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 Don't Throw in the Towel!

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PostSubject: Don't Throw in the Towel!   Mon Jul 09, 2012 1:26 am

Although forced to take part in this mission, JD reveled in it to be honest. He loved the fighting experience, he loved every little moment of it, the feeling of being in a fight trading blows with another to see who came up on top. Even before JD joined Mugen and started doing things against the law he was a avid fan of just fighting, even when he was a kid reading stories to his little sisters he liked to punch the next kid who thought he was tough.

JD made his way to the town pub, his hands in his pockets but his walk was odd as he swayed side to side to the music bumping in his ears, coming from his head phones. ~”Whatcha need, Wa-watcha need.”~ He started saying the lyrics out loud in his nice smooth voice, his right hand making movement along with the beat that was in his head. This was JD’s average day of walking around, he did this all the time unless he had a reason to be pissed but he didn’t. His black tank top showed off his tattooes, and his skull cap with a red bullseye was something that definitely stood out. ~“Mutha-fucka im back.”~ he sung before he finally reached the pub and took off his headphones so they can rest on his neck, he looked up and checked the name, he was at the right place. It looked rundown and old, but when he went in it was pretty crowded, full of all types of people wanting to get a drink.

A smirk came over his face, JD could go for a drink right about now before his match but decided against it he didn’t want to pay any money he was always broke and he was trying to keep some money in his pocket. But he went over to the bartender anyway, he had to ask the directions for the basement. He went over and had to squeeze through people to get at the table, and when he did he knocked on the table twice kind of hard to get the guys attention. The bartender looked pissed but came over any way.

“What can I get ya!?” he yelled looking at him. JD smiled innocently and said. “Directions to the basement please!”
The bartender looked at him for a quick second. “You’re the one fighting? Good f-ing luck to ya. Right down those stairs on the far left.” JD answered quickly, turning his back to him gesturing a hand in response. “Yea yea thanks.” He said heading to the stair case.

JD made his way down the stairs, and heard a lot of noise going on, and when he came into view of the scene a wide grin came onto his face. He saw a large room and matching size crowd, in the basement. He heard the announcer talking about the current match that just started. “How long do you think this opponent will last folks? Against our Black Eyyyyyyyyeeee Bludgeon!” he said motioning his hand to show a large guy with an eye patch around his left eye. Who the guy was fighting, was a short stocky type guy well built but seemed he only lifted weights, and didn’t do proper cardio training or even fighting training in the least. JD thought it would be over quick, he crossed his arms stood and watched for a moment. The match started and the stocky one, rushed over to him his fist raised. Stupid move thought JD but what would happen next even caught him off guard. Black eye landed a powerful haymaker on the guy’s jaw and he was done knocked out. Match ended in two seconds flat, JD grinned widly and started to walk forward.

The announcer cheered along with the large crowd. “Two Seconds flat ladies and gentlemen!! I have never seen anything like this before!!! Black Eye has done it again!!! With only one move!! Truly the greatest up and coming cage fighter there is right now!!” the announcer was good at making things look and sound interesting, it was his job. “So now who will face the beast next!! Will he last more the two seconds?! Or will he have the same fate? And become another one of Black eye’s victims?!” the announcer yelled out on his microphone. The crowd became silent with the cheers, no one wanted to step up JD finally made it to the cage. “I will.” He said looking at Black Eye.

The announcer was caught off guard for a second, but soon found his focus again. “And we have him ladies and gentlemen the next brave soul to face our Black Eye!”
JD looked over to the announcer. “Name’s Crow I’m here on a request from my guild master Ivan Deyer. There was a bet to placed that I could beat the crap out of him.” JD said in a cocky tone.

The announcer made an shocked but funny face, “Ooooooohhhhh Ok! Ok ladies and gentlemen tonight we have a special bout worth all the jewels you paid here tonight! A bet of 2,000 jewel from the master of Raven Tail was placed that his guild member Crow could defeat the notorious Black Eye! Don’t worry no magic shall be used, this is just a test of skill! Here you go Crow and the best of luck to ya!”
The announcer tossed over a pair of fighting shorts, But JD didn’t catch em they looked all smelly and dirty.

“Fuck em, I bought my own!” he said taking off his pants and revealing his own pair of shorts. The pair that the announcer threw hit a guy in the face dead on.

JD tossed his pants to the side inside the cage, and took off his tank top and shoes and mp3. He placed it all neatly in the corner, folding it while crouched down pleasantly taking his time. It was kind of weird and even Black Eye looked pissed at the waiting. The announcer made a slight slick remark.

“Seems the challenger is quite the neat freak.” The crows all hummed a soft giggle.

“We all seen how neat freaks do here in this place.” The announcer added, now the crowd was buckling with laughter.

JD payed no mind though, as if he didn’t hear it at all. JD was almost done but Black Eye didn’t wait any longer, he dashed over to JD while he was still crouched and aimed a kick straight to his back. It looked as if JD wouldn’t be able to dodge and even if he blocked his arms would surely hurt a lot.

But JD swayed to the side easily, at the perfect timing for a counter aswell quickly landing a elbow straight to his ankle right where the joint bone was.
“Oi! You should really learn some patience!” he said still a little crouched and his back facing him.

JD used simple skill, he wouldn’t not use any form of magic what so ever he wanted to challenge himself and it would be unfair to a man who couldn’t use magic himself. Black Eye let out a grunt, and stumbled back not wanting to show that JD’s hit hurt him but it did. And He couldn’t put to much strength into his ankle. But he would manage.

JD finally stood, and started to stretch out fully his arms and chest. He bent his body fully down his head reaching his feet it was really impressive this was the result of training and stretching full for years. He stretched his legs and started striking his fist at a fast pace in the air, preparing for his bout. He finished with a final high kick in the air, and let it down slowly. He took a deep breath and let it out, and started a light hop from his right foot onto his left then back and forth. Almost like a boxer but different more customized and unique then that. He went around the ring like this, starring at Black Eye and Black eye had his fists up the whole time looking dead at JD.

JD went around in a circle around the cage, getting his vibe on getting comfortable with the environment. The announcer looked interested. “The challenger has quite the unique way of getting ready. Very interesting foot work never seen anything like it.”

Then JD started to move in towards Black Eye, the large fellow had the advantage in height and reach and most likely power. But JD had more skill and speed, and that’s all he needed. He still used that foot work of his to have the extra mobility. JD faked a right jab at astonishing quickness, he aimed to the right and Black Eye barely had time to react but put his arms up and defend that direction. But it was to late to notice it was a fake and JD had landed a left hook to his rib. Black Eye stumbled back, and tried to land a powerful uppercut to JD’s jaw. But his movement was too sloppy as it always was when getting a powerful jab to the rib.

JD interceted it with a right fist straight to his arm, right where the muscle was making his arm flail outward. JD used the momentum and landed a left kick to his knee hard, bringing him down a level and when he was buckled down another left kick landed right on his jaw sweeping him to the right. Black Eye was knocked out cold on the ground, blood spewing from the mouth. It happened so quick but yet, everyone saw every detail to be found. JD’s style his accuracy speed, reaction time, even the power of his blows were seemingly all just perfect.

The crowd roared to life with massive cheers and yells. Even the announcer was shocked, just stuck at what he had just witnessed.

“I just can’t believe it, I really can’t! But you have all seen it just like I have right before your very eyes! The massive Black Eye taken down in such a short amount of time! Crow with amazing skill! Certainly worthy of many many praise!”

JD looked at Black Eye while he was knocked out. “You know you have yet to say a word since I got here. I would like to ask how feel about now? But you probably can’t even hear me. It’s alright maybe next time though.” JD said mocking him a little.

The crowd cheered “Crow!! Crow!! Crow!! Crow!!” again and again.

JD went to go get his neatly packed stuff in the corner and the announcer came to him.
“Listen here’s you bet money for your earnings. You will also being seeing a lot more of me very soon. This place is just small fry, trust me.”

He said towards his ear. JD looked at him, and was placing his head phones on his neck.

“Yea yea just make sure the next guys are tougher then this alright.”

He took the earnings, and went on his way. The crowd tapping his back as he left the pub.


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Don't Throw in the Towel!
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