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 Hosenka to Era

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PostSubject: Hosenka to Era   Sun Jul 01, 2012 11:17 pm

Ok... now she was feeling the burn. Her legs were beginning to protest their treatment, and she was forced to slow to a walk or risk being too tired to compete when she arrived. She took a deep breath as her magic slowly dropped and her clothing stopped its glow. The realization of her magic loss hit her hard all at once. Keeping the boost effect of this armor up for such an extended amount of time was really hard on the old magic supply. Her legs gave out slightly mid-step and she fell to her knees on the dirt. There she remained for five minutes while she collected herself. She was almost afraid to test her weight on her tired legs, but let out a sigh of relief when she stood and felt the same as usual.

She stopped in Hosenka for a short pit-stop. She bought a small lunch that she could eat on the road. She decided that she had more than made up for the time lost when she overslept. From here she could take her time. Overexerting herself before fighting in a tournament of this side would be crazy.

As she finished the last bite of her sandwich she bounced on her heels for a moment. According to her map, she was close to Era now, so she prepared herself for the city the council called home. Her imagination went wild with ideas of floating buildings, giant arenas, and an elegant guild hall reserved for the council members. She imagined the town as something of a mesh between Magnolia and Clover, with people that were happy, and lived in total elegance. The town would have little to no crime, after all the Council was full of very powerful mages. Who would want to challenge them?

Nothing she imagined prepared her for what she saw. The town was amazing in every sense of the word. Its buildings, its people, even its locations all seemed beautiful. She stopped in at a check in area by the hotel and told them that she had arrived. They handed her a hotel key.

“Enjoy your stay” They said with a smile.

Aila knew that she would honor that request.


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Hosenka to Era
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