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 The first real drive (Travelling to Era)

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PostSubject: The first real drive (Travelling to Era)   Fri Jun 29, 2012 4:11 pm

Byakuya looked at the motorbike with a grin, not completely believing he had managed to buy this thing so cheaply. It looked amazing, and it was all his. He couldn't suppress a little giggle of glee as he looked over it, checking every last bit of it to make sure that he hadn't made a little screw-up anywhere. However, it all looked perfect. From the front and rear suspension to the shock absorber and the pillion there wasn't a single dent or out of place bump. He squealed in his head with glee, this beautiful little baby was his. All his. He was going to be able to use this any time he wanted from now on. However, not everything was so gloriously brilliant. He had agreed to take part in that fighting tournament to improve the name of Lamia Scale, and Eve-senpai was also taking part so he didn't want to disappoint her. He needed to get to Era quickly, and that would have been hell on earth if he'd had to walk it, or really ruddy expensive if he'd had to buy a train ticket. However, all he had to do was use this little beauty and he'd be there quick as a whip.

Opening a lock box hidden under the seat of the bike, he pulled out a pure black helmet. Normally he wouldn't wear something like this, but with such a long way to travel, he figured that he'd better take any and all safety precautions to make sure that nothing at all could go wrong. After all, he didn't want to have to go to the hospital and miss the tournament. He pulled his hair up, trapping it under his helmet and stopping it making things very uncomfortable for the journey. Pulling down the visor, he put the helmet on properly with a sufficient *click* of the strap. Swinging his leg over the bike, he stood up and kicked the kickstand out of the way. He turned the key in the ignition and, revving the engine, it turned on quickly. He sped off, kicking up a whole lot of dirt. This was going to be an interesting trip.

It was really a fun trip. He was able to practice using this bike properly. He'd managed to ascertain a license pretty easily, but these paths were the real test for him. Bumpy, slippery and muddy; they were the kind of paths that would be difficult for even the most experienced driver. Nevertheless, he continued to go faster and faster, quickly getting up to 60 Mph, and was a very quick blur to anyone who could see him. It took less than two hours at that speed to get to the outskirts of Era, where he started to slow the bike down to a normal pace. He passed through the streets, looking for the hotel he'd be staying in whilst in town. Then, he found it. A large, grey, slab hotel with only two stars written next to the name. He sighed to himself, Lamia sure knew where to place their men alright.

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The first real drive (Travelling to Era)
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