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 Your Late For The Tournament Get Moving [Closed]

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Orpheus Starlight

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PostSubject: Your Late For The Tournament Get Moving [Closed]   Sun Jul 01, 2012 2:55 pm

Orpheus jogged down the dirt path out of Hosenka. The sun was still high in the sky and he had been packing since early morning. In all truth, he couldn't believe he had allowed himself to be late. Under his breathe he cursed himself constantly, if there was one thing he despised it was being rushed. The metal of his armor clanked back and forth and if not for Zarok he probably would have taken a break already. Not that he needed it, his body could handle almost any kind of strenuous workout thanks to Volkan's training. Orpheus swayed his head to right, taking his crimson bangs from out his eyes and begin to move determinedly down the path.

By the time the light of the moon begin to reach down on the now dense forest, Opheus was covered in streaming sweat. His breathing was irregular and heavy, but kept him in a good pace. Over head, Orpheus could hear the rattling of leaves as Zarok followed above. His hand kept tight to the sac over his shoulder. Passing by a couple of people earlier alerted him that Era was only a nights journey away. Meaning if he kept up his pace he would be there by the afternoon of tomorrow. Closing his eyes as he ran he focus on his magical essence. Feeling it warmth course through his body, he begin to repeat to himself. " Only a night's travel away. Only a night's travel away. Only a night's travel away.." He leaped over a trunks root and continued down the path he knew to be right.

The moon slid across the planet's horizon and soon afterwards the sun rose to replace it. Orpheus ran into the middle of the town call Era. His clothes were drenched in sweat and now his breathing was horribly heavy. His expression explain nothing less than complete exhaustion. Zarok who's wing were now limp towards the points now flapped them half heartily. " We made it, Zarok. " The cat pointed towards the direction of the Tournament. " Good, now to the Tournament sign up area. " Orpheus placed his hands onto his knees and looked up towards the northeast. " Alright.... Here I come... " He said in ragged, paused breathes.
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Your Late For The Tournament Get Moving [Closed]
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