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 Era's supreme illegal bar needs help!

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PostSubject: Era's supreme illegal bar needs help!   Thu Aug 30, 2012 10:52 pm

Another courtier found Malacanth soon after the first request. He couldn't believe how unlucky he was, two missions so closely is just unfair. He wants to enjoy Era and life but guild is making him do jobs. This may be the worst vacation ever, allthough it is fun to fight so its not all bad. He looked at the request closely and saw this time he will be going to an abandoned area this time, that will make dealing with the problem easier. He started wandering around trying to find the right place. Yet again he got lost and couldn't even find any place near deserted. He always got lost no matter where he was it seemed. As he finally thought of giving up he finally found what seemed to be a deserted part of town. No one was around but his type of people so he was probably right. After an hour more of searching he finally found a dingy old building that a lot of shady people were going into and leaving, mostly leaving though. It seemed to people are causing trouble. He walked in quietly, wanting to see the situation first. Two people seemed to be causing a huge racket, to loud. The magic council would definitely hear about this eventually. Not good for a bar that is on Malacanth's side of the law. He walked up to the girl tending to the bar, she was probably the client anyway. She said as he sat on the bar stool " bit young for liquor aren't you?" He just snorted and said " you follow the laws for this type of bar?" She nodded seeing his point and said " what are you here for th..... Give me a second i am suppose to sing now, hopefully that will get people to stay." She hurried off to the makeshift stage and started singing a solo. It was snow fairy, a popular song. As she sung Malacanth listened to it, a pretty good singer, probably the reason why she started the bar he thought. When she finished she went back to the bar and said " so what do you want." Malacanth simply said " i'm the mage you hired." She nodded with a surprised look and pointed to the two noisy guys. " get them out of here." Malacanth nodded, figuring they were the ones. He got up and went over there, taking a seat in front of them. " hello you two." The two in question looked like they wanted to kill him. Get lost." they said in unision. " Not very friendly are you two." Malacanth said derisively.
Malacanth watched as one drew his sword, pointlessly that is. The man said to him " you better get out of here." Malacanth got up and they grinned, thinking they scared him off. If only they knew he thought. " Requip." And as he said that Way to Dawn came to his hand. " play time now." With that word he slashed at the sword wielding guy. He barely blocked Malacanth's slash. The other guy requiped a sword. So a mage is here. This will still be to easy. Malacanth said " Dark Infection." A dark circle formed on the blade and darkness gathered on the edge of the blade. Rolling behind the mage he slashed at his shoulder blade, digging into the shoulder the man screamed. He fell to the ground rolling from the pain. " seems like no one can take pain these days." The other non mage slashed down which Malacanth easily blocked the slash. Malacanth pushed his shoulder into the man still standing and they tumbled to the ground. Malacanth as he hit the floor rolled forward so he smoothly stood up. " you done?" The non mage seemed to want to be done but the other, almost of the effects of Malacanth's spell said " we will never give up!" With that he got up and took a slash at Malacanth's head. He easily blocked the wild slash and decided to mess with them for a while. He punched the guy he just blocked an attack from, sending him into a table. The guy fell onto the table, reeling from the punch. The other guy screaming " I'll help you brother!" sent a side slash at Malacanth's side. Malacanth simply moved into the direction of the blade and effectively side stepped it. Now that both of them were ready he decided messing around is over. "requip." but instead of replacing a weapon he decided to add a weapon. Kingdom key showed up in his left hand, now duel wielding kingdom key and way to dawn he knew these two had no chance. Kicking the non mage to the wall. Knowing the mage would turn to see if his brother is all right he sent kingdomkey at his head. Knocking him out with the quick hit. The brother still standing looked at his brother in disbelief, he didn't want to take a mage on alone. Especially one as good as Malacanth, he would definitely lose in his mind. Malacanth quickly moved towards the brother still up and pointed way to dawn at him. The edge close to his throat. " take your brother and leave." The brother complied, carrying the brother out as quickly as possible. Malacanth walked over to the bar saying " the reward?" She nodded, looking almost in awe of him. He quickly took the bag of jewels with a smile. " thank you for the job." He thought for a second and ordered a water, it was thirsty work to take those two down. He drank it slowly, enjoying the coolness of it. He then left the bar, waving by to his favorite client so far. He walked his way to through town, trying to find the undeserted part of town. It was a fun mission, a bit of challenge too. If they give me more requests he hoped they were like that one, slightly challenging but easy enough to mess around a bit. Those two need to be trained more though, still to new. If they joined a guild they could train with better people. With that thought he found the city and he got lost in the crowd.

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Era's supreme illegal bar needs help!
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