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PostSubject: Mirei   Wed Sep 12, 2012 1:09 am


Name: Mirei
Alias: n/a
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Birthdate: 01/19
Sexuality: Bisexual
Special Characteristics:
Personality: Mirei is usually a rather flighty and unfocused girl, and is very quick to act on her thoughts. This usually pegs her as a troublemaker to those around her. She is known to say exactly what she feels and won’t sugar coat her words at all. She has considerable difficulty making true connections with other people due to several abandonment issues. Instead she opts for small shallow relationships with those she chooses to associate herself with. She is also rather cowardly, choosing flight much more often than fight unless boxed in. She’s not afraid to abandon an ally if things go wrong and will feel next to no remorse for doing so. People she forms a true connection with will see this behavior reverse. She will become overprotective and urge them to run with her at the slightest sign of trouble.
-Birds- Mirei has a fascination with birds and the freedom they possess. She dreams of one day utilizing her magic to fly with them.
-Freedom- One that should be obvious and the main reason she was denied entry into legal guilds. She enjoys being able to make her own decisions whether they be good or evil. She can easily become hostile when people tell her what to do.
-Reading- Contrary to her ordinarily energetic behavior Mirei is an avid reader and enjoys many genres including fantasy and mystery.
-Fighting- Mirei sees fighting as barbaric and doesn’t enjoy taking an active part in it. She doesn’t mind assisting those that choose to fight though, including healing them should they be injured.
-Finding her mother- The disappearance of the dragons hit her especially hard due to her attachment to her new mother. So one of the main things that keeps her going is the pursuit of the dragons.
-Finding her human family- Being abandoned at such a young age left her with a natural curiosity and hope of finding her real parents. She wants to know why they abandoned her, and won’t hesitate to take revenge should she not like the reason.
-Thunder-The night she was abandoned she was caught in a terrible thunderstorm. This left her with a deep seated fear of both thunder and lightning. This fear has been known to debilitate her if the storm is especially bad.
-Claustrophobia- Partly due to her love of freedom she is terrified of being trapped in an enclosed place. This fear multiplies if she is left unable to move.

General Appearance

Height: 5’5”
Weight: 112 lbs
Hair: Light Blonde
Eyes: Garnet
Skin Tone: Light
Appearance: A girl of average height and size. She usually chooses to wear clothes that are easy to move around in. Her most common outfit (The one pictured above) Consists of a short sleeve black dress shirt beneath a white hooded sweatshirt with a bunny shaped hood. She usually pairs this with a black skirt or shorts. She has short blonde hair and a gentle looking face. Her eyes often have a bit more fire in them despite their pale garnet color.


Guild: Erebos
Tattoo: On the left side of her stomach; Indigo
Rank: D


Primary Magic: Sky Dragon Slayer
Secondary Magic: (Must be filled in later. Magic you bought at the store goes here)
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: A type of Magic which grants the user various characteristics belonging to sky dragons, allowing them to incorporate the element of air into their body. However, unlike other types of Dragon Slayer Magic, Sky Dragon Slayer Magic is geared more towards healing and support rather than offense. The healing power granted by it is extremely high, having been described as capable of healing wounds inflicted by a real dragon. Concretely, it was enough to almost completely cure most injuries it was used on so far, and to nullify the effects of powerful poisons, and is capable of restoring the body internally and externally including a patient's fatigue and body stress, something made more formidable by the fact that healing Magic is long-lost, and believed to be nonexistent anymore.
Strengths: The user of this type of Magic can consume external sources of air (those that are not produced by them) to restore their body and vitality. This form of magic is also very useful in healing and assisting allies.
Weaknesses: While air is seemingly easier to obtain than other elements commonly employed by Dragon Slayers, it should be noted that user of Sky Dragon Slayer Magic are directly affected by the air surrounding them, meaning that, if the air were to be clean, they would become more powerful, but if it were to be heavily polluted, they would become unable to use such Magic as a result. The user is unable to eat air created by their magic.


History: All along she had been abandoned. Though she was born to a normal family, during a relatively normal time in the world and was raised as any normal child was, she still had the abnormal fate of simply being left behind. A Million and one emotions flared in the girl despite her young age. Sadness, fear and pain were the most prevalent. Only a few days into her abandonment she was taken in by the local church of whatever town she had been born in. Even she wasn’t sure. She remembered a church and so she figured that she had stayed in one at some point. From there the memories go fuzzy. She remembers friends, though their faces are just a fragmented blur. All of them were adopted, but nobody wanted the sickly looking girl with empty eyes and so again and again she was left behind. Abandoned. Slowly but surely she was used to the feeling and began to behave in a more upbeat manner hoping and hoping to be picked up. Yet still people saw through the farce. More blurs enter her memory from here.

The memories flash forward to a priest that she had come to care for. Every day he would read her a story until she fell asleep. She could almost remember his smile. More than anything else she lived from day to day in hopes of hearing that story. Of feeling as though somebody cared enough to sacrifice their time for her. However time is an incredibly cruel thing and one aspect of it was age. You see, the priest was not exactly young by any means and so eventually there came a day where the girl was forced to sleep without her precious story time. The priest had died. She was abandoned once more and this time it was the universe itself that was at fault. The child fled. She couldn’t deal with a place that accepted and pushed away so many.

Unbeknownst to her a storm had been brewing and numerous dragon sightings had scared all but the bravest mages from journeying outside. Before she knew it she was caught in a storm. All around her there were sparks, and flashes of light. The girl was terrified, but had nobody to call out to. Who could possibly save her? Heck who even knew she existed? Everyone who might have cared had left her. So what was she afraid of?

Before she could give into despair she was rescued by a creature known only in myth, the great dragon Sylphid. She became her mother and took the girl in from the harsh world that had left her alone. She taught her everything from the taste of freedom to the inner workings of dragon slayer magic. But most importantly the dragon cared for the girl. She paid attention to her and showed her the love she had been denied for so long.

However reality was cruel. Sylphid disappeared one day while Mirei slept. The girl was all alone once more. However she had grown a lot from the helpless child she once was. She had the means to search for her lost mother and find the family that abandoned her. Maybe one day she would even fill in the gaps of her childhood and find out where she was from.

Rp Sample: The deck of cards scattered around, held aloft by a gentle breeze. At it's source was a small girl. She looked no older than 6 and yet her eyes held a sadness that was more often associated with age. Within was loss and betrayal, and yet one could also feel a glimmer of hope, for moments later a great beast cast a great shadow over her. The girl's sadness disappeared at the sight of the sky blue dragon. In it's place was a look of glee, a look a child her age often gave to a mother or father, a look of trust and attachment.

Despite the size and appearance of the creature the girl stood and dashed towards it. She looked like a mere ant when compared to it but her eyes held no fear. With a small leap she latched on to the creatures arm as if to hug it.

"Sylphid!" She exclaimed as she nuzzled into it's scaly arm. Oddly enough the creature appeared to smile back and moved it's face close to nuzzle the girl in return. She took this opportunity to climb onto the creatures head and both were soon soaring in the air.

A flash of light shook the girl from thoughts of her past. 'That same dream huh?' her eyes lazily glanced around the messy apartment she called home. That same image of the past was still fresh in her head and was weighing on her heart. She stood and stumbled slightly as if to shake the sleep from her limbs. Once she regained her balance she made her way to a nearby window and looked towards the sky.


Face Claim: Nanami Chiaki (Dangan Ronpa 2)
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PostSubject: Re: Mirei   Wed Sep 12, 2012 1:43 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Mirei   Wed Sep 12, 2012 7:44 pm

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thanks for joining Erebos Aila

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PostSubject: Re: Mirei   

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