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 Nerd Revenge

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PostSubject: Nerd Revenge    Mon Jul 02, 2012 8:37 am

''Nerd Revenge'' A mage laughed sarcastically reading the title of a contract he had just read, some fellow mages joined in. Meanwhile a couple of benches back and a table sat Blank absently overhearing the mages while nurseing his soda drink in his hands, rocking it backwards and forwards upon the table top which also bore an opened newspaper which he was engaged in the crossword puzzle. His attention was snapped on when he also overheard the reward, not amazing but satisfactory, an easy pick task Blank guessed by conctract's description which mostly got the gist of from the overtalking mages at the request bord. It wasn't much of a task for a mage, any paid thug would be able to carry out such a request. However over the past few missions Blank had hospital bills to pay for and then, grocery bills, rent ect ect so he would take what he could get and with loose morals he was ok with simply beating up small squirts for a bit of extra doe. Though with a bit of a reputation to keep, did he have a reputation to keep? however a reputation for beating on youngsters could be at best frowned upon so with all his cunning blank would have to take the contract with no one seeing him lift it off the request Board. Blank casually motioned over to the request board when the area was clear, produced a rather poor bunch of fake coughs while snatching the contract in the progress, he carfully pocketed the sheet with haste and walked out through the guilds doors.

While outside Blank had a bit of peace and privacy to read the full description of the request. ''lada lada lada beat up a bully and then pay day, easy as beating up a kid'' Blank gave a gentle laugh and walked with a new spring in his step. Arriving at the clients house he rapped on the door and waited patiently for a answer, what Blank feared soon revealed iself. ''Can i help you?'' the voice came from a middle age woman who Blank would guess to be the clients mother or guardian . ''ugh..'' Not sure what to say, considering it to be unwise to splurt out a contract which contained beating up a child blank thought fast on his feet ''can john come out to play?'' feeling a bit of regret about this while possible using the most sought after quote by pedophiles blank quickly followed with ''i'm josh's brother and wanted to talk to john about my wee brothers cards that have gone missing, would it be possible to speak to john to see if he has them or knows where they are? Josh is rather upset about it and if i help him find them it will stop the brat from winching'' finished Blank, lying like a pro. ''sure'' said the guardian, doubtfully and called john down from up stairs and then she paced off into and adjacent room. John looked doubious at Blank and Blank simply produced the contract which help clear the uncertainty up ''your hear to beat billy up then?'' the boy whispered enthusiastically ''though i was expecting someone bigger'' the boy looked at Blanked doubtfully. Blank a little annoyed by the response simply retorted 'you want me to make you the contract'' while raising his fist. This got a regretful shake of the head from the boy and Blank repsonded ''then shut up and take me to this guy so i can do something better with my time'' The boy nodded his head and shouted behind him ''mum im going out for a bit- make your your back for dinner- Ok'' and with that he closed the door behind him and got the folded arm and shaking head of approval from Blank and when the boy asked what he simply waved the subject away.

After spotting the target, the bully Blank told John to stay behind cover and wait to he called him. Blank approached the bully, the kid was bit smaller than Blank but a timitiating size for his age to other kids. 'oi, what time is it?'' Blank asked which the kid looked at him and shook his head ' i don't have a watch' he replied, blank closed his fist ''then whats that on your wrist?'' the boy motioned to look at his own wrist and Blank Uppercuted him Shinryuken! the boy fell back onto his arse and blank followed up with a dozen kicks on the ground. ''john? get over here'' Blank ordered while staring down at the target to make sure he doesn't try and get away. ''throw in a few kicks'' Blank said, though the child hesitated but Blank demanded, gesturing towards the downed victim and then reluctantly John started kicking and rather getting into it, his pace started to pick up. Blank enthusiastically encouraged him ''yea, thats it, put some leg power into. well my work here is done'' Blank finished while he stood with what looked to be like a heroric pose. The kid looked up all teary eyed towards Blank ''i dont know what i would have done with out you'' Blanked puffed up his chest and pointed towards John ''dont thank me billy -its john- thank the system for allowing me to get away with physical assault towards a minor'' and with that Blank smiled which was interrupted with a moan from the guy on the floor which Blank nodged him hard with the tip of his boot. ''now, give me my money are you will join him'' Blank threatened while holding out his handing awaiting payment.

Collecting the jewel bag, blank nodded and started ''alright, thank you for using sabertooth services, stay in school timmy'' Blank finished and walked off into the sunset leaving the boy looking back on him going into the distance while another boy was moaning on the floor with seven shades of crap just recently beat from him.

-mission complete-
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Nerd Revenge
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