mail at him, 'that guy seriously has issues' Blank would think everytime a thought of the experience entered his head. A confrontation was probably the answer to investigate and solve this unexplained aggression though that will always be another time. Blank did receive a letter from the girl a day after she caused him a crack rib possibly a future relationship or a happily ever after. It would have been a interesting topic to discuss when people would have asked how they met and they would answer, she was a hostage of a gang of thugs and Blank was the valiant rescuer. The would leave out the part which Blank and her flew out of an apartment window though the story did have some potential poetry to it, blank thought anyways. However true love wasn't meant to be after discovering in a letter the woman had sent she went through the works, blabla thank you, im eternally grate full blabla and so is my boyfirend, we couldn't be happier.... well that was the end of that wee fantasy. And with the end of Blank scrumped up the letter, fell down onto a seat and toss the crumpled ball in the direction of the bin. It was well off and with a scoff from Blank he fell into a somewhat stoop, the litter would be picked up laters when he was going past it. Blank was currently taking accommodation in a caravan park, he was renting out a caravan, it wasn't the most luxuriant place to stay though he was comfortable with it and it accomidated all his basic needs. It was just discouraged from jumping up and down much as it caused the caravan to wobble somewhat. It can be called a tight appartment or rather cosey.

Leaving the caravan it was rather needless to lock it as the people that stayed on the camping site tend to look out for each other and besides most of them were dirt poor and really hadn't nothing of worth to steal. The lock of Blanks door can be easily shimmied open with a knife or if you shook the door hard enough the latch would fall off rather pointless to lock it. Leaving home sweet home, Blank raised a hand as a greeting to his neighbor who called himself by the name of Elvis, played the guitar and said he was going places. Blank called him a hound dog which was suppose to be an insult when Elvis woke him up one night in the morning, not the best insult but it was the only thing that came into his mind that early in the morning however the man now was on a deck chair outside his caravan with his guitar trying to string together some lyrics ''nothing abut a hound dog..'' was the last words Blank heard before he fell out of ear shot.

''Crazy old coot'' Blank said with a brief shake of the head.

It was a short trip into town with not the most favorable of weather, it looked a bit dubious. Whether it was going to rain or not was anyones guess, well unless their was a weather mage somewhere then they might have an advantage what outcome the weather will be. When Blanks footsteps took him to the sabertooth guild he heard a somewhat of a commotion,. His steps picked up slightly and he listened to some humours tones of conversation about some man losing it and tourching his work place. Blank can sympathize with that feeling too when their was a couple of jobs in his life that he wasn't too enthusiastic about. The building was also a revenue building though was mainly known as the tax office and many of the mages and people alike were on the side of the pyro who lit it up, no ones enjoyed paying tax. Though their was reports of a Sabertooth mage on the mission however he suffered severe degrees of burns and was hospitalized.

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Posts : 121
Jewel : 1144352
Join date : 2012-05-25

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PostSubject: Re: The Roof is on fire! [ Completo ]   Thu Jun 28, 2012 11:00 am

Their was some hesitancy Blank could sense, some reluctance from the other mages to accept the misson afterwards and Blank couldn't blame them he didnt want his arse to become shiska bob neither. Blank approached a mage looking at the request board ''have you heard about what happened to danny on that misision?'' the mage said, Blank took it that the mage was talking to him since he was the closest in the vicinity of the person ''extra crispy is what i heard'' Blank replyed with a bit of sympathy in his voice ''unlucy'' Blank finished. ''well, thats the price of the job'' the man sighed ''i dare you to take it'' the man then turned with a sly grin on his lips ''wa? no chance lad'' Blank retorted to a chuckle. ''wa are you scared?'' the man mouthed this with enough voice to get the attention of other mages around. Blank turned to look at the man, a weasely sort Blank can now guess and regretted he entered this conversation.

He pulled closer towards the mage in a lower, serious tone ''what are you up too guy?'' but the man held his high voice and announced ''hey, if your to chicken i understand'' the man said with a quite theatrical performance. Backed into it now, Blank couldn't refuse unles he wanted everyone in the guild to belittle him, he was still rather new and didn't want that kind of reputation. Unsure what initiated this behavior from the mage and provoked this challenge Blank pulled of the 'Pyromaniac' contract off the board and walked out of the guild without a word though stepping into the challangeing mage and shouldering past him, the mage stumbled abit from the action though said nothing, just the sly grin portrayed on his face knowing that he manipulated Blank.

Blank was far agitated to be played like that though to prove his worth he accepted the mission and proceeded onwards to the mission location. He felt a bit sour thinking of the mage and though many of malicious moethods of payback such as dropping a boulder on his head, these thoughts entertained him until he got to the burning blazing building.

Blank whistled his gesture similar to an open gobsmacked shock expression. Fire units were on the scene and spraying hoses of water onto the building though it did very little, if anything to effect the wild blaze. A moment of doubtful notion entered his head and he had enjoyable moment fantasying about ditching the mission and getting a ice cream or a cool refreshing drink, the fire erupting from the building did not look comforting at all but rather the opposite, something discomforting and warm, hellishly so.

Cursing under his breath and kicking the curb a couple of times Blank advanced to fine to contract client. A few overly shouted directions from people, over the noise of the fire hoses and the fire itself brought Blank to a aged man with a mustage directing teams of people to pacific points to fight the blaze. The man was quick to the point when Blank displayed the Contract ''A bit young arnt ya? Anyway we need that fire maniac out of the way if we have any chance of dousing this fire, ok? You'r
going have to move fast here son cause we dont know how long this building here is going to last before it comes crashing down. The fire is everywhere, fire is dangerous though smoke inhalation is equaly leathal, i see you have a mouth cloth their good think..'' Blank simply agreed to the compliment about the face cloth ''...yea..i though i might try and stop the ..ugh.. smoke'' Blank undoubtedly replied, the fire chief nodded and added ''trust you'r instincts, many a time it has saved my life in a burning inferno. NOW take out that fire starter so me and my men.. and woman can squel the blaze before it can spread to the rest of the town'' the chief pointed to a collapsed wall that has folded in on itself ''you can get in through there, the main entrance of the building is inaccessible, goodluck'' the fire chief finished and turned his attention back to the fire fighters fighting the blaze to try and get some control of it.

Blank muttered a few more curses running up to the collapsed wall and he got a bit more audible until he made it through. The heat hit him like a wall, if he stayed in this oven to long he would be baked alive. Fire hugged parts of the ceiling, walls and office equipment was destroyed from the flames, many pathways was inaccessible due to the flames. Blank used his feet, his boots to kick over a burning table to make a pathway, avoiding touching anything that may scold his hands ''Christ its warm! A cold class of water would be appreciated'' he said to himself.

Blank past hallways and burnt out rooms or rooms turned into a huge swarmed fire , the heat was unbearable while Blank serched the Furnace. A couple of bodies lay burnt, nothing but burnt black ash remains. blank felt sick in his stomach at the mortifying displays of burning corpses while also sorrow for the people unable to eascape and overcome by the flames, a horrible way to die though he would press on to find the source of this and make him pay. A part of the roof fell in a few yards from Blank and he staggered black a bit reflectively. Laughter echoed through the halls follwed by ''BURN BABY BURN'' out from a flaming corridor a figure came dressed in a flame retardant outfit and weilding a flamethrower, when the figure spotted Blank it said ''Oh hello'' while Blank ''holy monkey balls'' Thats before the torrent of flame erupted form the Pyros flamethrower and Blank released ( Earth Shell technique ) a dome of earth appeared around Blank, sheilding his from the violent flames of his adversary. ''cant stay here..''Blank thought while concocting ideas to try and motion the Pyro outside, possibly to the water from the fire fighters.

( seismic sense technique ) blank could feel through the earth the location of the pyro while blazing lethal flames at the dome of rock covering Blank underneath. He hadn't moved too far which was good blank though, possibly over confident he mused and summoned his technique ( Skipping stone Technique ) though a hesitation while Blank morphed his two summoned boulders into one larger, stronger one. Adjacent to the pyro if he had been paying attention, Blank was using a portion of the stone wall as a source for his technique, part of the wall started to transfrom into a boulder size lump of rock, compacting on itself. ''Now'' Blank said and the Boulder came forth from the wall and hit the pyro, the pyro was lifted of his feet and sailed across the room, the boulder had such a push back capability to it that it caused the pyro to collide and crupple through a delapated wall and out onto the street. Many of the support units watched the scenes and when the pyro began to rise to his feet and collect his flame thrower gushers of water drenched him and pushed him down to the floor and extinguishing his flame thrower, Blank emerged from the newly formed exit covered in soot, sweat while a part of his hair was sinched also.

''Thats should do it, thansk for the assist'' the fire chief said respectively ''i just want a cold drink or ice cube, yea something cold'' Blank said, a bit distracted ''o k, and thanks again i think we can get this fire sorted before the town burns down ''take care'' Blank said walked over to the nearest shop, opened up a fridge and fell in.

-Mission complete-
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The Roof is on fire! [ Completo ]
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