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 The Masked Disaster!

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PostSubject: The Masked Disaster!   Sat Jun 30, 2012 2:16 am

It's time to do one last mission. Augustus was with Shadow. They were both excited for this last mission for Blue Pegasus before they enter the tournament. It was about beating this masked man. It doesn't seem to be that hard, but since it was a C rank request, it should not be frowned upon. But Augustus knew he can do this since he was able to beat up four strong bandits in one quest. Now he only needs to defeat one criminal whom Augustus wasn't used to fighting - a mage for a criminal. Augustus has never fought a mage in a request yet. He only fought them as sparring and for fun. This was going to be his first serious fight, something he was looking up to. But first, he has too meet the person the client sent to speak. The request paper said the client will be waiting near this famous candy store. Augustus knew where it was. It was not that far from Blue Pegasus, so it won't be that much tiring. "Hey!: Augustus said as he saw the spokesperson. "I'm the one who took the general's quest. Are you the person I should talk to?" Augustus asked as he felt the excitement fly around him. The spokesperson smiled and cleared his throat. "Yes, I'm that guy. How's Blue Pegasus?" The question quite puzzled Augustus since it was quite rare to see a client ask how Blue Pegasus was, but this guy might actually be a former member of Blue Pegasus. "It's alright." Augustus said with a grin, hoping that the next thing the guy would say will be the details of the request. "Nice to hear that. I used to be a member of Blue Pegasus. Now, about the quest. You have to go to three places that could possibly be the hiding spot of the Masked Disaster." The guy said as he gave Augustus a piece of paper. "We need you to take him down before he can bankrupt Clover's branch of Fiore Bank, and we can't let that happen. Take him down for us and help us arrest him. We'll give you a good reward if you do that." The guy said as he stood up. "I have to go gather the rune knights now. Go start your quest." The guy stood up and walked out, signalling Augustus to start.

Augustus stared at the paper. The first place he wanted to go was the Old warehouse since it was the place nearest to his current location. "let's go." Augustus said as he signaled Shadow to follow him. He jogged to the old warehouse. The description on the list matched it - an old building that had many debris scattered around. Augustus was about to get inside and touched the door. But when he just pushed it a little bit, the doors broke and fell to the ground. Augustus stepped back, surprised. He stared at Shadow who seemed to be sharing his surprise. "So... Let's get in." Augustus said as Shadow stood near him to scout for a masked person.

The place was filled with fallen crates and small wood pieces. Debris gathered around the corners and sharp pieces of wood hang from the roof. It was definitely a dangerous place. If one of those sharp-edged wooden pieces fall on Augustus, it might pierce through his body. But Augustus was not afraid - he had to do this. He knew that if he does this quest without fail, the magic council will acknowledge Blue Pegasus as a wonderful guild. And that was the thing Augustus wanted to bring his guild - acknowledgement.

They circled around the warehouse, there was nothing. No sign of people and not a single sent of someone who was here some time ago. They were walking in circles, pushing crates down and staring around in possible hiding spots. They searched everywhere - none seeming to show signs of someone hiding there. "This is pointless." Augustus said as he stood up. "Let's get out of here." Augustus said as he walked over the fallen doors, sure that the masked man wasn't in the warehouse. He grabbed a small pen he brought with him and crossed the old warehouse from the list. Now his next destination was The Clover Lobby. Augustus always wanted to go to Clover Lobby. He never visited it as of yet, so this might be the best time to take a brief visit. He knew he shouldn't stay that long since the criminal might be making his way out of the town, but he will see what makes the place a special location in Clover. After walking almost a thousand meters, he finally made it to the Lounge. "Now, the Clover Lobby." Augustus said as he smiled at Shadow who was keeping up with him.

Augustus entered the Lobby and saw a lot of people inside. They were all having fun and talking to each other with grins in their faces. Augustus knew that this wasn't a good place to hide, but he should search for the criminal. Augustus went to the counter and asked the lady who was standing behind if there was a masked person who came in. "Oh, I recall no one came in that matches your description." Augustus nodded afterwards, saying thank you. But he did not want to get out yet. He new that the masked man might have went in without people noticing. "Come on Shadow, let's find the guy." Augustus walked into the crowd, splitting up with Shadow. After staring at every people he can see, Augustus went out and saw Shadow sitting on the table, looking tired from flying. "Shadow, let's get out. There's nothing here." Augustus said as he looked quite tired. "Alright Aug." Shadow said as he flew out with Augustus, crossing out the lobby from the list. Now there was only one more place to go - Clover's branch of the Bank of Fiore. He made his way to the famous bank, hoping that that might be the place the criminal is. Augustus made it to the bank with sweat coursing around his face.

"I hope this is it." Augustus said as he opened the door of the bank, and to is surprise, seeing a masked man who was holding someone hostage. "Aug, this is it." Shadow said as he got ready for a fight. "Yeah." Augustus charged shadows around him. He knew that the guy was holding someone hostage, but Augustus knew what to do. "Shadow Dragon's..." Augustus muttered as people started looking at him. "Swift Strike!' Augustus shot his body towards the guy, grabbing his hand and throwing him through the bank's lobby. The guy landed on the table, shattering vases. The guy was able to stand up afterwards, picking his gun from the ground. "Who do you think you are?" The guy said as he aimed his gun at Augustus and shot the trigger. The gunshot hit Augustus on the arm. It was painful, but Augustus can still move his arm.

"My turn!" Augustus charged shadows around his feet and prepared to charge. "Ha!" Augustus shouted as he ran to the guy and lunged at him. "Claws of the Shadow Dragon!" Augustus said as he kicked the guy on the stomach and followed it with a kick on the head. The guy was able to dodge the first one, but the second one was not avoided. He was sent to one of the vacant couches but was still able to get up, part of his mask starting to have crack marks. "You think you can beat me? Then eat this!" The guy aimed his gun at Augustus and sent magic power into it. He shot out the bullet which came out with a shape of a large magic-concentrated bullet. Augustus tried to avoid it, but it was too fast. It exploded, sending Augustus flying. He landed on the counter and broke it. His abdomen, the part hit by the bullet, was in pain. His coat was torn open and a large bruise was on Augustus' abdomen. Shadow went near him with concern, but Augustus pushed him away. "I can do this." Augustus said as he stood up.

"Huargh!" Augustus shouted as he filled his hands with shadows. "Wings..." Augustus said as he ran to the guy, his hands becoming a wing-like shape. "Of the Shadow Dragon!" As he charged at the criminal, the masked disaster shot a lot of bullets on Augustus, but none of these stopped him. When he was a meter in front of the criminal, he jumped high and sent both of his hands on the masked disaster's chest. The criminal was sent flying to a window, shattering it and sending the fight outside. "It's over!" Augustus shouted as he prepared to use his signature move - the roar of his type. "Roar of the Shadow Dragon!" Augustus said as he charged shadows into his mouth. A black magic circle appeared in front of him, which was followed by a large beam of shadows. The criminal was directly hit by the roar, sending him away. After the roar, Augustus ran to the vulnerable criminal and sent him a powerful punch on the face. The criminal's mask was broken afterwards, revealing the guy's face. He had brown hair and seemed to be quite young. "It's over." Augustus said as Shadow flew by his side. A group of rune knights ran to the scene and arrested the man, one of them going near Augustus, who had many bruises and bleeding shots on his body. "Good job." The guy said as he took off his helmet, revealing himself to be the spokesperson. "Your guild is doing alright." He said with a smile and handed Augustus the reward. "And about your bruises... They don't seem to be that much and will be alright after a week." The guy said as he went out, parting ways with Augustus.


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The Masked Disaster!
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