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 Clover Town to Era

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Akua Pura

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PostSubject: Clover Town to Era   Sun Jul 01, 2012 6:06 am

Lympha, with his mission now completed, was walking around the outskirts of Clover town, looking for Voltz, his partner. He had just left completely and, by the smell, he was long gone out of Clover. He would've gone back to Shirotsume to get his reward from the master but then Lympha smelled something, something with Voltz's stench all over it. A poster, lying on the ground, trampled by many a villager by the looks of it. It read: "Come one, come all, to the grandest tournament in all of Fiore. The strongest mages from all over, all guildless, legal guilds and mages from dark guilds will be there, battling it out to see which guild is truly the strongest one of all. Come to Era and sign up, or just watch a match, and show the world just how strong you, or your guild, are." Looking at the bottom of the poster, Lympha saw that the sign ups end today. He knew that's where he would find Voltz, the boy wanted any excuse to fight, and so Lympha set off for Era, the last place a dark guild member like himself would willingly go.

As he left Clover town, he smiled and once again became Akua Pura, the Demi-god of Water and the disciple of Aquanis, Goddess of the life giving element of water. Once he was far enough away from the town, he walked off the path and found the same pond as last time. Just like last time, he sat down, took a handful of water, and prayed out loud, "O Aquanis, Goddess of Water and Mother of all. I have found a way to show every mortal the true power of your magic that you have passed down upon me. If it is your will, must I go to Era, and battle mages to show them the power that we possess. If I fail, you may punish me in however way it pleases you, as long as I get another chance to earn your favour. Show me the path mother." With that, Akua drank the water and, straight away, a calm voice appeared in his head. It spoke, "Yes, my child. You are to go to this Era and show our power to the mortals. It is your destiny to win. If you fail me, you shall be punished most severely. Our power is one to be feared. Strike fear into your enemies, show them our might." With his task set, Akua stood up and whispered "It shall be as you wish it, mother." And thus, Akua began walking once more to Era, the place to which he was destined.

He passed through a number of towns along the way and every time he saw himself approaching civilisation, he pulled his hood up and became Lympha once more. No one needed to know who he was, that could wait until the tournament. After that, the world would know his name, whether they liked it or not. Akua didn't care how he won his fights, as long as he did actually win them. he had a few new spells learned, but, as he thought about the defensive spell that the Water Dragon Slayer had shown him, he realised with a shock that all of his spells were made for offensive. He had no spells to defend himself from oncoming attacks. As long as he had no spells like that, he knew that he would be easily defeated by whoever he fought against in the first round of the tournament. To be a great mage, he had to have a healthy balance of both offensive and defensive abilities. Without one, the other would become useless. Realising this, Akua began to think of a spell he could make that would allow him to be protected against oncoming attacks from enemy magi. He stopped walking and walked over to a calm clearing and then began to think of a defensive spell to create. he figured that he could just use the "Aqua Shell" that the boy, the Water Dragon Slayer, used. Calming his mind to begin his training, Akua began to manipulate the water around him. It was then he realised that there was no water around him. He decided to try something much harder, something that his mother only tried in dire situations: controlling the moisture and turning said moisture into water, the most difficult technique for a water user that Akua had never even heard about from anyone, except when his mother warned him not to. This was an emergency and so Akua figured that he was ready, even though his rank and magical power was still quite low.

He began to focus, visualising the liquid within the air itself. His mother had never shown him the proper technique to use for controlling the moisture in the air and so he was at a complete loss and probably shouldn't have even thought of attempting it, but he would none the less. Unless his mother appeared before him and told him to stop, he wouldn't end his training until he could pull the moisture out from anywhere. As he began his training, he felt an annoyance in his head, a small part of him, a smart part of him, telling him how ludicrous his idea was but Akua ignored it, too focused on becoming stronger to care about the consequences. After his mind thought those thought, the annoyance disappeared and, instead of a small annoyance, a bigger situation arose and Akua was stuck in the middle of it.

A rain began above Akua, small at first but then it grew to become a torrent of water raining down upon him. He moved to get out of the way but the rain followed him, targeting him and him alone. With a start he realised what this was and, as his fears became realities, Aquanis, in her dragon form, appeared before Akua, an angry look in her eye, "What have I told you about trying that technique. I barely ever attempt it so what gave you the idea to attempt it. You could have died in the worst way possible: you could've taken all the water from your body and crumbled into dust. Never attempt that technique again or I will bite your head off. When you reach what mortals call "S rank" then you may contact me and I will teach you the art of moisture manipulation. Until then, don't even think of attempting such a dangerous move. And now, I must depart, your little idea has angered the other Gods. They now wish to know why I taught you that technique. Thanks for the trouble, son." With that, Aquanis rose into the air and the rain stopped. Akua, stunned at the anger of his mother, realised with a start that he had no tie to waste and had to reach Era before sundown, or he wouldn't be able to show off his powers and strike fear into the hearts of any and all who thought about fighting him. He began sprinting in the direction of Era, happy that now he had no more towns to pass through, Hosenka was just behind him now. He was happy and could take down his hood for the rest of the week, for that is how long he assumed the tournament would last.



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Clover Town to Era
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