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 Looking for Trouble

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PostSubject: Looking for Trouble   Sat Mar 10, 2012 4:16 pm

Several days had passed since Master Vasvayard had issued the orders to the guild, to train and become stronger. Krieg was determined to do so, slightly ashamed that he had been slacking in his training before then. Krieg would definitely make up for the time he had previously wasted, and attempt to become the strongest in the guild. Master Vasvayard was definitely someone to be feared, but only because Krieg knew he, himself, was still weak. He needed to become stronger.

Krieg had trained for several days inside the guild, mainly working on his Flight capabilities, but he felt he had made little progress the last couple days. It was time to move onto something else. His combat ability needed to be improved most now he felt. Everyone was doing their own training, none of them wanted to be disturbed to train and possibly spar with Krieg, so he did the next best thing, going out to find creatures to fight and practice on.

He doubted he would find anything a real threat, so he had brought the egg with him in a backpack. It was slightly awkward to bring with him due to its size, but on his back it was not in the way of his blade arm. He had decided to practice his Wind Dragon Slash, which was his least tiring ranged attack, and be the best way to keep the egg safe, and train at the same time.

Krieg had barely just found the entrance of the Underground Ruins, when he felt the first chill of evil. It was unmistakable, to an extent, the rumors of these ruins were true. Subconsciously, Krieg rested a hand on his sword, making sure it was close. Krieg had not gone twenty steps inside when he smelled the putrid smell of dung, likely from an overpopulated infestation of the place. Whatever was down here, there would likely be a multitude of, and Krieg was wary. He cautiously stepped further inside, but stopped suddenly as he heard the squeak of rats.

This was a bad idea, Krieg thought suddenly. His sword could only kill so many so fast, and he was encumbered by the large egg he was carrying in his backpack. It had become too dark inside to see properly. Things were stacking worse and worse against Krieg. He had one choice, aside from running away as fast as he possibly could, and that was to attempt to fight with feeling, with his Wind Sweep.

Krieg activates Spell: Wind Sweep. (95/100). This was definitely not as effective as light would have been, but it was much better than nothing. He could feel the scurrying of the rats on the ground, only a few though within range of his sweep, but he knew there were more. There was also another big problem, that rocks appeared to be scattered in the ruins. It was difficult to tell if it was an unmoving rat, or just a rock, and he would need to be careful not to waste time and magic on something that was not even alive. He also did not want to set his egg down, which would allow him to move more freely, because it also would confuse his magic, or he might accidentally step on it.

The first moving rat got too close, with a quick strike of his sword, Krieg ended its life. He flicked it with his sword, knocking it far away from him, so he did not confuse it with one of the more surely to come. He was focused on the fight now, thinking of what he would do. The smell of blood from the first victim seemed to create a frenzy from the other rats. Like a battlecry, a huge squeak erupted from all around, and suddenly Krieg felt over a dozen come bursting from his east side.

Krieg jumped back, away from them, bringing his sword down, then slashing nearly horizontally from waist high at the rats. Still out of range of the blade, the were well within range of his Wind Dragon Slash. (85/100) The force of his slash continued on, through the air, cutting into the charging rodents. The stench of blood filled the air, worse than before, Krieg could almost taste it as he breathed in. As more rodents poured in, Krieg slashed twice more, clearing the waves momentarily. (65/100) Krieg had just got an idea though, which would make it much more rewarding for each Slash he used.

Bending low, Krieg got as close to the ground as he could. The bodies of rats surrounded him, both those dead and those still coming. Krieg unleashed his Wind Dragon Slash in a full 360 degree circle around himself. It was difficult to manage, but Krieg used much more power than usual on this cut.(45/100) He felt almost a rupture in the air as his slash flowed outwards, cutting cleanly through the small bodies of the rodents.

It was time to leave, Krieg thought. He had already exerted over half of his magic power, and he would not likely get a second chance before he ran completely out of magic power. Krieg turned and ran back the way he had come from. Luckily, he was no terribly far into the ruins, and it was not long at all before he saw the light of the exit.

The slight hesitation in his foes did not last long, and they were after Krieg. He was not worried, he would be perfectly fine, but he wanted to test his stronger Slash one more time. In one motion, Krieg turned around, facing his rodent pursuers. He felt the air whiz as he blade tore through it at a tremendous speed. He put his full strength in the swing, feeling the raw power of the air as his slash sliced through the incoming rats. He was close enough to the exit now to see the results of his attack, not just feel it. Blood spurted into the air again, but what caught Krieg's attention was the sparks that were created nearly 25 feet away, as the ground popped open. He had never cut stone from that distance before. It was old, but that itself showed the power increase of his Wind Dragon Slash.

Krieg had been inside the ruins for less than an hour, but it was definitely a rewarding training mission. He would have to return here for more training sessions he thought to himself as he re entered the daylight of Oak Town.

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Looking for Trouble
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