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 Moonfall Tavern(part 1)

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PostSubject: Moonfall Tavern(part 1)   Sun Aug 26, 2012 12:07 am

Malacanth was sitting at a table when a extraordinarily weird thing happened. A team nicknamed " the grunts of Erebos" walked in with what seemed to be broken bones and some pretty nasty wounds. While they were not the best of the guild they still were strong enough to handle missions together. Malacanth couldn't help but laugh " What mission did you take that hurt you that bad grunts?" The leader of the grunts that is derogatorily named " head grunt " said in retort " we didn't fail a mission ya idiot. Some new guild called Moonfall beat us up. They trying to muscle us out for some reason." This got the guilds masters attention. Everyone knew the usual punishment for failing but losing to a potential rival was unforgivable. She talked in that commanding voice known to well by everyone. " you were beaten by some upstarts. You know the punishment. Wait in the " room "." The room sadly was the punishment room. Malacanth has never been to the room luckily but the grunts are familiar with it. They all groaned which was actually unusual of them. They were use to it but the punishment to losing to another guild was a punishment that is infamous. Malacanth actually felt sorry for the grunts, not enough to speak up though. He leaned back on his chair planning on just relaxing before doing a request but the guild master had other plans. She told him in that loud voice of hers " Malacanth, go investigate the guild, find their hall. Find it by any means but once into the tavern act like a new hopeful initiate. Wear this glove to hide your tattoo. Do not engage, gather information on these scum." Malacanth nodded, knowing he had no choice. The guild master threw him a glove which he skillfully caught then yawned as if this exciting mission meant nothing to him. He put on the glove then headed out to deep Warth Woodlands. On the way to the site where they were apparently seen from the grunts he heard some odd movement. Was that....footsteps? he thought. He took a defensive stance that would allow easy evasion and waited for any potential attackers. Two white cloaked strangers suddenly attacked, one with a dagger and one with a short sword. To easy Malacanth thought with a laugh. " requip time." and with that kingdom key appeared in his hands. He easily parried the knife, a wild slash from cultist number one was to easy. " At least Moonfall could give me a challenge." He moved expertly to the right, dodging a slash from the short sword wielder. Malacanth thought might as well finish this quickly. Malacanth took a quick swing at the knife wielder's head. It hit with a hard thud and next thing the knife wielder knew he was knocked out. The short sword wielder seemed to have let out a squeak at that. " How cute, you are scared, maybe we could end this now and you can just tell me where moonfall is?" The remaining enemy brought up some nerve and screamed " for Moonfall evildoer." He took a wild jab at Malacanth's head and all Malacanth had to do was move his head a few inches. " to easy." He ducked down as the blade tried to cut his head off. A quick kick from Malacanth quickly took him to the ground. Malacanth got up from the crouch and kicked the sword out of his hand. " want to die or tell me where your guild hall is?" The cultist's resolve looked weak from the shaking but he was still loyal sadly. " I will never talk!" A quick thrust the the stomach made the cultist lose any feelings of animosity. " Its on the north edge of the forest." Thank you." Malacanth said with a smile. He then bashed the mans skull in, not something he wanted to do but it was revenge for Erebos. He did the same to his friend and started heading the guild hall of Moonfall, not without putting the kingdom key back in the pocket dimension. Moonfall will pay he thought, this guild will be to pesky to allow to, but taking out the guild will hopefully serve as vengeance. Can't wait till she orders it he thought. He rushed to through the forest until he found it finally. The accursed new guilds hall. He casually walked in with a false sense of wonder. He was glad for the glove since everyone was talking about taking out Erebos. He went around gathering information from the new members. While plenty thought conflicting things one thing was clear. This guild hated dark guilds more than any other guild. This could be trouble. He walked around for a bit more with a few interesting developments. One is that the guild has a very hard following in its members. They all are very loyal to a fault, they wouldn't give it up and it seemed he lucked out with the members who attacked him. Another thing is that the guild master is a lady who seems to be pretty young but no one is sure about her age. That probably meant she was a deep believer in justice. Not some old guy who saw the horrors that some dark guilds are and wants them gone. Finally is they have information about members of Erebos that includes the guild master and even himself in a backroom with various maps. How did they get info on me he thought. He left with the room with some handy info. As he waited for more info to come out he noticed what seemed to be the guild master. She matched the descriptions of her at least. Long white hair with a white dress type thing and she had an almost innocence about her. She went to talk to a group of potential members and Malacanth decided to head over their to see what she was talking about. Sadly he reached their as she finished. But he did gather what magic she used from the handy demonstration she does at the moment he entered the group. It was mainly flashy but it had its effect of impressing the idiots. Malacanth decided to put something out to try to make these sheep of hers doubt. " that suppose to impress me? I've seen more power from mage thugs." Unluckily the group turned to him angrily. They yelled at him with outrage and Malacanth thought now would be the best time to leave. He ran out pretending to be scared but secretly smiling as he got through the door. He returned to the guild with little trouble. He told the guild master everything and that the guild will probably gain more members as the guild goes on. She gave Malacanth the reward for his troubles and he went back to relaxing in the guild tavern.

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Moonfall Tavern(part 1)
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