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 Mission: Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting

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PostSubject: Mission: Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting   Sat Jun 30, 2012 4:32 pm

The night had already fallen, and Byakuya was walking up the hill. There it was,standing on top of the hill lit by candles was the "arena". Well, he said arena, it was a large circle of guys, all surrounding a little area of grass. It was simple enough, and he suspected it would do the job well enough. So, this was the group of people with enough balls to insult Lamia Scale? They dared to insult his family? Oh, he was going to enjoy tonight. He had a little secret up his sleeve, quite literally. Having slipped on a pair of white gloves on both hands, he hid his auto-mail arm from the public eye. The only way they'd be able to see it would be to take his shirt off, and there was no way that was going to happen. He pushed through the crowd, before finally getting in the middle of the square, and infront of his first opponent. He was a young man, with long brown hair that went over his face. He was wearing some kind of jerkin, with metal shoulder-plates. it looked rather stupid, to say the least.

"LADIES AND GENTLEMEN," a voice boomed over the crowd, emanating from a blonde guy with a microphone on a small stand just outside the ring. Byakuya turned and looked at the man who had insulted his home. He waited for the man to finish his little piece ", THIS IS ONE OF THOSE DAMN SELF-OBSESSED WIZARDS. IF HE WINS TONIGHT, I PROMISED WE WOULD NEVER MAKE FUN OF HIM AND HIS LITTLE FRIENDS. THE ONE WHO CAN DEFEAT HIM WILL GET A LITTLE REWARD TO THANK YOU FOR PROVING US RIGHT. NOW, LET THE FIRST FIGHT BEGIN!" Byakuya turned to the guy and walked forwards slowly. The man seemed cocky, as if he knew he was going to win. However, that soon faded. Byakuya grabbed him by the throat, pulling him up and punching him in the stomach, before throwing him out of the arena, deringing him and winning the first fight. It was remarkable how simple this was. He heard a small laugh as the second guy entered the ring. Byakuya could barely react as the man ran towards him, hitting him on the back of the head. Byakuya was knocked down by the strength of the blow, looking up at the guy. He had long, white hair and a strange little ruff.

"I don't want to hurt you, kid." the man said, a remarkably sophisticated voice coming out of his mouth "but if I don't, I'll never win this thing and nobody will ever respect my strength. I'm sorry you had to get in the way." he slammed his foot down, but was stopped by Byakuya's hand. He looked in surprise before feeling a vice-like grip close around his foot, causing him to scream in agony.
"and I'm sorry you had to verse a freak of nature." Byakuya said, crushing the man's foot into little more than dust in his grip. The man screamed and fell backwards unconscious.

The entire arena's usual cries of desire and longing for bloodshed stopped, horrified by what Byakuya could do. The man on the podium yelled at him.
"I thought we mentioned you're not allowed to use magic, Wizard? What's the point in this fight if you're using magic?" Byakuya grinned, throwing his coat off and starting to unzip his shirt, revealing his auto-mail arm.
"Just because I'm un-natural, doesn't mean it's all magical. Now come on, are you really going to back down just because someone's a little bit stronger than you? Is this the honor and valor of true men?" he grinned, obviously trying to provoke the man. Two men stepped into the arena, clearly related. They seemed highly similar, with blue hair almost done in the same style. The only two differences were the eyes and the face. The eyes of the shorter one was green, and he bared a deep scar on his face. It was clear that the pair of them had been in plenty of fights, he knew that by looking at just their faces. They ran together, trapping him between the pair of them. The taller one grabbed his hands and restrained him, as the other man slammed him repeatedly in the chest, knocking the wind out of him. This was not fair, not in any shape or form in the word. But that was the way the world was sometimes.

"You know..." Byakuya stuttered out, before raising his foot and crushing the man's crotch with a kick, sending him to the floor as Byakuya grabbed the man's shirt and flipped him over this shoulders, sending him sprawling to the floor.
"... It's not very polite to double-team a guy without asking. Wouldn't be the first time, but you know... still a little bit rude." he grinned, before throwing him out of the arena, winning the match. So far it had been remarkably simple. He looked up at the slightly horrified man on the podium, grinning like a mad man. The main thought in his head was "i'm coming for you, Kamino." He called out
"Isn't anyone else in this arena going to take me on, or do I get to beat your little boss now?" A tall man, with deep marroon hair and some kind of fur wrapped around his shoulders walked out and put his hand up
"I'm your next opponent. Nobody beats the old guy before I get to. That's my title to claim, you will not take it from me." Byakuya sighed, annoyed that he would have to deal with another one ran forwards, lunging with his fist, slamming the man in his throat and collapsing it, choking him. It was getting too simple to do this now, where was the fun?

After the longest time, the pile of defeated bodies had grown greatly. Kamino finally leaped down and entered the ring, taking his shirt off.
"Come on then, wizard. Let me show you why you damn brats are so much worse than we are." Byakuya ran forwards and tried to punch, but was countered by a punch to the joint, stopping his arm from moving properly. He felt it start moving much more sluggishly. He tried to punch again, but was countered again, this time fully breaking it. He couldn't move it at all. Thankfully, none of it seperated so he could just repair it... No, he couldn't. This fight stopped him from using magic. He would have to use his own skills, and not rely on his arm.

Kamino charged, knocking Byakuya off his feet and onto his back. He pinned Byakuya down and started punching him senseless as Byakuya stopped being able to breathe. The man's weight was too much, he couldn't overpower him.... he kept on wheezing as the man punched him again and again, shattering ribs. He was starting to see black, and looked up to see Kamino grinning. He knew he was going to Win. Byakuya struggled slightly and managed to grab the back of the man's head, holding it still as he grinned
"Sorry, Kamino. You didn't block my strongest weapon." He slammed his head forwards, headbutting the man and knocking him off him. Byakuya choked a few gasps of air, before getting to his feet, limping slightly
"Go to hell." he said, slamming his automail foot down and pulverizing the man's throat. He limped off, pushing through the arena.
"Wizards... are better than you give them credit for.."

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Mission: Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting
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