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 Freeing a merchants merchandise

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PostSubject: Freeing a merchants merchandise   Wed Aug 29, 2012 8:44 pm

Malacanth was hanging around the request board, looking for a quick request before he goes to Era, he had to get out sometime to grow as a mage. He looked at a couple, some of them were assassination requests, something he doesn't do, at least not yet. He still had some morals to uphold. Amazingly dark mages weren't all bad, Malacanth is proof enough. He finally settled on a raid of sorts. Stealing some magical merchandise from a small time merchant, a fire make guard will be guarding the caravan but its a weak mage. He took the request of the board and yelled out " I'm going on a request." Everyone stared at him, they knew he was just a teenager but still, just yelling that out. But Malacanth didn't care, he likes to be known, and being a warrior helps with people not raising anything vocally. He walked out with a confident pace. He knew this request was going to be easy money. A new mage and an old man won't beat a fit warrior like Malacanth. He is the key blade wielder, his own self proclaimed nickname. He walked through the dense forest, almost getting lost as he tried to get to the main road where he is suppose to meet his client. He made it at noon, perfect timing actually since the merchant will be a mile away, seemingly taking a break. Malacanth assumed they were taking a break, Noon is lunch time and any old merchant would never miss lunch. As he got onto the road a man walked up to him, he assumed he was the client so he lifted up his hand, showing his guild tattoo. The man nodded, but also seemed worried. The client said " He is up the road, get the goods and don't mess up kid." That was it, he thought Malacanth was to young. " I can handle it old man." This seemed to annoy the client but the man couldn't be picky about his new employee. Malacanth quickly went to work, walking up the road for a bit. Kicking a bit of dust up as he went along, this way the merchant would see him right away. Hopefully he will relax thinking it is just a uncaring traveler. He made it to the camp with no problem, The girl which was probably the mage seemed to be trusting and thought he was a passing traveller. " Hello, can i stop at your camp for a second?" The girl smiled and said " ye-" but the old man in a gruff voice said " no ya idiot, move along." The girl looked conflicted at this point, she wanted to say yes but the client said no. She finally said " couldn't he just stay a little bit, he won't harm anyone." The merchant gruffly said " fine, but i want you to watch him like a hawk." The girl nodded and Malacanth took a seat. They were eating some fried rice and he helped himself to a bowl. Might as well eat before i start. They ate in silence, the old man shooting daggers at Malacanth. Malacanth was ready to punch the geezer and decided now was the time to start. He slowly got up and thinking he was leaving the old man sighed. But suddenly Way to Dawn popped into his hand, time to try my new key blade. " now time to do my mission, thanks for the food. The girl was quick for a new mage. She shot a fireball at Malacanth pretty fast. He rolled out of the way and activated a spell. " Dark Infection." Darkness gathered on the blade's edge. He charged the girl and the girl panicked, making a flame wall. Malacanth sidesteped the flame but did get a little heat from it. A quick slash made alight gash on her shoulder blade. At first she thought she got off easy but then the spell hit her. She obviously wasn't use to pain. She was rolling around trying to deal with the pain. Malacanth took the chance to kick her hard in the head. Knocking her out cold in an instant. Malacanth knew that the threat was down for the count. " Now, want to give me the merchandise." The merchant was shocked, he payed a lot for the mage and she was taken out in a matter of twenty seconds. The merchant yelled at her knowing she is unconscious " you useless girl!" He spit at Malacanth's feet and looked away, he was like a puffed up peacock." Trying to act tough huh old man? No use, just give me the merchandise." The old man still wanted to hold onto his pride, time to threaten then. Malacanth put the blade at the man's neck. " Tell me now, or die and i will have to search." The old man broke at this point and started babbling about how he didn't want to die. " Tell me where the merchandise is!" He was getting annoyed and the old fool finally understood he couldn't get out of this. He sullenly pointed at the chest and with a nod Malacanth said " open it up." The old guy crawled over there and shakily took the key out. He missed the lock a couple of times and finally got it opened. It had some nice thing in it, enough to be worth stealing at least. " bring it over." Malacanth couldn't trust this man, he knew the man would try to run away. Although it was doubtful the merchant would try anything. " Hand it over." The merchant handed it over easily enough. Malacanth then kicked the man to the ground and ex-quiped the weapon. Taking the merchandise he walked off, the merchant not even trying to take the stuff back. Malacanth screamed at him " Have a good life." Then laughing until he met the client at the designated position. The client with an angry face said " why did you mess around." Malacanth rolled his eyes saying " I got the merchandise didn't I." The client grunted thinking this kid must be an idiot. " just give me the merchandise kid." Malacanth shrugged and said " sure, why not." He dropped the merchandise and kicked it over. The merchant did the same and he ran off. Not wanting to stick around with this idiot. Malacanth had the same thoughts about the client. " this guy didn't know how to have fun." Malacanth walked off with a bag of jewels in his hands. Still jewels are jewels. He walked back to the guild, a little tired, he wanted to take a nap. He almost got lost yet again. These woods were to big sometimes. He finally got back to the guild hall and yelled " I finished the request." Malacanth yet again got stared at. Malacanth loved to be noticed, the best mage needs to be known he thought.

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Freeing a merchants merchandise
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