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 Warth Woodlands to Era

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PostSubject: Warth Woodlands to Era   Wed Aug 29, 2012 10:06 pm

Malacanth went to the guild master before he left the guild, saying he wants to see the tournament. She didn't seem to care but he thought just to tell her. He screamed good bye to his guild mates and they as usual looked at him in stunned silence. He left the doors with a smile, glad to get moving to Era, time to meet some good mages. He hit the road running but he soon found that the road is, how to put this? Boring is the word. He hit a humdrum pace. Who would of thought traveling would be boring? He went into deep thought about his last two missions. Mainly the moonfall tavern request. A guild has just popped up in our territory, should he be worried? Maybe but he wanted to see how strong other guilds are. The guild was small like Erebos though, and if someone attacked the guild master would handle it. She was stronger than anyone he knew. Moonfall would fall to Erebos. Ha, moonfall falls is to good. Thats what I will say to the guild master if i ever see her soon. Malacanth then got back to the humdrum of walking. He was glad to finally have been interupted by a small diner. He decided to stop their to eat, he hadn't eaten in a while anyway. He took a seat near the door, the best place for a criminal. He ordered three burgers and a shake. He loved burgers so much, especially greasy ones with plenty of ingredients. He waited for it with a smile and when he finally got it he wolfed it down. Eating it so fast that his hands were a blur. He ordered two more, the waitress giving him a this kid is a monster look. He drank the shake slowly in contrast. He loved shakes especially so he made a point of savoring it. He got the burgers and ate them just as fast. He finished the shake with a satisfied sigh. He left the jewels needed to pay for it and left. No need to get in trouble for a debt. He went back to a full run since he just ate. No need to put on any weight. Malacanth could see Era at this point and the Magic Council's base. Can't wait to mess around with them, maybe after i am done watching the tournament. It would be fun to show the magic council I'm not scared of them he thought. This tournament...wonder if they will mind a dark mage watching, should probably keep my head down he thought. As he started hearing the sound of the city he knew his home was close. Have to be careful not to meet anyone from his home town. He just thought of how close he would be to his parents. He doesn't want to return though. Being in a guild is so fun. With that thought he entered Era, time to see what waited him.

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Warth Woodlands to Era
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