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 Mage Trying to kill me

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PostSubject: Mage Trying to kill me    Thu Aug 30, 2012 5:41 pm

Malacanth was walking through the streets of Era, looking through all the stores as he wandered. Sadly is great time was ruined by a request that wound up in his hands. A courtier of Erebos found him while wandering and now his time in Era would probably be filled with missions. Well just need to finish the request then get back to exploring. Time to find this Fredrick fellow though. The town square wasn't the best place to meet a client for an illegal job but its not his call. Looking through the back alleys he tried to find Sir Fredrick. " Where could he be?" He kept walking around the back alleys until he almost thought to give up. Looking back at the request he found he missed a part. He would be found in the town square. Ok then time to find him. He wandered around, honestly lost. by sheer luck he found the town square. Way to busy for his tastes though. So many people walking around that anyone could overhear a conversation without noticing. He finally found this Sir Fredrick, how couldn't he though. The guy looked like he had so much money it was a wonder he isn't the mark for the request. He walked up to the guy with a smile, this request will be interesting. The Fredrick guy seemed to look at him with distaste, as if he was over Malacanth. That just put him on Malacanth's bad side. Deciding to piss him off he said " Hey Fred." This seemed to infuriate him as if he was told his business failed, good malacanth thought. Sir Fredrick in the usual highborn accent " please commoner, address me as sir Fredrick, I have no common name." and all he said back was " sure Fred, whatever you want." Sir Fredrick just didn't see Malacanth was intentionally pissing him off which was even better. Sir Fredrick just decided to get on with it. " The mage will be found in that store over there. The boutique is the one. He has been following me for a while. Go beat him up and make sure he knows i sent you so he doesn't come back. got it commoner." Malacanth shrugged but stood there still, infuriating Sir Fredrick more. " Why are you still here!" Malacanth said, emulating the highborn accent. " the reward Fred." Sir Fredrick seemed to reluctantly tell you " I will come to you as he runs, drop it at your feet than we will never speak again." Malacanth was glad for the last part. He walked off with a strut and Malacanth went towards what Sir Fredrick called a boutique. Walking into it he immediatly thought what a terrible place to go to. He wasn't big on stuff like this so he couldn't see why someone would hide in here. He found a guy that didn't fit the highborn people in their. He walked up to the guy but the guy didn't seem to want to take any chances. He put down a bag he was carrying. Seemed like a caster then. But Malacanth was wrong and the guy brought out a....what kind of sword is that? It had a blade but the grip of a gun. " interesting weapon you got there." He seemed to have no words for Malacanth. He pointed the sword at Malacanth but what could he do? He was seven feet away, not like he could hit.......That thought was sadly wrong too. With the hitman saying " electric bullet." a bullet shaped piece of lightning went flying at him from the tip of the blade. Malacanth ducked down thinking need to get in close. " requip." and with that Malacanth had Kingdom key in his hands. He charged the man and their blades met, their weapons inches from eachothers face. Malacanth had things going for him though. " light ball." With those two words a condensed ball of light left the tip of kingdom key and hit the hitman directly in the face. With a crunch his nose broke. With blood gushing he backed a couple of feet away from Malacanth. " Who sent you." he said while Malacanth got into an offensive stance. " Sir Fredrick sent me, don't take him on, he is above your league." The guy seemed like he didn't want to give up yet though. He charged Malacanth and at the last second electrified his blade. It was a wild strike though and Malacanth easily blocked it. He reposted with a kick, sending the hitman to the floor. He couldn't deal any more damage with fear of the man dying so he was just going to keep hitting him without his weapon until he left. The hit man kept coming after Malacanth seemingly taking it personal. He didn't even bother blocking this time and kicked him. The hitman was no guild mage, thats for sure. Malacanth kicked him as he tried to get up, forcing him down to one knee. Malacanth didn't want to kill the guy, for one the Magic Council's rune knights will come soon to arrest him and the hitman. " don't come after Sir Fredrick!" The hitman finally said " ok, he won't be bothered again." With a smile Malacanth ex-quiped his weapon. " see you then." The hitman got up shakily and then started running at full speed. It was sort of funny, it made Malacanth laugh at least. Sir Fredrick with his usual expression of haughtiness. Without any word other than " finally." he dropped the bag of jewels at his feet then ran off into the city. Malacanth picked the coins up as rune knights got into the area. "Time to leave." He went through the back exit and ran into the alleys of the city. Mission completed and that was all that mattered. He walked onto the main streets again knowing no one saw him other than the hitman and he won't tell the police, he has to get away too. Well this bag of jewels will be helpful, all jewels are helpful though. He walked off deeper in the city, hoping no more courtiers are looking for him.

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Mage Trying to kill me
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