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 Sledge Persuasion

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PostSubject: Sledge Persuasion    Mon Jul 09, 2012 1:45 pm

Blank was at his home for the moment, the weather turned out scrupulous with a beaming sun held fixed in the sky the heat was also radiating Blank also heard somewhere when he came back from town that the weather was going to change, if you believed that. The sky wasn't entirely cloudless though it was very doubtful if a spot of rain would come down. Blank was outside his caravan sitting on a kitchen chair or the rather only stool able to fit into his caravan. Blank adjusted his goggles while he sat under the shade of his caravan sipping on his soda, an addiction of Blanks which has soon yet to kick or ever would. Many other other residents of the site had the same notion, elvis was outside with his shirt off mending his small patch of garden with his shirt off not a pretty site as the man had a hairy back only second to Sasquatch Blank even winced a little in disgust, turned in his chair for a much better scenery.

''Grubs up'' shouted a neighbour just over a small picket fence adjacent to Blanks caravan on the right. Rising from his chair and picking up a plate which he had left standing on the ground Blank motioned over to the boundires of the fence and produced over his plate ''thanks Earl''. Earl his neighbour had a bbq set out, not a strange thing since on a day like this many other would be doing the sort also however Earl took Blank's, scooped the contents off the BBQ and handed back Blank french toast. A little strange that may be granted however if you read the bbq manual it doesnt say that you cant cook french toast on it, thats what Earls argument was. Taking his word for it and also a free meal Blank gladly accepted it, people could do alot worse with a bbq than cook some french toast. Squirting some red scauce on his toast Blank sat back down. ''you think it is going to rain Earl?'' Blank questioned with a mouth half full with tomatoe sauce covered toast and peered up to the sky, Earl also looked up while his hands holding a spatula and long forked worked the bbq naturally ''hmm, doubt it. though im only a mechanical physicist not a weather man'' Earl finished and continued working the BBQ. asking Why the hell a physicist was living in a carvan site was anyone guess though he did have a damn tidy looking garden and nicely finished with that white picket fence. Finishing his French toast Blank his gaze off the clouds and looked down at his plate ''Hey Earl do you think their is anything fluffyier than a cloud?'' earl stoped what he was doing glanced at Blanked in a perplexed fashion and then mused himself, a moment past by until he said ''if there is anything fluffyer than a cloud i dont want to know about it'' and returned his attention to the bbq set. ''Wise words Earl, wise words'' and taking another swig from his soda can Blank drained it.

''lillys are coming in well'' Blank admired ''yea, im using a new manure which my son helps me make'' replied Earl as he began flipping over a pancake. Blank looked at him with a horrifying revelation, his imagination running a bit wild on this until his simply replied '' o.....k''. Blank's attentions shifted when the mail man was walking up the path, he was apparently the mail man as he wore the traditional uniform and insignia he carried a large bag with him as well with some postal varieties protruding out from the open zipper. Just a glance at the postal workers direction and then Blank dismissed him from his attention to look back at Earl beginning to clean up the BBQ set. The only mail Blank would ever receive would either be advertisement flyers so it came to an unexpected surprise when a envelope was dropped into his garden. The object slipped into the corner of his vision as it dropped to the ground, he swivled his head to get a better fix on it ''hmm?'' he said out loud. natural curiosity. He rose his head to view the deliveryman, the postman, an angry postman as his expression portrayed pure despise towards Blank.

Blank had run ins with this guy before. Blank and the postman were tranfixed, one glareing daggers at Blank while the other was mutely discomforted by the postman. The postman was the first to move away and as he was leaving he continued to stare out Blank until he was out of sight. Blank eyes followed him until he was truly out of sight and then ''Christ! What the hell was that all about?!'' Blank said looking pleadingly towards Earl who just replied 'hmm, what?' as it was clear his attention was more concerned with the BBQ set. ''I swear that postman has a g-had out on me'' Blank explained and imagined for a minute what he could have done to seriously encourage a government worker to detest him so much. Earl simply laughed at Blank's statement which Blank took as Earl not taking him seriously, he dropped the subject and remembered the curious envelope that attracted his attention in the first place. Unsure at first what the envelope was or rather believing it wrongfully delivered, as before he wasn't use to receiving much mail. Surprised to see his name on it he soon recognized the Sabertooth insignia also and then surmised it was a guild notice of some sort. Tearing the envelope open he discovered it to be a request, a request specifically requesting him. This was odd, Blank knew this also as odd as his head tilted just a bit, a habit he does when something is amiss. It was irregular for personal requests, well Blank would belive it would be since he hadn't been in town very long, a little over a week really and also a personal request for a client he didn't recognize before ''even more interestinger'' Blank said to himself.
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Sledge Persuasion
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