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 Hosenka to Hargeon

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PostSubject: Hosenka to Hargeon   Wed Sep 05, 2012 4:50 am

Hosenka to Oak Town
(515 words)

It was a long adventure just for a low level mission, alright it was stupid. Veer didn't enjoy it one bit, it was his own fault really, too cheap to spend money on a train or boat. So he walked, at some length and at the cost of fatigue. The first part of his journey was dark an wet. Hosenka to Oak town. Clouds brewed storms over head, while lightning snapped from friction. Though the rainproof cloak he wore was comfortable, and it did just like the shop-keep said it would. With a shiver, the rain that had collected on him dispersed, but was soon to be replaced.

From Hosenka a man and a women had been hot on his heels. He wasn't sure if they were following him or just traveling in the same direction. When nightfall came he veered off the road, making a small encampment under a grove of trees. The rain clouds had faded away, showing a stary sky. Lifting up the veil of his mask, Veer placed some beef jerky into his mouth, then quickly closed it again.

The couple stopped to greet him, firelight twisting their shadows. Veer was polite but cautious. Usually travelers didn't flock to one another this way, or at least in his experiences.

"Please, have a seat by the fire." The masked man told, " I have dried meat, and some juice, if it catches your interest."

"Why thank you, sir." The man told, setting his wife down next to his wife.

"I'm Melena and this is my husband, Martin." She gave a smile.

It was hard for them to read his intentions, being masked and all. Though, to Veer they seemed harmless. He wondered what they thought of him. Throwing his satchel of goods over to them, Veer threw another log onto the fire.

"I'm Veer," He told plainly, "where are you headed, if you don't mind me asking?" Veer asked, playing with the fire.

"It's nice to meet you, sir--me and my wife are headed to Era. To watch the tournament! We've never had a chance to experience it before, we're very excited." Martin told.

" Oh, then I have some bad news. Your headed in the wrong direction." Veer turned his head to the left, as if to question their thinking.

The couple exchanged a uneasy look. Veer hadn't noticed until now, but the women was pregnant. Her belly full and round. They were uneasy. Were they running from something--yes.

" It is not my business, sorry I interjected."

" N-no, you see, it's--well complicated." Martin told.

"It's better that I not know, your secrets are yours to keep." The masked man nodded.

The air changed around them, relaxing more. Tomorrow they would reach Oak town and presumably go their separate ways.

"Are you a mage?" Melena asked, noticing the mark of Sabertooth on his palm.

"Why, yes I am." The masked man stood, and disappeared into the bushes for a moment.

After he was done pissing he returned to the travelers.

"What type of magic do you possess?" Martin asked, seemingly interested in him.

"Well, it is a rather strange type, let me tell you a bit about it--"

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PostSubject: Re: Hosenka to Hargeon   Wed Sep 05, 2012 4:52 am

Oak Town to Shirotsume Town
(517 words)

Oak Town was nice enough, Veer supposed. It was a bit different from the home he'd come to know at Hosenka. After all Hosenka was a tourist town, full of wild parties that seemed to rage for days. Hosenka was a lively place, that was one thing he enjoyed about it. At anytime you could find something or someone to do it with. Oak Town was more high-class livers. Rich and the famous. Though that was fine to. Veer wasn't particularly sad to see Martin and his wife leave, ditching the yuppies gave him a bit of relief.

On a chance meeting, Veer caught a vender--not a vender at all, but a weather-mage that claimed he could in fact predict the weather of the future. For a few Jewels he did just that. Rubbing his glass ball, which to Veer seemed cliche at the time.

"Hohohoho--luck is shining on you my friend! Weather is clearing up, and in your favor. The rest of your journey with will nice and warm! How about that! For a few Jewels more I could--"

" No, that is enough. Thank you." The masked man told, handing over a few Jewels for his troubles.

Well he had seemed to be a truthful, for this stretch of the journey was nice enough. He'd never been to Shirotsume before, and was looking forward to it. Someone at the guild told him that Shirotsume has a library where a set of rare books can be found. The books concerning the study of an ancient lost magic. Hex magic, this interested him very much considering his current position.

This leg of the trip, Veer stepped quickly, rarely stopping to sleep. The Shirotsume library heavy on his mind. Maybe it will have some answers for me, though I've heard it before. Cures and ailments to hexes, they've never been that fruitful. Once he was ripped-off by a traveling salesmen, selling a potions that could supposedly cure any ailment. Foolishness.

One night before he reached Shirotsume, Veer stopped at a Inn along the road. It was quite the hospitable place. More a tavern with rooms to rent and whores for a cheaper price than even the rooms. Here he found warm stew in his belly and a bed near a hearth. When dawn came, he was very displeased that he had to start moving again. He could have slept all day.

A complementary breakfast met him downstairs. Along with a couple hung-over whores. They provided nice company when he broke his fast. Though when they asked him to escort them to Town, Veer was hesitant.

"I don't like traveling with others," He admitted, "maybe for a price."

"Whatever you want, honey." One of the whores told, showing some cleavage.

"I was thinking two-thousand Jewels." Smiling underneath his mask.

"Too expensive! All just to walk us into town--wow, Sabertooth magicians are horrible!" One of the whores scoffed.

"Not all of them, mostly me." The laugh seemed strange on him.

"Will you take one-thousand?" One said, "That is all we have, and it is too generous, I believe. It is only for our protection, the roads aren't safe--not like they used to be."

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PostSubject: Re: Hosenka to Hargeon   Wed Sep 05, 2012 4:53 am

Shirotsume Town to Clover Town
(521 words)

Okay--finely he got rid of those stupid whores! The way the blabbered all day he thought it was going to drive him insane. Did you know--did you know! He laughed out of annoyance. When he finally got the chance to look around, Shirotsume wasn't really that big of a deal. It was a rather small town, a travelers town. Inns and dinners placed about. Though none of what he was looking for.

After searching around a-bit, Veer found the library. An older librarian was on duty, and when she asked him to show a library card, Veer was hesitant.

"Well--I don't have one." Admitting awkwardly.

"That is fine, dearie. It won't take long to get you one made up." She rustled around finding a blank sheet of paper.

"Your name?" She looked up from the paper.

"Veer." He gave plainly.

"Last-name as well, Veer."

"Veer is all."

"I see then, now take off your mask so we can snap a picture of you."

"Um, no." He rustled around uncomfortably.

"Well without a picture, I can't accurately keep a record of who has what book. " He stood firm.

"Just take a picture of me with my mask, I'll give you my address. I'm a mage of Sabertooth." Veer held up his let hand.

"Alright then, but If you don't return your books, I'll hunt you down!" She was stern.

When she was done laminating the card, she handed it over. Veer accepted it openly. Then asked which area a hex book could be found. After all was said in done, not much could be found. Though, he did find one book. Hexes of the old world, written by H. Nick.

The book enthralled him, though all he read so far gave nothing of his predicament. This H. Nick fella seemed to be more interested in changing humans into animals. Though that in itself was interesting. At least enough that would make him read further in. He was able to read a good portion of the book, allowing to zone-out as he walked. Though this sent him off the road a few times, feeling foolish as he did so.

At night he sleep at the side of the road, reading by fire-light. Enjoying the stars. They were nice after all. Truly he was a star. Lonely night like these made him think of Star Fall. All his friends, how he missed them and his family even more. To him, Sabertooth felt fake, just a husk of a guild. It just wasn't the same. Then he thought of the Darkstar and found himself mad, madder than he should have been. Soon enough sleep found him.

From what he had heard, Clover Town was beautiful. Though there were many things fabled to be beautiful and just weren't, at least not to him. He would decide for himself. In the distance he could make it out, mountains set behind the buildings. It was nice, but it wasn't Whitehaven.

Though just before he could reach town some fool jumped out in front of him, previously hiding in the bushed. Drawing a katana on him,

"Give me your Jewels and you can go on about your business." The bandit demand.

"Oh?" The masked-man drew his dagger.

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PostSubject: Re: Hosenka to Hargeon   Wed Sep 05, 2012 4:54 am

Clover Town to Hargeon Town
(522 words)

This was a problem. Clover town was under the domain of Blue Pegasus. If they caught him with a cadaver, it could ensue trouble, though truthfully it was not Veer who instigated it. The man had ambushed him and demanded Jewels. He was within his rights to defend himself, but kill--maybe.

The dance they shared was all too short, the mans katana gave a superior reach, but Veer was faster. Moving quickly into his defense, dagger found his neck. Giving a nice open wound, blood gushing. Afterwards, Veer hid the body in the bushes he had previous popped out of. This had put a foul taste in his mouth, really ruining the rest of the day.

Veer had plans to spend a little time in Clover Town, but recent circumstances changed him mind, he wouldn't want to be caught dead in this town, with a recent murder. The drifter wouldn't have a good case. So just as soon as he came, he left. Mountains fading in the distance.

Another night under the stars, brought a bit relief. He lit no fire, afraid a party might be rallied to find the murdered of the recently slain. Though that was an if, the body might not have been found. Anyhow, it was nice to be away from Clover Town and Blue Pegasus.

A dark dawn came, light sprinkles. It was maddening really, that shitty weather-mage had duped him! That is what I get for being naive--hey, at least I still have my rain cloak. What a swindler. He got around very slowly, groggy and still unhappy about the rest of the journey that need be made.

The day was long and dark, no reading was able to get done, due to the rain. Veer was bored the whole while. Rain drops falling upon him. It was depressing, and a bit maddening. His anger towards the weather-mage did no yet subside. Nightfall could not come quick enough.

Though when it finally did, it was hard to actually tell until the very end. It being so dark from the clouds, the day dragged on forever. Though when it finally came to dusk, in the distance, Veer made out a cook-fire. Another traveler, maybe they'll have some food. At this point his rations were nearly all gone.

Out of all the people! It was another Sabertooth mage, though they were not exactly fond of one another, they shared a fire and some food. For that matter, Veer wasn't close to any of the other mages at his guild. Though seeing one of them out here was nice. They exchanged information about current missions. Berrick was his name, a large goofy man.

He laughed when he found out how trivial, Veer's quest was, and how far he had to travel just for a few eggs.

"Well fear not, Hargeon is only a days walk further!" Berrick told.

That night, Veer slept well, knowing his destination wasn't much further. He dreamed of his family that night, which made him wake in discontent. The fire was out, and Berrick was gone by then though. He had to get back to his job, after all he needed Jewels for his purpose.
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PostSubject: Re: Hosenka to Hargeon   

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Hosenka to Hargeon
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