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 Malacanth Jingo(finished)

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PostSubject: Malacanth Jingo(finished)   Tue Aug 21, 2012 8:06 pm

Character Template


Name: Malacanth
Alias: The keyblade wielder
Gender: male
Age: 14
Birthdate: 4/23
Sexuality: straight
Special Characteristics: none
Personality: Malacanth is a simple, happy person. He doesn't really care how things go and just goes with it. He just wants to have fun and live life to the fullest. He knows as a mage he can have fun doing anything so this is the best profession for him. He will mess around even when things get bad, doesn't matter to him. Although their is one thing that can make him serious, his guild. He will fight for them tooth and nail. Doesn't matter who it is he will kill them if he has too. That is the one thing that breaks his usual persona. He will otherwise just act like a regular teen. Not wanting to grow up and keep having fun. He doesn't understand the need to grow up, acting the way he is just makes life fun. Life is meant to be enjoyed, he wants to make every second count.
Having fun anyway he can: He wants to just have fun. Thats what he tries to do every day. If he can't emulate that he feels like he is wasting time.

Fish: He loves the taste of seafood and always likess to eat a good seafood meal. The best is when he is in a port. Fresh seafood always tastes the best.

A good spar: A spar lets you test your strength against an opponent, it lets two people know each other by seeing their fighting style. A fighting style to him is a gateway into their personality.
Downers: People who are Pessimistic always make what could be a fun situation seem awful. Why would he need that? He tries to avoid people who just won't have fun.

Enemies of the guild: He hates people who judges him because he is part of a dark guild. The guild is nice in its own way and people who can't see that are idiots.

vegetables: Vegetables are terrible in taste and they look terrible.Who would eat something so unappetizing?
Becoming powerful: He wants to become so strong that he can take on anybody, even his guild master. This drives him to train and spar every time he can. If a chance to become stronger presents itself is shown he will take it.

Living life to the fullest: He wants to have so much fun he can't have any regrets, if this means forgoing training this motivation will win out. Fun is the most important thing in the world, no need to lose out.
Dying: Dying is the worst thing that could happen to him. That would stop all fun and any chance he has of becoming strong. That just can't happen.

Insects: He can't stand insects. They have way to many limbs and eyes. So creepy and disgusting, he just freezes with fear.

Failing: Failing at something is just depressing. It means you didn't have the most fun doing what he tried to do and that just can't happen.

General Appearance

Height: 5'11 ft
Weight: 137 lbs
Hair: His hair is very spiky and stays up there no matter how hard anyone tries. It is blond with hint of brown.
Eyes: Blue
Skin Tone: light
Appearance: Malacanth has spiky blond hair that surprisingly needs no hair products, it stays that way no matter how much he tries if he would try. He has sea blue eyes. He has a toned physique from all the training he has gone through but he isn't to muscular, he has more of a swimmers body with just a little bit of muscle there. His skin has no injuries because of his easy lifestyle.
He wears a white light coat that goes down to his waist. Under the coat he wears another coat that is more form fitting, It is colored black with the zipper being silver. The zipper itself has a throwing star shape to it. He also wears baggy pants that almost seem bolted near his thighs. The upper part is black and the lower part is white. His shoes are big and clunky with the very bottom being white, the rest of the shoe being black and the laces red. He wears a band that is checkered black and white on his right hand with to cloth rings on his pointer and middle finger, the pointer has black, the middle has white.


Guild: Erebos
Tattoo: its silver with black outline on his right hand
Rank: D


Primary Magic: Keyblade requip
Secondary Magic: none so far
Caster or Holder: holder
Description: Keyblade requip is a form of requip where the mage uses key shaped swords that are blunt but can deal damage through just beating or the magical effects. The magic can be used duel wielding or single weapon. Whichever the mage prefers at the time. it allows the user to get in close and change weapons in an instant. This magic was created by Malacanth and he makes the weapons himself( the cost of it will come from say, buying the materials)
Strengths: The magic allows you to change weapons at any moment from a pocket dimension. The weapons have magical abilities depending on the keyblade. The keyblades weigh very little and pack a bit of a punch depending on how strong the user.
Weaknesses: This form of requip doesn't allow the user to use armor and therefor has no defensive capabilities beside blocking the with the keyblades. The user needs to buy the materials needed to make the keyblade also.

History: Malacanth grew up in a sleepy town near Era. The town was nothing special at all, all it had was farms that gave it any name. Malacanth grew up with his mother and father. They ran the general store where he sometimes helped out in. It wasn't the most exciting existence but it was better than working out in the fields which other kids his age would have to do. He met all the travelers that went by because it was the only store in the small town. They sold farming equipment and magical souvenirs and even magic itself. Color magic would be the most powerful magic to be found there. He loved all the mages that went by, mainly because they would show him the magic they could perform. All the magic was pretty common and nothing special. Stellar magic and ring magic being the most Prevalent. The magic fascinated him none the less. He wanted to have some unique magic no one has ever seen. He left that dream to just be a dream for now though, he was a little kid and wanted to have fun. When he was five he entered school and he slowly drifted back to his thoughts of having a new and powerful magic. School was boring to him since unlike other kids in the village, his job at the family store taught him to read and use math. His thoughts would always drift to something he had only seen once when the class was to boring to. Requip magic, a passing mage once showed him a magic that has always captured his imagination. He wanted to make his own type of requip magic. He asked to get a magic teacher who could teach him requip magic but his parents at first refused because of the cost. But it soon showed that he would not take no for an answer. He learned the ropes of requip magic and by age nine he was able to requip immediately. The problem was he had no weapon or armor to do it with. He then took a course his intermediate school was offering, blacksmithing. He needed to know how to craft his own weapons so he could use his magic. So he made his first keyblade here. The kingdom key was a simple keyblade which had no magical power. He loved it and its craftsmanship was perfect so they allowed him to keep it. At this point he had absolutely no interest in school. He asked to drop out so he could try to join a guild but his parents refused. At the age of eleven Malacanth ran away from home. He couldn't join any legitimate guild so he looked for a dark guild. He spent his time searching, hiding, and training as he went to find the right dark guild. He wanted a guild that wasn't so powerful that everyone would target but not to weak so he couldn't become more powerful. Erebos was the perfect match and he joined it after three years of searching.
Rp Sample: Malacanth woke up this morning in his guilds dormitory with a yawn. He gets up and looks out the window and watches the sun rise. After this he gets dressed in his usual attire and goes down to the Lamia Scale guild hall to do some chores for everybody. He thinks to himself "someone has to do it." He scrubs down the tables and cleans up the trash left from last night and then starts scrubbing the floor. He finishes thinking this will be my last day volunteering for this.
By the time he finishes up it is noon and Malacanth decides to eat at a local fish restaurant. He likes fish and he knew that most people went here for dinner and it would be almost empty for lunch. He sits down at a table in the corner and orders the clams. He waits for his clams and eats them while reading a book on holder type magic, the one his father got him all those years ago. He has memorized half of the book and is working on the other half. He pays for his meal and goes down to the guild hall to see whats happening. Nothing of importance seems to be going on so he grabs the key and says " Aries " while twisting it in the air, His favorite person comes out. Aries sits down at a table and Malacanth joins her. They talk for a bit with Aries saying " sorry every few minutes which Malacanth has been trying to get her to stop but has been unable to so far. This conversation ends at 6:00 pm and he decides to walk around the city for a bit.
He makes three circuits around the city and he finally stops walking at 9:00 pm. He heads to the male dormitory and relaxes in bed, thinking about the day. He finally gets to sleep thinking can't wait for tomorrow.
(this is a rp sample i did for another fairy tail site, hope it will work)
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PostSubject: Re: Malacanth Jingo(finished)   Wed Aug 22, 2012 6:54 pm

Nice app.

Approved: 1/2

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PostSubject: Re: Malacanth Jingo(finished)   Wed Aug 22, 2012 9:17 pm

Approved~ [2/2]

Oh, look, it's Roxas! (Or that Ven guy~ :O)

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PostSubject: Re: Malacanth Jingo(finished)   

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Malacanth Jingo(finished)
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