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 Picking up some trash. Lance closed

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PostSubject: Picking up some trash. Lance closed   Tue Aug 21, 2012 8:54 pm

Lance was quite bored. There was nothing to do, him and Moki had watlked all around the areana area and didn't find anyhting that was cheap and fun. He needed to make some money. Lucky for him that due to the sheer amount of people there was in Era due to the tourney the magic council needed help keeping the place clean. He saw that they were willing to pay decent money for the task and it sounded easy enough. He headed to the park where he was supposed to clean up at. It was a mess, there was streamers all over the trees, trash all over the ground, cans overflowing the trash cans, there was so much Lance didn't know how he was going to be able to do this all by himself.

"Moki lets get to this. I'll get the cans and you get the trees." Moki could fly up there making it alot easier for him to get the streamers. Lance pulled out a few trashbags that the mageic council provided for the job and went to town. He headed over for the east side of the park it was the area that bordered the main street. There was litter everywhere, people seemed to miss the tash can completely. Lance had a broom and a dustpan along with five trash bags. He started right away. It didn't even take ten minuets of work for a whole trash bag to be filled. There was still so much trash. Well this is going to take awhile I feel. Maybe I should speed things up, and test out my new ability that I've been working on.

A white circle appeared beneath Lance, the circle enveloped Lance it a bight light, once the circle was gone Lance looked as if he had glitter shimmering off everywhere. His hair, eyes, cloths, skin, everything glittered, his mind seemed to be running faster he could feel the muscles in his body building up in energy. Everyone around him seemed to be moving slower than before, some stopped and looked at him others gasped. He enjoyed it, people were looking at him and envying his magic, he was proud of his new spell not only was it a major benefit in his abilities but also put on a show. This ability was called light speed and allowed him to enhance himself to think, move, and react fours times normal people's capacity. He set off right away with the new speed he was able to clean up the whole street area rather quickly. It filled up the two more trash bags before there was none left.

Moki had finished cleaning the tree area there were a few small streamers in the grass that he needed to grab but other than that this area of the park was pretty clear. The pond area had several cups and paper bags floating near the shore line while a few other trash objects laying along the grassy area that were by the pond. The rocky shore line had a bit of trash as well but seemed like the part that was least effected area. There was less trash here than anywhere else in the pond. There was just a few things floating by it.

"Ok Moki this time you get the stuff floating out in the water and I'll go ahead and grab everything on the shore while Lightspeed is still in effect."

Lance sprinted off to the shore area. The water was shallow there and easy walk through. Lance picked up a few cups and some other paper bags from food places from what it looked like. "Geesh, people need to learn to throw away their trash this is gross.." Lance's pants legs were getting wet and bits of mud on them, he would have to change once this request is over. After him and Moki finished cleaning up the pond area they headed to the office in the park area to claim their reward. It wasn't an eventful request but one that needed to be done. There was a older lady sittting behind the desk, she must have known Lance was here to claim the reward since she didn't even say anything to him, she just handed an envelope that held the jewels inside. Lance and Moki headed out of the office a few jewels richer.

~Lance exits~

Word Count= 728


Spells Learnt
E:1 D:4 C:8 B:4 A:1 S:1

Missions Done
E:1 D:1 C:5 B:0 A:0 S:0 10yr:0

Light Dragon Slayer Spells 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,

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Picking up some trash. Lance closed
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